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•  Updated Obituaries from Canada & the Caribbean
•  Sweden Birth Records, 1880–1920
•  Ancestry.ca goes Hollywood
•  Summer fun in the family tree
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Discovering the open road
Join us on a family history road trip across the country. Search some of our most popular Canadian collections as you travel east to west through our nation’s past.  Who will you discover?
Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Click on each province to view a full list of collections from that region.

Just Launched on Ancestry.ca
UPDATED COLLECTION | Available to Canada Deluxe and World Deluxe Members
Canada Obituary Collection
Our Canada Obituary Collection is continually being updated with obituaries from hundreds of Canadian newspapers. Though each obituary will vary in the amount of information contained, many prove to be veritable goldmines of valuable data and will often include relationships of the deceased as a child, sibling, parent, grandparent and much more. Our ongoing search of online obituary sources uncovers new results daily, and we’ve just updated our collection with the latest records. Our searchable collection allows you to search by name, date of birth, date of death, location, marriage and other variables.

UK Passenger Lists
NEW COLLECTION | Available to World Deluxe Members
Motion Picture Studio Directories, 1919 and 1921
Vital Records Film fans and starstruck genealogists will be thrilled to find their ancestors in our brand-new Motion Picture Studio Directories collection. All of the A-list cast plus scores of lesser luminaries take the stage in these archived trade publications for American film industry workers. These directories straight from the Golden State, courtesy of the California State Library, list actors, actresses, child parts, directors, assistant directors, scenario editors and writers, cinematographers, studio managers, publicity men, laboratory and property men, and film cutters. If your ancestor was an actor or actress, you can even find out what kind of characters he or she played — leads, comedians, villains and more. Filled with a wealth of biographical information, these gems of Hollywood history are also exceptionally valuable ancestry resources.

NEW COLLECTION | Available to World Deluxe Members
Sweden, Indexed Birth Records, 1880-1920
If thinking of Sweden brings up images of snow banks and frozen lakes, you may find it either perfectly fitting or entirely ironic that we can credit the invention of the refrigerator to two of the nation’s countrymen. But we have Swedes Carl Munter and Baltzar von Platen to thank for our ice-cold, unspoiled food during these sweltering days of summer. Now you can find Carl himself, along with 5.5 million of his fellow Swedes, in our recently added collection of Swedish Birth Records.
Search by name, birth date, birthplace, father's name and birth date, and mother's name and birth date. Records may also include gender, occupation, religion, nationality, mother’s maiden name and marital information, parish, county and more. Covering births between 1880 and 1920, this historical collection is also making history in another way — our update marks the first time an index of this particular collection has ever been made available online. So crack open an ice-cold one and raise a toast to Carl this summer as you relax in the air conditioning while exploring your Swedish ancestry.

UK Passenger Lists
UPDATED COLLECTION | Available to World Deluxe Members
Caribbean Obituary Collection
Our recently updated Caribbean Obituary Collection features obituary records from hundreds of Caribbean newspapers. These biographical articles are often rich with details about the recently deceased and their survivors. Caribbean immigration to Canada has grown significantly in the past half century, making these records of special interest to those family investigators exploring their recent histories.
Canadian-Caribbean trade has been strong since the early 1700s, and today Canada maintains political and economic relations with many of the Caribbean states. Demographically, well over half of all Black Canadians trace their ancestry to the Caribbean. Whether you are seeking eighteenth century ancestors who traded among the islands or are investigating great-great grandparents who migrated from the Caribbean in decades past, you will not want to miss this newly-expanded collection.

Vital Records

New Site Features
Recent collections page
You can stay up-to-date with all the latest collection launches and updates by visiting our Recent Collections Page. This allows you to check for the latest, most relevant collection launches in one place and allows you to select local or international records.

Ancestry App hits 1 million downloads
We’re excited to announce that the Ancestry mobile app for iPhone, iPad and iPod has been downloaded over 1 million times! Many of you are finding the app to be a great way to interact with your family tree on Ancestry.ca, share records and photos and take your research with you on the go.

We’re pleased that our users find satisfaction in using the Ancestry App to learn more about and share their family history. If you haven’t already, download the free Ancestry App now.


Community Buzz
Summer fun in the family tree
Summer vacation is in full swing across Canada. While kids love the freedom that the holiday brings, for parents, filling up those two months can be challenging. As parents, we want our kids to stay productive and keep learning, while still enjoying their break.

As a mother of three, I know how demanding summer holidays can be on a family. I spent countless hours making sure my children had fun, giving them good memories and keeping their minds sharp — especially on rainy days. The right activity always kept my kids intrigued.

I believe that family history is a great way to fulfill that challenge. Researching your family tree provides a meaningful way to spend time together, while giving the kids the opportunity to learn about where they come from. It’s a fun way to keep kids productive while creating those dreamy summer memories that you want them to have of their childhood.

Doing some family digging is the first step. Start by writing down all you know and don’t know about your ancestors. You can also involve other relatives – a great way for your kids to connect with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. You can even make a day out of visiting all the different relatives that can help make this project a fun and adventurous learning opportunity.
Next, build your family tree online and invite family members to view it. The family members you couldn’t meet can add what they know, and the ones you did meet can add anything they forgot to mention.

The last step, bringing the family tree to life can be as creative and imaginative as you and your kids make it. Create a scrapbook, treasured for years to come and passed on to the next generations. Leave space in the book to keep adding information as new family members are born.

Or, create a time capsule to be dug up once your kids are grown. You can bury special items along with it and have a summer gathering in the backyard with the relatives who participated.

The possibilities are endless.

Lesley Anderson, Ancestry.ca.



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