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William PEDLEY born about 1837 in Staffordshire

William PEDLEY born about 1837 in Staffordshire

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Surnames: Pedley, Ferris
I'm looking for William Pedley born about 1837 in Staffordshire. His exact birthplace is not known, one census references it as Longston (?) the 1901 census as Stoke-on-Trent. He married in 1866 to Elizabeth Christiana Ferris, likely in Plymouth. William and Elizabeth lived in Plymouth and had six children (at least that's how many I've found so far) Frederick W., Alfred F., Charles A., Alice E., Ida E., Stella. By 1881 it appears that William and Elizabeth had become estranged. William died in Plymouth sometime after 1901. Any information you could provide me on William would be great! Thanks!

Carson M.

(of Canada)

Re: William PEDLEY born about 1837 in Staffordshire

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Surnames: HULME
I think this is the baptism of your William Pedley. Found on the IGI at

Birth: 07 OCT 1835
Christening: 12 OCT 1835 High Street Chapel Or Lower Chapel Wesleyan, Longton, Stafford,
Mother: ANN
Source Information:
Batch No.: Dates:
C084401 1811 - 1837

And this is most likely the marriage of his parents. Both Longton and Burslem are Pottery towns now included in Stoke on Trent.

Marriage: 10 SEP 1827 Saint John, Burslem, Stafford,
Source Information:
Batch No.: Dates:
M010041 1578 - 1837

Re: William PEDLEY born about 1837 in Staffordshire

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Classification: Census
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Here's the family in 1841

1841 HO107 Piece: 991 Book/Folio: 4/21 Page: 34
Reg. District: Stoke upon Trent Sub District: Lane End
Address: Chapel Street, Longton, Stoke Upon Trent,

PEDLEY, Thomas 35 1806 Staffordshire
PEDLEY, Ann 30 1811 Staffordshire
PEDLEY, Elizabeth 10 1831 Staffordshire
PEDLEY, Joseph 8 1833 Staffordshire
PEDLEY, William 6 1835 Staffordshire
PEDLEY, Maria 4 1837 Staffordshire
PEDLEY, Emma 18 months 1840 Staffordshire

Re: William PEDLEY born about 1837 in Staffordshire

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Classification: Biography
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What was William's occupation?

Could he have married twice. The only William Pedley born around 1835 on the 1861 census is this one. Wife born in right county but not the right town PLUS she is name Lydia ! ! !

1861 RG09 Piece: 1942 Folio: 102 Page: 28
Address: 5, Commerce Street,Longton, Stoke Upon Trent,

PEDLEY, William 26 1835 Tailor And Draper Longton Staffordshire
PEDLEY, Lydia Wife 27 1834 Hulme Devon

Hmmmmmmmm judging by this 1871 entry it could be the same William.

1871 RG10 Piece: 2122 Folio: 45 Page: 32
Address: William St, St Andrew, Plymouth Devonshire

PEDLEY, William 35 1836 Tailor's cutter Longton Staffordshire
PEDLEY, Elizabeth 35 1836 Devonport Devon
PEDLEY, Frederick W 3 1868 Plymouth Devon

And then in 1881 Elizabeth is missing and he has a housekeeper. Is Louisa Ferris the child of Elizabeth. Then the term daughter in law was often used as we would use step daughter today

1881 RG11 Piece: 2196 Folio: 81 Page: 14
Address: 4, Adelaide Ter, Plymouth St Andrew

PEDLEY, William 45 1836 Tailor(Cutter) Loughton Staffordshire
PEDLEY, Charles A 9 1872 Scholar Plymouth
PEDLEY, Alice 4 1877 Scholar Plymouth
QUICK, Eliza Single 33 1848 Housekeeper Devonport Devon
FERRIS, Louisa Daughter In Law Single 25 1856 (Genl)servant Devonport Devon
Same house different household
THOMPSON, Louisa Married 27 1854 Wife Of Boatswain Rn Plymouth
THOMPSON, Benjamin 6 1875 Scholar Plymouth
THOMPSON, Harry Son 2 1879 Newton Devon
BEER, Mary Grandmother Widow 85 1796 Penryn Cornwall

1891 is interesting....... still no Elizabeth at home but he has produced 2 more children. Have you obtained the birth certifcates for these daughters to see if Eliza Quick is the mother or If it says Elizabeth?
Another thing you might do is check for an earlier death of wife Elizabeth despite him being recorded as married.

1891 RG12 Piece: 1732 Folio: 116 Page: 41
Address: 4, Adelaide Terrace, Ilbert Street, Plymouth

PEDLEY, William Married 54 1837 Tailors Cutter Longton Staffordshire
PEDLEY, Ida E 8 1883 Scholar Plymouth
PEDLEY, Shelber (image shows Steller)Daughter 5 Months 1891 Plymouth
QUICK, Eliza Single 41 1850 Housekeeper Domestic Devonport Devonshire

and now 1901

1901 RG13 Piece: 2101 Folio: 180 Page: 61
Address: 4, Adelaide Terrace, Plymouth

PEDLEY, William 64 1837 Tailor Stoke on Trent
PEDLEY, Ida Daughter 19 1882 Plymouth
PEDLEY, Stella Daughter 10 1891 Plymouth

Haven't found William on the 1911 but here's Stella

1911 RG14PN12950 RG78PN747 RD276 SD1 ED12 SN203
Address: 89 Mutley Plain Plymouth

WHEELER, William James Head Married M 35 1876 Draper And Milliner Shrewsbury Shropshire
WHEELER, Betsy Ann Married 8 years F 36 1875 Assisting In The Business Kilkhampton Cornwall
WHEELER, Edna Francis Daughter F 6 1905 School Cape Town S Africa
WHEELER, Clara Francis Sister 34 1877 Mothers Help Unemployer Shrewsbury Shropshire
WHEELER, Muriel Gertrude Sister 27 1884 Drapers Assistant Shrewsbury Shropshire
LEAMAN, Annie 27 1884 Cook Housemaid Bickerton Ashburton Devon
PEDLEY, Stella 20 1891 Nursery Maid Plymouth Devon

I searched for a death of Elizabeth Pedley in Devon between 1871 and 1881 this is the only one that came up
possibly a daughter of William and Elizabeth I suppose.

PEDLEY, Elizabeth Blanche
Sep Qtr 1873 Plymouth 5B 169
Age at death: 1

I searched for the marriage of William Pedley to Lydia and got two possible hits


Name: PEDLEY, William
Jun Qtr 1851 Belper 19 431
MarriageFinder: William Pedley married one of the following people

KIRK, Emma
LANE, Hannah
SIMMS, Lydia


PEDLEY, William
Jun Qtr 1858 Plymouth 5B 519
William Pedley married one of the following people
MILLS, Lydia

As the first one is in Derbyshire and a little early to be your William I think the second one is a better guess, plus Lydia said she was born in Devon on the 1861 census.

Re: William Pedley, born 1837

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Classification: Marriage
Surnames: Pedley, Ferris
Here's the marriage of William to Elizabeth

PEDLEY, William and FERRIS, Elizabeth C
Dec Qtr 1866 Stoke Damerel 5B 650

Stoke Damerel is in Devon

Re: William PEDLEY born about 1837 in Staffordshire

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Surnames: Quick, Mills
The last 2 children were named Quick
Ida eliza Quick born Plymouth 1881 died a short while later and Ida Eliza Quick born 1882
Stella Pedley Quick born 1890 so these appear to be the children of Eliza Quick and William Pedley.
Eliza Quick died in Plymouth 1898.

William Pedley married Lydia Mills in 1858 Plymouth

I think his life a little complicated because Lydia Pedley died in 1883 in Taunton age 48 on the 1881 mistranscribed Padley she is described as a widow, Tailoress.
She is on the 1871 in Taunton incorrect age says 30? tailoress status married.
As divorce was a costly and difficult thing to undertake for the working classes it was possible that williams second marriage was illegal which could explain the estrangement.

Re: William PEDLEY born about 1837 in Staffordshire

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Classification: Query
Thank you all for this wonderful information! This is great! It fills so many holes!

Thanks :)

Carson Murphy

Re: William PEDLEY born about 1837 in Staffordshire

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Classification: Biography
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Surnames: PEDLEY, HUGGINS, Quick
Here's Elizabeth in 1891

1891 RG12 Piece: 1731 Folio: 41 Page: 5
Reg. District: Plymouth Sub District: St Andrew
Address: 28, Neswick Street, Plymouth Devon

PEDLEY, Elizabeth C Head Married 52 1839 Tailoress & Nurse

Didn't move far in the years up to 1901

1901 RG13 Piece: 2098 Folio: 78 Page: 69
Address: 66, Neswick Street, Plymouth Devon

PEDLEY, Elizabeth Head Married 64 1837 Seamstress

Although I didn't find Elizabeth on the 1911 census I think this William Pedley could be yours although the age is a little out ...........

1911 RG14PN12997 RG78PN749 RD276 SD3 ED21 SN189

Reg. District: Plymouth Sub District: Plymouth South West
Parish: Plymouth Enum. District: 21

50 King Gardens Plymouth, Devon

PEDLEY, William Head Married 68 1843 Tailor And Outfitter Stoke upon Trent
PEDLEY, Rosina Wife Married 8 years 54 1857 Launceston Cornwall
HUGGINS, Betsy Ann Mother In Law Widow 80 1831 Launceston Cornwall

He was certainly addicted to marriage this is the 3rd wife plus Eliza Quick who gave him at least 2 daughters. Can't help wondering why Elizabeth left him ! ! !

Here's the marriage details

Name: PEDLEY, William and HUGGINS, Rosina
Jun Qtr 1903 Plymouth 5B 676

Re: William PEDLEY born about 1837 in Staffordshire

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Classification: Death

Name: PEDLEY, William
Jun Qtr 1919 Plymouth 5B 332
Age at death: 72

and his 3rd wife


Name: PEDLEY, Rosina
Dec 1933 Plymouth 5B 386
Age at death: 76

Re: William PEDLEY born about 1837 in Staffordshire

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Classification: Census
1871 RG10 Piece: 2139 Folio: 39 Page: 69
Address: Garden Street, Stoke Damerel, Devonport Devon

FERRIS, Elizebeth Head F 70 1801 Devon
FERRIS, Louisa Niece F 14 1857 Devon

Louisa should be listed as grand daughter judging from the 1861 census
Here's a little more abiut Elizabeth Ferris and her daughter Louisa.

1861 RG09 Piece: 1456 Folio: 21 Page: 1
Address: 6, Garden Street, Stoke Damerell, Devonport Devon

FARRIS, Elizabeth Mother Widow 59 1802 Warrant Officer's Widow Devonport Devon
FARRIS, Elizabeth C Daughter Unmarried 25 1836 Tailoress Devonport Devon
FARRIS, Louisa J Daughter's Child 4 1857 Scholar Devonport Devon

1841 HO107 Piece: 272 Book/Folio: 22 Page: 38
Address: Mount Street, Stoke Damerel, Devonport Devon

FERRIS, Elizabeth 40 1801 not born in Devon
FERRIS, Elizabeth 5 1836 Devon

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