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The Ancestry Team
Featured Section
Happy New Year!
2010 was a busy year with so many accomplishments at Ancestry.ca. We improved our family tree viewer, grew our community and launched many new collections. Thank you to our Ancestry.ca members who made 2010 such an amazing year in Canadian family history!

With 2010 behind us we are now looking at the year ahead and we're excited about what's to come. Stay tuned to the Ancestry.ca Monthly Update throughout the year to be sure to catch all our new collections and site updates. Below you'll find just a glimpse of what is being planned for 2011. With new collections already announced like the 'London, England, Land Tax Valuations, 1910' and 'Sweden Church Records, 1500-1937', 2011 is sure to be a landmark year in family history research on Ancestry.ca.

Here's to the year ahead and the family history discoveries we'll make together.
Canadian Collections Coming in 2011:
•   Ottawa, Canada, Beechwood Cemetery Registers, 1873-1990
International Collections Coming in 2011:
•   U.K. London Wills, 1600s-1800s
•   Ireland Improved Griffith's Valuation, 1847-1864
•   U.K. Parish Registers, including West Yorkshire and Dorset, 1700s-1900s
•   U.K. 1911 Census for England, Wales, Isle of Man and Channel Islands
Just Launched on Ancestry.ca
NEW COLLECTION | Available to World Deluxe Members
London, England, Land Tax Valuations, 1910
Also known as the Domesday Books, these records detail duties on land values and were created to help establish a value for all property in U.K. ... for tax purposes. They contain details of the valuation of land in the City of London and in Paddington specifically, and family historians love them today because they contain a host of information about the owners, the property itself, addresses and other quaint tidbits, like whether your folks lived in a cottage or an inn and its acreage measured in roods, perches and yards.
NEW COLLECTION | Available to World Deluxe Members
World War II Prisoners of the Japanese, 1941-1945
In April 1942, the largest American army ever to surrender placed itself into the hands of Japanese forces on the Bataan Peninsula in the Philippines. The men involved, who became part of the Bataan Death March, are just a portion of the 30,000 prisoners of the Japanese included in this searchable index.
NEW COLLECTION | Available to World Deluxe Members
Honolulu, Hawaii, Passenger Lists, 1900-1953
In the early 1900s competing companies sought to attract contract labourers in the islands resulting in thousands of Asian immigrants to Hawaii, many of whom moved on to Western Canada. Chinese, Filipino, Puerto Rican, Korean, Japanese, and others came to Hawaii with the Japanese becoming the largest ethnic population in the state. The Hawaii Passenger Lists include INS records, steamship companies' manifests, and departure lists for Honolulu, Hawaii, providing in-depth details on this significant port.
NEW COLLECTION | Available to World Deluxe Members
Sweden Church Records, 1500-1937
This month, we're giving Canadians with Swedish roots 17 million reasons to be excited as we launch Genline's Sweden Church Records database on Ancestry.ca. The Sweden Church Records database consists of images of original church records housed at the Swedish National Archives in Stockholm. The collection features various records from the 16th through the 20th century, including birth/baptismal, confirmation, marriage, and death/burial records; church ledgers; moving-in and moving-out registers; and household examination rolls. Sweden Church Records
Community Buzz
Make discoveries with your family in 2011
This January, Canadians will make a number of New Year's resolutions. Some will aim to eat healthier, while others will plan to find new jobs, become better organized or even fall in love. I'm making 2011 the year I spend more time with my family, especially my three kids. I think a lot of parents make this a goal, but it can be difficult to find an activity that can bring together multiple generations.

Nothing connects family more than learning about your shared ancestors. I recommend keeping your New Year's resolution by starting a family tree together. It's the easiest way to learn about your ancestors and make tangible connections between the past and present. If, like many Canadians, you don't know much about your ancestors, use this year as the occasion to start.

Everyone in your family can help out. Begin by having your children record their names and yours in your family tree. Then add your parents and grandparents, recording each person's name and birthplace. Have your kids choose individual and family photos, and upload them to your tree as well.
A family tree is a meaningful family project, which you can work on together throughout the year. Set aside some time each week to delve into your ancestors' past. Your kids will be thrilled to uncover when their ancestors were born, where they lived, and even what they did for a living. Share what you learn with your extended family and see what they can add to your tree. Maybe make it a family competition to see who can find the most fascinating discoveries!

Make 2011 the year you spend more time with your family by learning about the ancestors that came before you. You and your family may be surprised by the things you discover.

Lesley Anderson
Genealogist, Ancestry.ca
Lesley Anderson


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