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Surnames: Arantiello, Luciano, Colucci, Amoruso, Colacci, D'Angelo, Mancini, Rago, Colavito

Surnames: Arantiello, Luciano, Colucci, Amoruso, Colacci, D'Angelo, Mancini, Rago, Colavito

Anne Natale (View posts)
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Surnames: Natale, Quarantiello, Luciano, Colucci, Amoruso, Colacci, D'Angelo, Mancini, Rago, Colavito
I am looking for info on the Natale and D'Angelo families of Pignataro Maggiore, Caserta Province.

Also looking for information on Quarantiello and Luciano families of Bonea, Benevento Province.

Colucci and Amoruso families of Ripabottoni, Compobasso Province.

I do not know where the others came from in Italy.

Surname: Pichellio, Colacci

Carlo Newman (View posts)
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Surnames: Pichellio, Colacci
I am trying to get information on either the surnames Colacci or Pichellio. Any body know of anybody in the Molise region with these names?

Angelina Colacci Mancini

Anne Natale (View posts)
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Surnames: Colacci, Mancini
My great-grandmother's name was Angelina Colacci. Although I am not posivitive of where she was from, there is some indication to lead me to Sant'Elia a Pisani in what was then Abruzzi, but is now Molise. She married a Donato Mancini in Italy and one son was born to them in Italy. After immigrating to the U.S. they had a daughter - my grandmother and her name was Madalena
If you have any questions, please contact me.

Rago research

Anne Natale (View posts)
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Surnames: Rago
I believe my Rago's were from Chieta area. My great-grandmother's 2nd husband was Francesco Rago. He had a son from a previous marriage Vincenzo Rago b. 1883. That's all the info I have.

Rago Family Research

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Surnames: Rago
You have Rago's on your surname list. Are they from the Salerno region of Italy, let's talk if they are.

Great-grandfather: Thomas Rago -- B. about 1861, Salerno
Grandfather: Louis Rago -- B. 7 Oct 1894, Salerno
Uncle: Thomas Jr. Rago -- B. 16 Arp 1905, Salerno

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Anne-Marie Natale (View posts)
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Surnames: Colavito, Mancini
Sorry, my Colavito's are from San'Elia a Piasani outside Campobasso. Michael Angelo Colavita married twice: Once to Anna Mancini: They had a daughter Marian and son Angelo. Anna died and he remaried and they had a son Eliam. Marian and Eliam moved to Holley, NY they were both masons.

Colavito; Bari

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Surnames: Colavito, Taurosa
I have Colavito families from Bari. My husband's grandfather was Michael Colavito, born 6/19/1904 in Bari (married to Carmela Taurosa). His father was Vito Colavito, born 8/28/1879 Grummo Appula, Bari and his mother was Domenica Ratognia (?), also born in Bari. Vito's parents were Michael Colavito and Vincenza Aucelli. Does this sound like anything you have?

Quarantiello Family

Joe Quarantello (View posts)
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Surnames: Quarantiello, Cioffi

My great grandparents came from Benvento Province. There names were Guiseppe Quarantiello and Rose (Cioffi) Quarantiello. They came her to Boston, I believe in the early 1910's. They came directly to Boston and landed on Atlantic Ave. I believe they had seven children. 6 boys, 1 girl.

Four of the boys died while infants while in Italy. Three children were born here. My grandfather Biagio, his brother Domenic who was a four years older and a sister Mary who was a couple of years older.

My grandfather grew up on Charter St in the North End of Boston before moving to Revere, Massachusetts. Domenic died at age 19 years old. My grandfather passed away in 1994 and my Aunt Mary passed away in 1999.

If you have any additional information I would be interested.

Giovanni Quarantello; Bonea Benevento > NJ

Anne Natale (View posts)
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Surnames: Quarantello
Joe - this is the only info that I have. My grandfather Giovanni Quarantello was born in Bonea Benevento. His parents were Clemente Quarantello and Guilia Luciano. He had at least one brother who emmigrated to Canada -- somewhere near Gaspe Bay. I believe his name was James. My grandfather lived in a small town in Holley, NY and we know nother else about the family except our immediate family. I have written to Bonea, but they have only sent a copy of my grandfather's birth certificate. I would love to have more information. I believe that my grandfather's brother changed his last name to Queen when he moved to Canada.


luciano Family

cherice m wyman (View posts)
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Surnames: Luciano

I`m looking for any infoemation on my family.My grandparents were michael and assunta luciano.Both deceased.Michael died on 6-28-1950,Assunta died on 2-23-1948 in franklin blvd. hosp. in chicago.They had 24 children.Only a handful i know mary, lucey justina,rose, florence,jerry,kazimer.
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