Discover your true Irish roots in our new historical records.

The people of Ireland have always had a pride and passion for their land and traditions. Our new Irish records help you meet these people — your ancestors — and learn more about the places and eras that shaped them.

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Irish Catholic Parish Records, 1742-1884

In Ireland, Catholic parish registers are your best bet for finding early births, marriages and deaths, as most people rejected the Anglican Church of Ireland. Our collections let you pinpoint your ancestors in their home country before many of them fled during the Great Famine.

Ireland, Catholic Parish Baptisms,

Catholic families are rarely small – see how many babies you can discover, and learn dates, places and parents’ names.

Ireland, Catholic Parish Deaths, 1756–1881 Catholic burial registers are crucial, as the authorities were opposed to cremation. Discover the deceased’s name, burial date and parish.

Ireland, Catholic Parish Marriages and Banns, 1742–1884
Weddings attracted family members from far and wide – celebrate with them, and uncover partners’ names, dates, places and witnesses.

Irish Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes, 1845-1978

Build a timeline of your ancestors’ lives with these national lists of births, marriages and deaths. They cover the period of the destroyed censuses, so they can help you fill in frustrating gaps in your family tree. They include Northern Ireland up to 1922.

Ireland, Civil Registration Births Index,

Find your family’s new arrivals – together with their mothers’ names – in more than 10 million birth records.

Ireland, Civil Registration Deaths Index,

Discover where and when your ancestors died – and how old they were when they passed away – with more than 7 million death records.

Ireland, Civil Registration Marriages
Index, 1845–1958

Non-Catholic marriages were recorded from 1845. You’ll start finding Catholics among these 5 million records from 1864.

PLUS Ireland, Births and Baptisms,

Go back further and find your family among more than 5 million births, collated from church, civil, family and other records.

A rich heritage. An incredible history.

Learn more about the events that shaped this land and those who called it home — even when they had to leave it behind.

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steps to discovering
your Irish roots.

Follow these helpful tips to research your family back to 19th century Ireland.

  1. Search for your Irish immigrant ancestor using our Born in Ireland search form.

  2. Don't know who you're looking for? Start a family tree, beginning with yourself, and follow our helpful Hints.

  3. Find your immigrant ancestor's hometown using Census records, immigration records and more. Search all records

  4. Look for your Irish ancestors in our Ireland, Civil Registrations Birth Index, 1864-1958, including Ireland, Catholic Parish Baptisms, 1742-1881, Ordnance Survey Maps and more.

Find out if anyone in your
family was born in Ireland.

Download our helpful
Irish Research Guide.

1.Find an ancestor in Griffiths Valuation.

2.Find your immigrant ancestors hometown or county using naturalisation records, church records and more.
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3.We'll also link you to photos of the region from
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