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Stillborn sister

Stillborn sister

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Surnames: Shanahan
According to my mum she had a daughter called Caroline who was stillborn. Now im not sure of the exact date but it was between her marriage to my dad in June 1958 and my sister being born in November 1960, Ive done the usual searches for birth and death but come up with nothing, tried searching for her using name, possible years of birth, possible locations and using mum/dads details as relatives but still found nothing.

She was born in a military hospital as my dad was in the Army. But then so were the rest of us and I can find records of us being born.

Any other suggestions I could try. Thanks

Re: Stillborn sister

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I think this post was meant as a reply for you:

I think that in addition, there are some areas in the USA that don't release stillborn information. However, from your use of "mum" for your mother, perhaps you aren't from the USA?

Re: Stillborn sister

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If you're still looking for this, the message thread on this link should tell you what you need to know about obtaining the records of a British stillbirth.

Re: Stillborn sister

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Thank you for the link and the subsequent information. I had to put my research on hold earlier this year but have picked up the thread again and will contact the GRO to see if they can confirm the information I have.

Re: Stillborn sister

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Hello Lynn,
My story is very similar to yours. I had a stillborn sister born between me and my brother. There are 8 years between us so that was quite a gap to cover. My father told me about the birth but no details. My mother told me a little bit about immediately after the birth, but no details of date or what she was going to be called and I didn`t like to press her .
I finally got in touch with GRO after my mother died a few years ago but they had no records of my sister. All I can suggest is if you have older family, ask them. Unfortunately, as far as I know I am the oldest in our family now, so the last piece in my family jigsaw will be forever missing.
Best of luck with your search,

Re: Stillborn sister

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carolnotjoyce Stillbirth is a term which has a specific legal meaning, which in Britain is that the child was not born alive, however briefly, at the time of it's birth, and at that time period, that the pregnancy had lasted for at least 28 weeks by the time of the birth.

If your sister's birth circumstances met those criteria, then it would have been a legal requirement that her birth would have had to be registered in the stillbirths register.

However, when ordinary people speak about something they don't usually use words and phrases with regard to their specific and precise legal meaning, and I can imagine that many lay people would use the term stillbirth to refer to a child who was born alive but who only lived very briefly.

If that had happened in the case of your sister, then her birth might perhaps have been a live birth, and if it was then her birth would have been registered as a live birth, and even if she was unnamed in regard to her forename, her forename, in the birth registration index ledger, would be listed as female, her surname would have been listed as her father's surname, and your mother's maiden surname would also be listed in the birth registration index record.

If her birth was registered as a live birth, then she would of course, also have a death registration.

When the GRO official failed to find a birth record in the stillbirths register, did they then double check that the birth hadn't been registered as a live birth, or did they just assume that your information was wrong, and not check any further, who knows, but perhaps you might know. ?

If her birth wasn't registered in the stillbirths or the live births registers, then the only other possibility would seem to be that the pregnancy didn't last for 28 weeks.

Presumably no mention of any funeral arrangements was made.

If your late mum's medical records go back that far, and if you were permitted to access them, the the birth would probably be mentioned in them.
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