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Subject: Daniel Cook
Author: jodistefano
Date: February 2, 2015
Classification: Query
Surnames: Daniel Cook/Lydia Churchill

Esther Wright's book "the Loyalists of New Brunswick" is not longer in print and I cannot find it in any of my local public libraries.

However, my great-great-great . . . grandfather is in that book and I would like to get a copy of what Ms. Wright writes about Grandpa Cook. His story starts on page 212 of her book

Family lore is that he was a loyalist from Dutchess County and I have found some land grants issued to him. But I don't know who his wife was. And I am not sure how his son, Daniel Cook Jr. followed him to Canada.

Daniel Cook Jr. married Lydia Churchill (Nova Scotia). But I'm not sure what happened to them from 1775- 1785.

If anyone can help with getting that page from Ms. Wrights' book, I would very much appreciate it.