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Subject: UELAC . What has been your experience with this little club ?
Author: young1451
Date: December 15, 2015
Classification: Query

This is an open letter to UELAC . I have been disappointed with UELAC for many years , as somehow their little group thinks they are the holder of the keys to all things UEL in Canada , and they are not . When confronted with obvious errors in their research , they stonewall and posture rather then correct their mistakes . They seem to arbitrarily make changes to the Old UE List , though I can see nothing in their Charter which suggests that they have any right to make such changes . They make new additions to their New UE List in favour of their UELAC members , but do not publish such PROOF or even give contact info for these newly minted UE Certificate Holders . Their online website is outdated and does not seem to allow Post-It Notes , to flesh out or refute what little info that is provided . I call on others to share their UELAC experience . Merry Xmas to all .