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Ancestry.ca | Monthly Update September 2011  
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•  Discover your ancestors’ immigration story
•  Just Launched—UK Occupations Records
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•  Back-to-School—First subject: Family History
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Featured Section
Discover your ancestors’ journey to Canada
As Canadians, many of our family stories began outside of our borders. We are a country built on the hopes and dreams of our immigrant ancestors—people who made the courageous decision to leave their homes for a better life. Discover your ancestors’ journey to a new country through our collection of international immigration records on Ancestry.ca and add more branches to your family tree.
Explore Passenger Lists and the names of millions of people who arrived here by ship and discover details of your ancestor’s immigration such as date and port of arrival, port of embarkation and birth country. Border Crossings will give you a host of information, including religious denomination, physical description and destination for those who entered a new country via border lines. Immigration and Emigration records provide the details surrounding your ancestors’ immigration and can reveal ancestors’ places of birth, last residences in their country of origin, names of other relatives, occupations, and in some cases, even photographs.

Immigration records not only tell the story of your ancestors’ incredible decision to leave their home country for a new life, they also tell the story of how you came to be Canadian.

Search our international immigration records today.
Canadian Immigration Records
U.S. Immigration Records
UK & Ireland Immigration Records
European Immigration Records

Just Launched on Ancestry.ca
NEW COLLECTION | Available to World Deluxe Members
UK, Railway Employment Records, 1833–1963
The UK’s railway workers were among the most important pioneers of the 19th century. They drove the tools and ideas of the Industrial Revolution all over the UK, forever shaping the way we live, and do business in Canada and around the world. Over one third of Canadians have British roots—explore yours further and you may discover ancestors from across the pond that were part of the driving force behind a revolution.
In this historical collection, you will find the positions and salaries of these important figures. You may also uncover various details such as apprentice records (which could include father’s name), accident reports and even transfer records, so you can follow ancestors as they move around the country. Search by name, birth year, event year, station, or company and you may discover your UK ancestors in these Railway Employment Records.

NEW COLLECTION | Available to World Deluxe Members
British Postal Service Appointment Books, 1737–1969
Uncover your British ancestors and the part they played in cross-country communications in this collection spanning 232 years. From messenger on horseback to bulk airmail, the British Postal Service has a rich history that was driven by Britain’s most dedicated citizens, making this collection a fascinating exploration for history enthusiasts and family genealogists with UK roots alike.

These 1.4 million records reveal information such as the position your British ancestor held within the organization, the dates which they worked and even where they were stationed. Discover your British ancestors and how they spent their working days through this unique collection.

NEW COLLECTION | Available to World Deluxe Members
Germany, Index of Jews Whose German Nationality was Annulled by Nazi Regime, 1935–1944
In the immediate years following the Second World War, over 40,000 Jews sought a new life in Canada. This mass migration has resulted in a rich and storied Jewish-Canadian population. This newly-released collection presents the perfect opportunity to explore your Jewish heritage through records created during the years of the Nuremburg Laws in Germany.
These records bring to life the events of the Second World War and can aid you on your quest to uncover your German-Jewish ancestors. A captivating collection of the individual index cards of Jews who had their German nationality annulled by the Nazis, you may discover names, birth dates, occupations and last addresses of Jewish ancestors who lived in Germany before and during the Second World War. While these collections are exclusively in German, names, dates and addresses are easily distinguished.


Your Feedback
Celebrate the women in your family tree!
In honour of Women’s History Month in October, we’re looking for stories about the female role models in your family tree.

Do you have an ancestor who helped change women’s rights in Canada? Did your grandmother fight for her right to vote? Was your great-grandmother one of the first women to join a male-dominated workforce? Are you related to the first female nurse or doctor in your community? Did she get a university or college education at a time when it was unheard of for women?

Tell us the stories about the brave women in your family tree. If you would like to share your story, please email us at ancestry@mediaprofile.com.

In the e-mail, please remember to include:
A brief summary of your story
The name of your ancestor
Your name, city and province
Phone number and email address
If you are willing to share your story with the media
We look forward to hearing about the strong women in your family tree!

Ancestry Buzz
Get an A+ in family history research!
As summer winds down and you prepare your kids and grandkids for another year of learning, you may find yourself wondering about the school life of your ancestors. Who was the first to attend college? Were they involved in after-school clubs and athletics? What did they look like as a student?

All these questions and more can be answered through School Lists and Yearbooks on Ancestry.ca. Explore Canada School Directories and discover names, addresses and courses of study for your Canadian ancestors dating back to 1830. Discover your Oxford-educated British ancestors in the Oxford University Alumni, 1500-1886 collection and learn their parentage, address, birth dates and degree earned. The U.S. School Yearbooks can provide a host of information about the interests and social life of your American ancestors. Discover school photos, club and athletic photos and gain insight into the kind of person your ancestor was. Recently updated with over 24,000 yearbooks, this collection holds more information than ever before.
Search our School Lists and Yearbooks today and learn about your ancestors while the kids are learning their ABCs.


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