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Here comes the push more paid services

Here comes the push more paid services

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Really disappointed to see Ancestry - adding hints that require you to pay additional membership fees - such as Fold3.

This service isnt cheap to begin with - and now the push for more revenue continues. Disappointing.

Re: Here comes the push more paid services

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When FOLD3 was an independent concern, you had to pay for it. This is no different. They have added a service. Now instead of having to log into fold3 and do a standalone search, you get the hint. It is up to you whether you want to pay for the additional service or not. Bundling actually SAVES you money if you are interested in the Fold3 access.

Pay for Ancestry separately
Pay for Fold3 separately
No hints on Ancestry from Fold3
Do separate search of Fold3
If record found must download as no linkage to Ancestry.
Upload record to Ancestry as there was no way to link it to Ancestry although one could copy the URL and paste to the profile page.

Choose to pay bundle price for Ancestry/Fold3
Able to receive hints from Fold3 and also able to search Fold3 separately
The hint can be linked and search results can also be linked directly from within Fold3

Looks like a win/win situation especially since you have the option NOT to pay for Fold3 and NOT to use the material from Fold3.

Your ancestor's pension file may show who his children were if they were still dependent at the time. It may show his wife's maiden. In come cases, it may be the only record that does so. Of course not all files have this info but when it does, it is invaluable.

Even the All Access costs less than a cup of Starbucks per day.
It costs far less than even one trip to visit the National Archives.
It costs far less than trips to all the courthouses that you would otherwise have to visit in person.
It costs less than many other hobbies a person could have.
Prorating the All Access over a year yields $1.10 per day.

While it would be fair to say that you don't like spending your money for this particular item, it is definitely not expensive. It is just not a priority in your life. Others can and do feel differently.

Re: Here comes the push more paid services

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I totally agree. I already pay $300 per year. I think all these others like Fold 3 should be included in the price.

Re: Here comes the push more paid services

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Before Ancestry bought Fold3, it was a standalone service for which you paid a separate fee. Why should Ancestry increase its services without charging for it? They are a business not a charity.
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