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Subject: Re: family data collection pay attention to dates.
Author: SoakedKarma
Date: May 10, 2012
Classification: Query

being a newbie I for one see the quaking leaves and get excited. Just look at all the years of painstaking work that has been done, Just for me!

When on close examination I found 2 or more children born in the same year, or a parent b.1740 of a child b.1690 I know something is wrong with what I have imported. Duh, Whats with that?

Than I have 11 William, 5 Thomas, and a untold number of Sarah, Elizabeth, and Mary given names for the same surname.
tracing back to 1000 AD so far. It makes attaching documents to the correct individual tedious. Having the same given name over many generations sure has helped me to follow my line tho.

One thing that has helped me sort things out is to include the birth year in the Suffix box of the name line..
Helps me quickly identify to Whom I am attaching something to.. My old eyes easily pick out the the BOLD date following the Name in list view..

Duplicates caused me some problems when I first started if entered as a name or other variation. I found it hard to find the active individual in the tree.. I wish their was a way to merge individuals into one. beginning to sound like WFT eh.

I too was bothered by ancestors prior to 1776 being listed as born/living in USA but have found it impractical to try and sort out Virginia colony, Carolina colony etc. tho I do try to list the parish and such.

Just had to comment on your frustration as the cleanup of my own line has frustrated me..