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Subject: Re: Sir Richard Cox and family
Author: bluesue11
Date: July 23, 2009
Classification: Query

No, I'm afraid I don't know of anyone who is researching the line of Sir Richard Cox. However, using Google Books Search I found the following on The Rev. Sir George William Cox (note the last sentence) and hope it helps you:

[The Rev. Sir George William Cox, author of important works on "Aryan Mythology, ""Comparative Mythology and Folk-Lore," besides various essays in Greek history and biography, was born at Benares, India, in 1827, his father being a captain of the Bengal army. He came to England at the age of eight, and attended school at Bath, then at Ilminster, which he quitted in 1842 for Rugby, coming there under the instruction of Dr. Tait, the successor of Dr. Thomas Arnold. In May, 1845 he became a scholar of Trinity College, Oxford, and in 1848 received a second class in the classics. In 1849 be took up the study of civil law, and in the year following, being ordained deacon, was appointed to the curacy of Salcombe Regis, near Sid mouth. In 1851 he was ordained priest and two years later visited the Cape of Good Hope. Returning in 1854 he occupied, for the three years following, the curacy of St. Paul's, Exeter. In 1859 he received the degrees of B.A. and M.A. from Oxford, and in 1860 was appointed Master in Cheltenham College. In the year following he settled near London and in 1866 bought a small estate at Camberley, close to the Staff College, and built a house where lie has since resided, pursuing his literary occupations, interrupted, however, by visits to Lisbon in 1872 and to India in 1878. In 1877 he succeeded to the title vacated by his uncle, Sir Edward Cox.]