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Subject: John Proctor Descendants
Author: Lydia Vierson
Date: April 5, 2006
Classification: Query
Surnames: Proctor, Basset, Little, Cord, Cheasney, Orland, Carnahan, Pudeator

Here is my line:

John Proctor - Elisabeth Basset
William James Proctor (1679-1756) - Rebecca Little
James John Proctor (b. 1701) - Sarah Cord
John Proctor (b. 1719)-Comfort Cheasney
(John) William Proctor (b. 1746) - Mary Orland
Jeremiah Proctor (1779-1855) - Maranda Carnahan

It is only starting with Jeremiah Proctor do I have complete dates and info. Other information came from a source who is very difficult to followup with.

It is my understanding that many Proctors named male sons with John as a pre-name as tribute to John who was hanged.

Any connections to anyone else researching this line??

I also descend from Anne Pudeator hanged 22 September 1692 through the Averill line.