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Subject: SC Artisans & Mechanics Database 1750-1866
Author: Wade_Fairey
Date: February 28, 2009
Classification: Query

This 28 year project was created to collect data on individuals who worked in SC between 1750-1866. Of particular interest are artisans who served as a; carpenter, mechanic, stone or brick mason/cutter, plasterer, brick maker, blacksmith, hewer, joiner, staircase builder, or those who built doors, windows, and mantles. As of 2009, over 13,000 persons and companies are listed in the collection. Abbeville, SC was a highly influential and wealthy county during the period. I know that there are architectural examples remaining and data of importance that would be useful in documenting artisans from Abbeville and surrounding areas. The database collects basic facts; names, dates, locations, birth/death dates, examples of their work, etc. Census data has already been posted but additions/corrections are welcome as are your questions. If you know of someone in your circle that may also have this type of data, please share. Respectfully, W.B. Fairey, Administrator