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Subject: Re: ISO Maternal grandmother's maiden name
Author: ilovetype
Date: January 14, 2014
Classification: Query

My Mother: Sharon Ann Osborne. Married David Rapp Kreiser in 1968. They divorced ~1975; she married again a few years later; divorced again and married again around 1988-89, but don't know what her last name would have been.

Sharon's sisters: June E. Osborne (biological, died in 1965); Nancy Wagner (step-sister). Nancy's mom, Anna Molesavich, married Sharon and June's father, Walter C. Osborne, presumably sometime around 1950. Walter adopted Nancy and she took the Osborne name at that time. Anna and Walter never had biological children. All families lived in the Lebanon/Manheim/Palmyra/Myerstown area - they're all in fairly close proximity.

From what my step-aunt Nancy told me, Sharon and June's mother abandoned them when the girls were very young - less than 5YO. Walter was unable to care for them himself, so each girl was raised by a different aunt (one of his sisters), probably until he married Anna (she became Anna Sholly after Walter passed in 1969). I know for certain that Carrie Osborne Antanies (passed in 2004) was one of the aunts who helped, but Nancy wasn't sure of the other who helped - maybe Clara Osborne Shafer (passed in 2002). I remember her mentioning the name Betty, but she knew nothing else about her. I never ever remember my dad or his mother mentioning "Betty," so the only maternal grandmother I "knew" was Anna.

Thanks and I hope someone gets further than I've been able.