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Subject: Re: Objet : shipwreck The Miracle- May 19 1847
Author: jeanlemieux2000
Date: December 4, 2018
Classification: Query

Hi Byron,

it's been a long time and I would like to share the info I have about John James and Martin Brophy. The mother of my children, Monique Poirier, d. of Marc and Marie-Anna Cormier, is the grand-daughter of Frances Brophy, of Patrick, of John James Brophy married with Eve McLean.
I have been in contact with Randey Brophy, of B.C., descendant of Martin Brophy and Mary Walsh, married in 1854 in Antigonish, N.S.
From what I collected in the census and from contacts in NS, I come to the conclusion that John James and THIS Martin Brophy were very probably not brothers.
Martin Brophy (1831-1882) and Mary Walsh had 10 children. In the census of 1867, he is said to live in Hallowel Grant and I think he died there. In the census of 1871 ans 1881, both times, he is said born in Nova Scotia.
Furthermore, Martin Brophy had an elder sister, Mary Brophy (1826-1899). She did not marry, worked in houses in the States, died in Fairfield, Maine, of «la grippe», on January 26 1899. On the death certificate, she is said born in Antigonish. There is an obituary in «The Casket», march 1899, who states that she was the sister of Martin of Hallowel Grant.

So I don't see how this Martin Brophy and "our" John James Brophy could have been together aboard the Miracle in May 1847.

My daughter Madeleine had an ancestry DNA done. She is vaguely related to people in NS probably by the McLeans. There is no match with descendants of Martin Brophy of Antigonish so far, and probably these descendants are numerous.

Nonetheless I believe the Clarke family history that there was a Martin Brophy brother aboard the Miracle. Did he died some weeks later in NS? Did he move to the US? Maybe someday we will know.

I could not read your book about the Miracle. Could not find it. I will try to find it when I get back to the Islands next summer.

Best regards,

Jean Lemieux