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Subject: Re: Hill-Feuds of Kentucky (Evans & Hill)
Author: MackMcAfee
Date: March 16, 2007
Classification: Query

Hello Mike,
My name is ronnie mcquerry of the Garrard Co., Ky. McQuerrys
nicknamed the Sugar Creek McQuerrys here. I found in Garrard Public Library some facts on Hill-Evans Feud of 1840's thru 1850's as the worst in our State. But it is vague. Is there a possibiliy that I may obtain the book you mentioned on here that has a rewrite of the Hill-Evans Feud? Please get back to me if so or any additions you may know of that feud. My email is Any reimbursement for this will be honored by me in the hopes to obtain more on this. I will send what I found about it to you from Garrard Library if you email me. Best regards, RonnieM/ Ky.