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searching for my parents' family Affiché le : 10 Oct 1998, par  andamovi

Localities > Central Europe > Historical Regions > Galicia

... TOMO IV Page 87ª - Nº Registration 111/29 PLACE of RESIDENCE: REGION LEMKO BOBRKA - DISTRICT 53 of GALIZIA Possible address sub Podhorodyozcze Nº d.87 HE EMIGRATED TO S...

Denega surname Affiché le : 26 Apr 2001, par  modmob

Localities > Eastern Europe > Ukraine > Krymska

...was born,1889, in Zhabokruky (found on map & is actually Zhabokruki or Zhydachiv), Distr. Bibrka (Bobrka) (Austro-Hungary) now Ukraine in Lvivska Oblast(L'viv or Lvov). On his certificate of Matrimony p...

MANKIW, CHARIW, BASARAB Affiché le : 22 Jun 1998, par  PazLady

Localities > Eastern Europe > Ukraine > Lvivska

seeking these surnames. Families from Khrusyatyche, L'viv, Ukraine and/or Bobrka, L'viv, Ukraine [Bibrka].

Markow / Suchodol Affiché le : 21 Aug 2004, par Bohdan Yurkiv

Localities > Eastern Europe > Ukraine > Lvivska

...The village was actually spelt "Suchodol" & was in the Admin. District & Gmina of Bobrka at the time of your relatives birth ... it had its own Greek Catholic church. Bohdan Yurkiv Web...

Markow surname Affiché le : 26 Jul 2004, par K. Markow

Localities > Eastern Europe > Ukraine > Lvivska know the background of the Markow surname. My grandfather Teodor Markow was born in Suchodol near Bobrka just south of Lviv in 1886 or 1887. His father is listed as Ilko Markow. I was told he had a broth...

Re: Bury Affiché le : 09 Aug 2000, par  mariemem

Surnames > Bury

...go on. Joseph Bury b. August,30,1879, Kocurow(Austria). Handwritten note said "powiat" was Bobrka and parish Sw. Szymon. Father-Szymon. Mother- Jadwiga Milawski. Joseph had 4 children, Victoria,Jo...

Theophila BUCZYNSKA Affiché le : 09 Jun 2003, par Cindy Benson

Surnames > Buczynski

...BUCZYNSKA, born c. 1855 married to Julian MALCHAREK, born c. 1851. They were from the village of Chlebowice, Bobrka, Galicia, which is now in the Ukraine. (slightly south of Lvov).

Oczkowski in Ukraine/Galicia Affiché le : 30 Aug 2003, par Cindy Benson

Surnames > Oczkowski

...doing some research on my Buczkowski line, I found a family of Oczkowski living in Chlebowice Wielkie in Bobrka, Lviv, Ukraine. They aren't relatives of mine, but in case anyone is looking for them I thoug...

Drabicki Affiché le : 23 Oct 2001, par  NDrabicki

Localities > Central Europe > Poland > Unknown

Researching Drabicki from SE Poland: Kosina, near Lancut; and Lany, Bobrka, south of L'wow. Other communities linked with these surnames: Kraczkowa, Rogozno.

Re: Wojtowicz Or VITOVITCH Affiché le : 26 Jun 2001, par  Anacv

Surnames > Wojtowicz

...appear in those records. In one hand, my grandfather appear in his passport as Austrian, he born in Bobrka (town inland of L'vov or L'viv - UKRAINE) in 1900 and at those time this part belong to Austro-Hun...

Alexander Kitt Ukraine Affiché le : 30 Nov 2001, par  stanmantomasz...

Localities > Eastern Europe > Ukraine > General

...states he leaves a 1/2 brother Alexander Kitt of Cleveland and a nephew. Peter was born in Bibrka (Bobrka) Ukraine No information has been found on Alexander - any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Tha...

Kusz - Kneiseiwicz - Kaleniewicz - Minko - Btonska Affiché le : 25 Jun 2002, par  Wowiep

Localities > Central Europe > Historical Regions > Galicia

...board and am interested in information on the following names: KUSZ - Rozalia (Parasievia) b 5/2/1882 Bobrka, Galicia d.9/15/1940 Johnstown, PA ...

Re: Drabicki Affiché le : 21 Dec 2002, par  drabicki

Localities > Central Europe > Poland > Podkarpackie

Our grandfather, Jan Drabicki was born 1887 in Lany, Bobrka, Poland. His parents were Sebastian Drabicki born about 1846 in Kosina, Lancut, Poland, and Salomea Jarosz, born about 1842. He had a brother name...

Finding my Grandparents Affiché le : 19 Oct 2002, par  markajda

Localities > Central Europe > Austria > General

My grandparents ethnicity was ruthen,Austria and there place of residence was bolerka and bobrka,Galicia they came over to the united states in 1913,they spelled the last name Bizyk, when they came over to ...

Re: joseph (jozo) susac Affiché le : 25 Aug 2003, par  vitovich1

Surnames > Vidovich

...grandfather emmigrated to South America aprox. in 1929, his name was Alexius Wijtowycz (Vitovich), he born in Bobrka, Ukraine Any relation??? Thanks Ana Vitovich

Re: Kusz - Kneiseiwicz - Kaleniewicz - Minko - Btonska Affiché le : 25 Aug 2003, par Renee Kozlesky

Localities > Central Europe > Historical Regions > Galicia

...(Kozlecki in Polish records) My mother's mother was Anna (Rellick in English), Rylow, (also Rylik) from Bobrka, then part of Galicia, in the Austro-Hungrian Empire. Anna left Bobrka around 1912 and emmigrated to...

Re: SURNAME: dupej Affiché le : 13 Feb 2004, par K.Markow

Localities > Central Europe > Hungary > General

I thank you so much. He used the name Theodor in the US. My grandmother said he was from near Bobrka and I have found his town you gave me on the map. Thanks again! We also wonder what Teodor Markow's cous...

Re: Kusz - Kneiseiwicz - Kaleniewicz - Minko - Btonska Affiché le : 25 Aug 2003, par  ZBeca

Localities > Central Europe > Historical Regions > Galicia for location of a town in Poland and there are two villages named Bobrka. for location of Bereska. The name KUSZ, ...

Wecker/Haber Affiché le : 07 Jan 2005, par Sandy

Surnames > Wecker

Looking for info on my grandparents Jacob Haber and Sarah Wecker from Bobrka. Sarah had a sister Molly and Toby.

Re: Drabicki Affiché le : 12 Feb 2005, par Nancy Drabicki

Localities > Central Europe > Poland > Podkarpackie

I have more information on our Drabicki ancestors tracing them from Lany, Bobrka (south of Lwow), to Rogzno, and Kosina (near Lancut, Poland). Jozef, the brother of our grandfather Jan Drabicki, died as a ...

Re: Just By Chance! Bernacki / Bernacka Affiché le : 24 Oct 2005, par  ZBeca

Localities > Central Europe > Historical Regions > Galicia

...There was a person that came thru EI from a village named Kobrenska, Russia. There are 2 villages named Bobrka in Poland. Using One Step/Gray form there were 7 peo...

Re: Bibrka in Ukrainian and Bobrka in Polish Affiché le : 24 Oct 2005, par  ZBeca

Localities > Central Europe > Historical Regions > Galicia

...Take a look in this site : You will see on the map that Bibrka is in Ukrainian and Bobrka in Polish for the one and same village. Surname BERNACKI list in Podkarpackie woj .

Re: wojcik-furlik, also tutak and wenta Affiché le : 01 Aug 2005, par  Goldfinch21

Surnames > Wojcik

My mother was a Plesz(Parents were Peter Plesz and Mary Janicki - also from Nowosielce - and they settled in Scottdale, PA), but so far I haven't found that there is a connection to the Michael Plesz ...

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