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URL: records/174/mb.ashx

Subject: Help in deciphering occupations
Author: Estelle Mo
Date: July 9, 2019
Classification: Query
Surnames: Wheeldon

Hello, I was wondering if anyone is able to help with deciphering the occupation column for the first household (the first record of the household and the bottom four records of the household). The writing is rather faint, so I am really struggling.

First record, Joseph Wheeldon - the writing is really faint. I assume it will be something to do with being a farmer, but honestly, I can hardly make out anything
Fourth record from the bottom - 'Retired farmer'?
Third record from the bottom - the second word seems to be 'ser'(vant) perhaps, but I can't make out the first word
Second record from the bottom - 'ag(ricultural) ser(vant)'?
Bottom record - 'nurse'?

Many thanks for any help.

Kind regards,


1851 England Census
Registration district: Shardlow
Sub-registration district: Castle Donnington
ED, institution, or vessel: 9
Household schedule number: 2
Piece: 2140
Folio: 236
Page Number: 2