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John Proctor Descendants

John Proctor Descendants

Lydia Vierson (View posts)
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Surnames: Proctor, Basset, Little, Cord, Cheasney, Orland, Carnahan, Pudeator
Here is my line:

John Proctor - Elisabeth Basset
William James Proctor (1679-1756) - Rebecca Little
James John Proctor (b. 1701) - Sarah Cord
John Proctor (b. 1719)-Comfort Cheasney
(John) William Proctor (b. 1746) - Mary Orland
Jeremiah Proctor (1779-1855) - Maranda Carnahan

It is only starting with Jeremiah Proctor do I have complete dates and info. Other information came from a source who is very difficult to followup with.

It is my understanding that many Proctors named male sons with John as a pre-name as tribute to John who was hanged.

Any connections to anyone else researching this line??

I also descend from Anne Pudeator hanged 22 September 1692 through the Averill line.

Re: John Proctor Descendants

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Surnames: Proctor, Varney, Greenslade, Pudeator
I descend from John Proctor's sister Abigail (born c. 1639) who married Thomas Varney. I own several sources which contain their Proctor genealogy. What dates and info are you needing?

Helen Greenslit Graves
(who also descends from Ann Greenslade Pudeator)

Re: John Proctor Descendants

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Surnames: Proctor, Graves, Atkinson
Hi, Helen.
Sorry, I can't give you any information,but just I have to ask about your Graves connection.

I am a descendant of John Proctor via his second wife, through my Grandfather Atkinson's line. I am also a descendant of Thomas Graves of Hatfield, MA on my Grandmother's Graves side. I wonder what your connection is?

Best regards, Paul Drahn, Redmond, OR

Graves line

Helen Graves (View posts)
Posted: 1148657836000
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Surnames: Graves
Hi Paul,
My husband descends from John Graves of Concord, MA, c. 1635 -- entire line is in Kenneth V. Graves book (2 volumes), "John Graves of Concord, MA."


John Proctor Descendants

Sandy Harrison (View posts)
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Surnames: Proctor, Thorndike, Bassett, Richards, Buckley, Whittredge, Very, Felton, Collins, Munion
I am descended from John Proctor & Elizabeth Thorndike through their son Thorndike:

John PROCTOR was born 1632 in Assington, Suffolk, England. John married (1) about 1655 to Martha __________. He married (2) 1662 to Elizabeth THORNDIKE. He married (3) in 1674 to Elizabeth BASSETT. She married (2) about 1696 to Daniel RICHARDS.

Children of John PROCTOR and Martha __________
10. John PROCTOR died Oct 1658 in Ipswich
11. Martha PROCTOR died 14 Oct 1658 in Ipswich ,
12. Mary PROCTOR born 1 Jan 1657/1658 in Ipswich; died 14 Oct 1658 ,
13. Benjamin PROCTOR born 1659 in Ipswich; died 1720 in Danvers, Essex County, Massachusetts (NOTE: Salem Village was later renamed Danvers). He married in 1694 in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts, widow Mary (BUCKLEY) WHITTREDGE, who was imprisoned for witchcraft in 1692.

Children of John PROCTOR and Elizabeth THORNDIKE

14. Elizabeth PROCTOR born 1663 died 1736 married 1681 Thomas VERY
15. Martha PROCTOR born 1 Apr 1665 died 10 May 1665 , ,
16. Martha PROCTOR born 4 Jun 1666 died after 1682
17. Mary PROCTOR born 20 Oct 1667 died 15 Feb 1667/1668 ,
18. John PROCTOR born 28 Oct 1668 ,
19. Mary PROCTOR born 30 Jan 1669 in Salem
20. Thorndike PROCTOR born 15 July 1672 in Salem. He married 15 Dec 1697 to Hannah FELTON in Salem. He died 1758 in Danvers, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Children of John PROCTOR and Elizabeth BASSETT

21. William PROCTOR born 6 Dec 1674 or 1675 , . He married Jemima COLLINS 12 Nov 1727 in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts.
22. Sarah PROCTOR born 28 Jan 1676 She married about 1696, to __________ MUNION.
23. Samuel PROCTOR born 11 Jan 1685 died 16 Mar 1765
24. Elisha PROCTOR born 28 Apr 1687 died 11 Sept 1688
25. Abigail PROCTOR born 27 Jan 1689
26. John PROCTOR born 27 Jan 1692/1693

Sources include these books, I own a few and others I got from the library:

-Proctor Genealogy circa 1546 to 1982
-The Devil Discovered
-The History of the Town of Danvers, from it’s Earliest Settlement to 1848, by J.W. Hanson, copyright 1848, published by the author, printed at the Courier Office, Danvers, Massachusetts
-The Salem Witch Trials, A Day-By-Day Chronicle of a Community Under Siege, by Marilynne K. Roach, Taylor copyright 2002, Trade Publishing, Lanham, Maryland
-House of John Proctor, Witchcraft Martyr, 1692, by William P. Upham, copyright 1904, Press of C.H. Shephard, Peabody, Massachusetts,
-Puritan City, The Story of Salem, by Frances Win war, King County Library System 917.44, copyright 1938, Robert M. McBride & County, New York.
-The Visionary Girls – Witchcraft in Salem Village
-Chronicles of Old Salem – A History in Miniature
-The Witchcraft of Salem Village
-The Devil in Massachusetts, A Modern Enquiry Into the Salem Witch Trials, by Marion L. Starkey, King County Library System, copyright 1949, Anchor Books / Doubleday Books, New York
-by Karne Zeinert, King County Library System Y974.45 ZEI, published by Franklin Watts, New York, 1989.
-History of Massachusetts-Bay, by Thomas Hutchinson, II,
-Witchcraft, Magic & Religion in 17th Century Massachusetts
-The Salem witchcraft papers : verbatim transcripts of the legal documents of the Salem witchcraft outbreak of 1692 / compiled and transcribed in 1938 by the Works Progress Administration, under the supervision of Archie N. Frost ; edited and with an introduction and index by Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum; Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library; pg. 662; Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 24;

Re: John Proctor Descendants

Marilyn Sprague (View posts)
Posted: 1161665165000
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Surnames: Proctor, Douglas, Nurse
I have ties to the Salem trials through other families (Rebecca Nurse, etc.) but also have an ancestor Sarah Proctor, born about 1674 of New London, Connecticut. She married William Douglas. I can find no parentage for her. Does anyone have a Sarah Proctor who might fit?

Re: John Proctor Descendants

Barbara Hughes (View posts)
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Surnames: Proctor, Bassett, Douglas
I'm experiencing confusion and perhaps someone reading this might be able to straighten me out!
In researching my Douglas family line, I had found that a William Douglas of New London, Conn. (from whom I'm directly descended) married a Sarah Proctor in about 1695. She is listed as having lived until at least 1729, and some on-line sources state her parents were John and Elizabeth Bassett Proctor of Salem.
However, other sources seem to indictate that the parentage of the woman who married William Douglas is apparently unproven.
Secondly, six children of John and Elizabeth Bassett Proctor are listed in a particular database, and TWO of them are named Sarah.
The elder Sarah, so to speak, is listed as having been born in 1674 in New London, Conn., died 1731, and married William Douglas in 1694 in New London.
The second daughter named Sarah is listed as having been born Jan. 28, 1676 in Salem;died in 1744 in Killingly, Conn., and was buried in Old East Cemetery, Thompson, Windham, Conn. She is listed as having married Edward Munnion or Munyan in 1700 in the Salem/Lynn area.
Now - if John and Elizabeth Bassett Proctor had two daughters named Sarah - and it is unlikely since they were contemporaries - could it be that one of the Sarahs was their natural daughter while the other Sarah was possibly considered to be the Proctors' child but may have been adopted or cared for by them, or was perhaps a relative living with them? Being a novice to genealogical research, no wonder my confusion came up.
Given this confusion, I can't be certain that the Sarah Proctor who married my ancestor William Douglas is a daughter of Salem's John Proctor. If she is not, that's just how it is, but I just can't seem to determine whether or not she was. Since I am relatively new to genealogical research, perhaps someone reading this might be able to correct me or might have some advice on how to clarify this confusing situation. I would very much appreciate any assistance anyone might offer.
- Barbara Hughes, Pennsylvania

Re: John Proctor Descendants

Posted: 1170103236000
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Helen, I am a new nut about this family history research. I am 66 years old, a retired teacher. I, too, am a descendant of John Proctor's sister, Abigail who married Thomas Varney. Maybe you could send me a message of hello. I don't even know the correct questions to ask. Orlen Weaver

Re: John Proctor Descendants

Posted: 1170994388000
Classification: Query
I would like to be involved in this research. I have the Sarah / Munnion data, but nothing of the other Sarah you mention.

Inquiries like yours help to straighten out a lot of questions, so I hope you get a lot of response.

My little bit of data is located here: and I am certainly open for corrections / additional data etc.

Re: John Proctor Descendants

Posted: 1177416640000
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Surnames: Crossett, Proctor
My gggrandfather was Cyrus Proctor born 1824 in Vermont and died 1916 Whallongsburgh,Essex County,NY.He married Fanny Crossett in Lewis,Essex County,NY on August 30,1846.Cyrus was the son of Zura and Sarah_____ Proctor.Additional information is appreciated.Fanny was born May 4,1825 in Duxbury,Washington County,Vermont,she was the daughter of Hezekiah and Betsey Wheeler-Crossett of Vermont,later of Lewis,Essex County,NY.

Cyrus Proctor is believed to be of the Proctors of Salem,Massachusetts.

Please do not email me direct.Thank you.
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