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Subject: Re: Objet : shipwreck The Miracle- May 19 1847
Author: Roberta Dods
Date: September 11, 2014
Classification: Query

I am the great great granddaughter of Eve McLean - she had a daughter, before she married James Brophy, named Ruth who married Howard McPhail - their daughter Annie Ruth McPhail Dunn Robinson (buried on the islands) was my grandmother. My grandmother spoke of visiting relatives that were the Brophys over Amhurst way - all being children and then grandchildren of Eve Mclean.
I am currently doing research on the Islands and have spent the last four summers there. Ruth is buried in NS. Howard on the Islands. And Eve's grave cannot be found in the old Catholic burial ground that predates the one at the church in what was called Grindstone. James Brophy's grave is at North Grosse Isle but unmarked. It is my opinion that he was buried there because it was August and he was not retrieved for a number of days after drowning so he was perhaps already showing the signs of long being in the water. With no roads it was best to bury him as soon as possible for health reasons and that was the burial ground nearest.