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•  German Transcripts of Church Records
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•  Update U.S. Passport Applications
•  Grow your Tree with your DNA
•  The Census Definitely Matters
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UPDATED COLLECTION | Available to World Deluxe Members
England & Wales, Death Index: 1916-2005
Beginning in July 1873, local civil registrars throughout England and Wales began implementing country-wide registration of births, marriages and deaths. This information was then reported to the General Register Office (GRO) in London where a national index of vital records was compiled. Ancestry.ca has made this information even more useful to family historians by updating our collection of England and Wales Death Indexes for the years 1916 to 2005. The county field of this index is based on the registration district for each entry. We have updated these records to provide Canadians of English ancestry with more accurate inferences of the county in which each death was registered.

Beechwood Cemetery
NEW COLLECTION | Available to World Deluxe Members
Brandenburg, Germany,
Transcripts of Church Records, 1700-1874
UK Passenger Lists In 18th century Germany, the province of Brandenburg began preparing transcriptions of original parish registers from across the region. These records of births, marriages and deaths were used to aid the government's efforts at civil registrations. This collection includes these church record transcripts from 1700-1874, including vital records and even confirmations and communicants for some years. These records also cover some localities now located in Poland, including the historically neighbouring provinces of Posen, Pommern and Schlesien. Explore your German history in this browse-only collection, available for browsing by parish or by year.

UPDATED COLLECTION | Available to World Deluxe Members
U.S. Passport Applications, 1795–1925
Passports have long been critical documents for citizens traveling out of country for both short trips and longer-term residency. The comprehensive passport application process can often provide a wealth of insightful data to ancestry investigators. Our updated collection of U.S. Passport Applications includes data such as date and place of birth, date and place of immigration to the U.S., occupation, years of residence and even physical characteristics. Our latest addition to this database includes applications for emergency passports and certificates of identify for U.S. citizens staying in foreign countries. If your American ancestors spent time traveling or living abroad, you will not want to miss out on exploring this newly-expanded collection.

Vital Records

New Site Features
Address Book Import for Tree Invitations
Trees to Go iOS App Now it is easier than ever to invite your friends and family to your Ancestry.ca family tree. Simply select the Share your tree option from the Tree page menu to instantly invite others to Ancestry.ca. You can even import names and e-mail addresses directly from your Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL e-mail contacts list. Your invitees will enjoy a warm welcome and an easier-than-ever new user experience. Invite the whole family to join in the fun of investigating your history!

What's in your genes?
Grow Your Tree with Your DNA
Genetic genealogy is an exciting new way to learn about your ancient ancestry. Your genes are like hereditary blueprints, containing the unique building blocks for who you are. Your DNA includes valuable information about all the generations that led up to you as an individual. Paternal and maternal lineage tests provide insight into your ancestry on both your father's and mother's sides. With the help of modern DNA testing, you can even determine specific markers that allow you to identify genetic cousins. By comparing family trees with genetically similar genealogists, you can connect with others who share your ancestry and expand your family tree in ways never before imagined.

Community Buzz
The Census Definitely Matters
The Census deadline has come and gone, and we hope you all took the time to complete it. The Canadian Census is as important for policy and planning reasons as it is for leaving your footprint on history.

Census documents are the backbone of family history research. They provide information that can paint a picture of the lives of our ancestors like no other historical document.

But this year's census has been stripped of any insightful information and pared down to a basic list of 10 questions. In my 35 years as a genealogist, I have long depended on census forms to get to know my ancestors and now I fear that my descendants will be unable to get to know me.

Canadians should fill out the voluntary National Household Survey, provide permission for their census forms to be made public after 92 years and contact their local MP and ask them to push for the reinstatement of the long-form census in the future. I promise you, our great-great grandchildren will thank us.

Lesley Anderson
Genealogist, Ancestry.ca



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