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Subject: Irene and Isabella (Gomez?) , born in Delhi, India.
Author: Sherrie Thomas
Date: October 18, 2015
Classification: Query
Surnames: Gomez, Stoneham, Forrester, Bassnett

Irene is my great grandmother. My family and I have been trying to solve the mystery for years. We know next to nothing. All we know is that her name was Irene and she was born in India, as was her sister Isabella. (There has been a story that they were both made orphans as her mother died of childbirth, but we do not know that for sure). Irene was a military nurse, and she went on to marry George Douglas Stoneham, a British sergeant. Isabella married a man who we know as Ned, though it was shortened - we don't know the name. His surname was double barrelled but we believe the name Forrester could be one of the surnames. Irene and George had one daughter, my nan, Melanie Bernadette Stoneham. Irene's bestfriend is believed to be called Lillas, surname unknown. Lillas married a John (or Jack) Bassnett
I have so many pictures of Irene, and I was named after her too. I want to solve the mystery, and I want to know more. Unfortunately, Irene has passed away. I have no idea whether Isabella is alive, but If ANYONE may have any information, PLEASE let me know. I need to know the truth.