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Ontario Vitals: Births, Marriages and Deaths — Updated

imageSee history as it was made in original birth, marriage, and death records from Ontario, Canada. Available online only at Ancestry.ca, the fully indexed collection — with document images included — provides the following details:


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Ireland, Famine Relief Commission Papers, 1844-1847

imageThis database consists of two sub-series of Famine Relief Commission records held by the National Archives of Ireland.

The Baronial Sub-Series makes up the largest portion of the Relief Commission records. It consists of letters and other documents received by the Commission primarily from September 1846 through April 1847, though some earlier documents have been integrated into the collection. The Numerical Sub-Series consists of letters received by the Commission from November 1845 through August 1846, with a few dated up until May 1847.


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U.S. Federal Census 1790, 1800, and 1810 — Reindexed with New Fields

imageA recent re-indexing project of the 1790, 1800, and 1810 U.S. Federal Censuses means you can now refine your search terms to include the total number of residents, residents under age 16, free non-white residents, and slaves in a household. The new fields are particularly handy for reverse searching in these censuses, where only head-of-household was enumerated. Plug in the household details and the surname — even a wildcard — to find people who match the description of the family you’re looking for.

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England, Alien Arrivals, 1810–1811, 1826–1869
UK Aliens’ Entry Books, 1794–1921

imageAvailable online for the first time and only at Ancestry.ca, these registrations of all non-British citizens entering the UK include details about nationality, arrival date, last country visited, and more. England Alien Arrivals features more than 650,000 searchable records of aliens, including those en route to the United States and other countries. The browseable UK Aliens' Entry Books feature approximately 100,000 records of immigrants to the UK.

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Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850–1934 — Updated

imageAvailable online only at Ancestry.ca, Hamburg, Germany, passenger lists feature more than 5 million records, with approximately 80 percent of trips completed in the United States. Details may include last place of residence, birthplace, and occupation. An index is available for 1877–1914; note a gap in records from 1915 to 1919 (WWI).


Also visit the companion database, Hamburg Passenger Lists, Handwritten Indexes, 1855–1934

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Upper Brittany, France
Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1501–1907

imageThe Upper Brittany, France, Birth, Marriage, and Death collection features more than 3.5 million names detailing events dating back 500 years. Details include names, dates, and places; records may also include some additional text transcribed from original documents.

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Refine Your Searches in Our Member Directory

imageLooking for researchers who live in Ontario, are focused on the O’Malley surname, and who hunt for family every week? Find them quickly in the newly refined Ancestry.ca Member Directory. From the Collaborate tab, select Member Directory and choose the criteria - Research Interests, Basic Information, Experience, or all of the above. Already found a researcher but lost the contact info? You can also search for members by username in the Basic Information section.



Improved Wildcard Flexibilty: Smith or Smythe? Try S?mth*

Improved Wildcard flexibility has been one of our most requested feature updates.

Previously, you had to search using at least three characters before you could use an “*” or a “?” Here are the new rules:

  • You can now use a wildcard for either the first or last letter (but not both). So, “Han*” or “*son” are OK, while “*ans*” is not.
  • Names must still contain at least three non-wildcard characters. So, “Ha*n” is okay, but “Ha*” isn’t.
About Wildcards

When searching for an ancestor you can use an “*” or a “?” to represent unknown letters in their name. “*” represents zero or more characters; “?” represents one and only one unknown character.

So, if you search for “Ann*”, you will find names such as Ann, Anne, Anna, or Annabelle. If you type in “Ann?” you will find names like Anne or Anna, but not Ann or Annabelle.

Why would you want to use a wildcard? Because our ancestors didn’t always spell their names the same way and neither did the people who recorded them. So, Smith might have been spelled “Smyth,” “Smithe,” “Smythe” or some other variation. Searching for “Sm?th” or “Sm?th?” or “Sm?th*” would help you find all three versions.


“I always wanted to see a picture of him...”

My grandfather, Peter O'Brien, died in 1943, before I was born. I always wanted to see a picture of him, but my grandmother, sadly, had none. One day when searching for him on Ancestry.ca I came across a 1928 Detroit Border Crossing Record for him, showing him crossing into Windsor, Canada. And, there was a photo of him attached to the record! He looked just like my father. What a delight to finally see what he looked like.

– Nancy Melnyk, Hamilton, Ontario

Peter O'Brien, born near Belleville, Thurlow Township, Hastings County, Ontario, in 1885, died in Hamilton, Wentworth County, Ontario, in 1943. He was living in Windsor, Essex County, at the time of his border crossing to Detroit, in order to purchase paint - he was a house painter - his eventual death was caused by falling from a ladder at a job.


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