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County Meath: Landowners

County Meath: Landowners

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Surnames: M'Cartney, M'Causland, M'Conkey, M'Court, M'Cullen, M'Cullin, M'Dermott, M'Donnell, M'Dougall, M'Evoy, M'Grath, M'Kay, M'Keever, M'Kenna, M'Laughlin, M'Mahon, M'Manus, M'Nally, M'Veigh, Madden, Magan, Magennis, Magill, Magrane, Maguire, Maher, Mahon, Maley, Malone, Malton, Mangan, Mapas, Marsh, Martin, Marthy, Massereene, Masterson, Mathews, Matthews, Maunsell, Maxwell, Mayne, Mayo, Meade, Mealia, Meath, Meldon, Metge, Michell, Miller, Mollan, Mollooy, Monaghan, Montgomery, Moore, Moran, Morgan, Mountford, Mullen, Mulvey, Munkettrell, Murland, Murphy, Murray, Murtagh, Naper, Neary, Netterfield, Netterville, Neville, M'Gillicuddy, Woods, Ponsonby, Talbot, Lennox
Abstracted from genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Meath, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s. Note, an unusual first or middle name made be a surname of a related family.

1. George M'Cartney, Reps. of, address Lisanore Castle, Co. Antrim, owned 310 acres.
2. Margaret M'Cartney, address Balrath, Drumconrath, owned 85 acres.
3. Rev. Marcus M'Causland, address Birr, Parsonstown, King's Co., (Offaly), owned 221 acres.
4. Robert M'Conkey, address Stagreenan, Drogheda, owned 74 acres.
5. John M'Court, address Boolies, Duleek, owned 41 acres.
6. John M'Cullen, address Painstown, Co. Meath, owned 26 acres.
7. James M'Cullin, address Benbeg, Drogheda, owned 55 acres.
8. James M'Cullin, address Duleek-st., Drogheda, owned 27 acres.
9. Thos. M'Dermott, Reps. of, address Wicklow, owned 1,125 acres.
10. Francis M'Donnell, address Dunfierth, Enfield, Co. Kildare, owned 310 acres.
11. Jane M'Donnell, address Gaskinstown, Duleek, owned 1 acre.
12. Richard M'Donnell, same address, also owned 1 acre.
13. William M'Dougall, no address given, owned 122 acres.
14. William M'Dougall, no address given, owned 9 acres.
15. Edward M'Evoy, address Tobertynan, Rathmolyon,
owned 2,411 acres.
16. Maria M'Evoy, address Stagreenan, Drogheda, owned 52 acres.
17. Peter M'Evoy, Reps. of, address Drogheda, owned 117 acres.
18. Thomas M'Evoy, address Balmarino, Drogheda, owned 79 acres.
19. C. B. M'Grath, address 49, Denzille-st., Dublin,
owned 39 acres.
20. Edward M'Grath, address Drakerath, Carlanstown, Kells, owned 8 acres.
21. John M'Grath, address Kilmainham, Kells, owned 56 acres.
22. William M'Kay, address 14, Stephen's-green, North, Dublin, owned 754 acres.
23. Jane M'Keever, address Stephenstown, Navan, owned 269 acres.
24. Arthur H. M'Kenna, address Dieppe, France, owned 474 aces.
25. Dr. M'Laughlin, address Sydney Parade, Dublin, owned 5 acres.
26. Patrick M'Mahon, address Cormeen, Bailieborough,
owned 64 acres.
27. James M'Manus, no address given, owned 267 acres.
28. Marcus M'Manus, Reps. of, no address given, owned 367 acres.
29. James M'Nally, address Tullaghmedan, Dunsany, Navan, owned 20 acres.
30. Ferdinand M'Veigh, address Drewstown, Athboy, Co. Meath, owned 2,270 acres.
31. John T. Madden, address Ninch, Balbriggan, owned 255 acres.
32. Nicholas Madden, address Branganstown, Summer-hill, Co. Meath, owned 16 acres.
33. Mrs. E. G. Magan, address Killyon, Hill of Down, Co. Westmeath, owned 4,418 acres.
34. Charles Magennis, address Commons, Navan, owned 2 acres.
35. Michael Magennis, same address, owned 1 acre.
36. Magill, James, M'Gillicuddy, address Beaufort, Killarney, Co. Kerry, owned 386 acres. (Punct. as on index).
37. Patrick Magrane, address Commons, Duleek, owned 3 acres.
38. A. R. Maguire, address Dublin, owned 417 acres.
39. James Maguire, address Commons, Duleek, owned 1 acre.
40. Lieut.-Col. John Maguire, address Newgrange, Drogheda, owned 290 acres.
41. Patrick Maguire, address Fowlerstown, Bellewstown, owned 38 acres.
42. James Maher, address Roestown, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath, owned 907 acres.
43. John Maher, address Ballinkeel, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, owned 528 acres.
44. Patrick Maher, address Clownstown, Tara, Navan,
owned 606 acres.
45. William Maher, address 1, St. John's-terrace, North Circular-road, owned 577 acres.
46. James Mahon, address Kilmainham, Kells, owned 8 acres.
47. Michael Mahon, address Red Bog, Dunshaughlin, owned 3 acres.
48. Philip Mahon, address Kilmainham, Kells, owned 7 acres.
48. Michael Maley, address 4, Fitzwilliam-sq., East, Dublin, onwed 44 acres.
49. Eliza Malone, address Fosterstown, Trim, owned 9 acres.
50. Patrick Malone, address Trim, owned 29 acres.
51. Isabella Malton, address 16, Great Cumberland-st., Hyde Park, London, W.C., owned 2,883 acres.
52. Michael Mangan, no address given, owned 524 acres.
53. Talbot Mapas, address England, owned 352 acres.
54. George Marsh, address Moate, Co. Westmeath, owned 201 acres.
55. Catherine Martin, address Commons, Duleek, owned 1 acre.
56. John Martin, address Gardiner-st., Dublin, owned 90 acres.
57. Rev. Thomas Martin, address Trim, Co. Meath, owned 45 acres.
58. Thomas Martin, address Flemingtown, Ratoath, Co. Meath, owned 172 acres.
59. William Marthy, no address given, owned 652 acres.
60. Lord Massereene, address Oriel Temple, Collon,
owned 2,045 acres.
61. Hanna J. Masterson, address 1, Capel-street, Dublin (Office), owned 450 acres.
62. James Mathews, address Mount Hanover Ho., Drogheda, owned 968 acres.
63. John Mathews, same address, owned 2 acres.
64. Rev. Thomas Mathews, address James-st., Drogheda, owned 48 acres.
65. Thomas Mathews, address Annagor, Co. Meath, owned 298 acres.
66. Patrick Matthews, address Annagan, Drogheda, owned 24 acres.
67. Geo. Woods Maunsell, address 10, Merrion-sq., South, Dublin, owned 319 acres.
68. J. W. Maxwell, address Downpatrick, owned 172 acres.
69. Robert P. Maxwell, same address, owned 739 acres.
70. Miss Mary Mayne, address 9, Belvidere-pl., Dublin, owned 189 acres.
71. Rev. Wm. J. Mayne, address Dublin, owned 43 acres.
72. Earl of Mayo, address Hayes, Navan, owned 2,360 acres.
73. John Meade, address Rooskey, Drumconrath, owned 105 acres.
74. Nicholas Mealia, address Fodeen, Tara, Navan, owned 5 acres.
75. Lord Bishop of Meath, address Ardbraccan House, Navan, owned 70 acres.
76. Charles H. Meldon, address 25, Rutland-sq., North, Dublin, owned 106 acres.
77. Peter Ponsonby Metge, address Athlumney, Navan,
owned 788 acres.
78. Rev. William Metge, address Banbridge, Co. Down,
owned 24 acres.
79. Mrs. Michell, address Pulteney, Bath, England,
owned 377 acres.
80. W. R. Miller, address 3, Ashford-ter., Ball's-bridge, Dublin, owned 96 acres.
81. John Mollan, MD, address Fitzwilliam-sq., Dublin, owned 368 acres.
82. Richard Molloy, address Trim, owned 9 acres.
83. William Moloney, address Thurles, Co. Tipperary,
owned 608 acres.
84. Patrick Monaghan, address Commons, Navan, owned 2 acres.
85. Alex. S. Montgomery, address Kilmore House, Balliver, Kells, owned 2,199 acres.
86. John Montgomery, no address given, owned 30 acres.
87. Emily Moore, Reps. of, address Naas, Co. Kildare, owned 236 acres.
88. Rev. Henry Moore, address Julianstown, Co. Meath, owned 18 acres.
89. James C. Moore, address Carlow, Co. Carlow, owned 697 acres.
90. James Moran, address Fowlerstown, Bellewstown,
owned 32 acres.
91. John Moran, Reps. of, same address, owned 6 acres.
92. Patrick Moran, address Julianstown, Co. Meath, owned 4 acres.
93. Patrick Morgan, addrses Commons, Navan, owned 1 acre.
94. William Morgan, address Flowerhill, Navan, owned 2 acres.
95. Archibald Mountford, address Dublin, owned 59 acres.
96. Catherine Mullen, address Drumcondra, Dublin, owned 56 acres.
97. Michael Mullen, addres Gaskinstown, Duleek, owned 1 acre.
98. Margaret Mulvey, address Red Bog, Dunshaughlin,
owned 2 acres.
99. Anne Munkettrell, address 57, Percy-pl., Dublin,
owned 88 acres.
100. William J. Murland, address Fitzwilliam-sq., Dublin, owned 1,167 acres.
101. Mrs. Anne Murphy, address Banbridge, owned 200 acres.
102. Christopher Murphy, address Dunshauglin, Co. Meath, owned 11 acres.
103. Francis Murphy, address Kilcairne, Navan, owned 268 acres.
104. George F. Murphy, address The Grange, Dunsany, Navan, owned 505 acres.
105. James Murphy, no address given, owned 30 acres.
106. J. S. Murphy, address Cork, owned 1,196 acres.
107. O'C. S. Murphy, address Braymount, Laracor, owned 372 acres.
108. Patrick Murphy, address Gaskinstown, Duleek, owned 3 acres.
109. Richard Murphy, address Trevet Grange, Dunshaughlin, owned 165 acres.
110. Thomas Murphy, address Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath,
owned 110 acres.
111. Thomas Murphy, address Mooretown, Ardcath, owned 1 acre.
112. William Murphy, address Mount Merrion, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, owned 2,660 acres.
113. William Murphy, address Dunshauglin, Co. Meath,
owned 130 acres.
114. Arthur G. Murray, address Ashfield, Slane, owned 674 acres.
115. Captain Murray, address Cookstown, Enniskerry,
owned 185 acres.
116. Christopher Murray, address Commons, Navan, owned 1 acre.
117. Rev. F. A. Murray, address London, owned 58 acres.
118. Mrs. Murray, address Tanderagee, Rathmolyon, owned 31 acres.
119. Richard Murray, address Commons, Navan, owned 1 acre.
120. Thomas Murray, address Tanderagee, Rathmolyon,
owned 10 acres.
121. William Murray, address Dundalk, owned 4 acres.
122. William Murray, address Dalystown, Trim, owned 32 acres.
123. Bernard Murtagh, address Knockumber, Navan, owned 2 acres.
124. Judith Murtagh, same address, owned 6 acres.
125. Mary Murtagh, same address, owned 1 acre.
126. James Lennox Naper, address Loughcrew, Oldcastle, owned 18,863 acres.
127. O. P. Neary, address Drogheda, owned 68 acres.
128. Moses Netterfield, Jr., address Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan, owned 18 acres.
129. Lord Netterville, address Dublin, owned 417 acres.
130. Rev. Wm. A. Neville, no address given, owned 386 acres.

looking for family

nancy david malone (View posts)
Posted: 944827200000
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Surnames: malone
trying to trace back roots last known was james robert born in long island 1872 moved to nashville anyhelp would be appricated. nancy

Mconkey family of Holmes and Wayne co.'s, OH.

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Researching MCONKEY family of Holmes and Wayne co.'s, OH.

Re: County Meath: Landowners

John Moloney (View posts)
Posted: 1059613938000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Moloney/Maloney?? McGrath
Hi Jean.
Along with many others the work you have completed is very interesting and you are to be congratulated. My interest is in number 83 William Moloney and I have enclosed my research, which you will see is going nowhere. Brick wall everywhere. My G Grand Father Michael John Moloney/Maloney, from the information that I have appears to have been born 1839? and that he could not write or read, asall documents as marked with a "X". It appears from all the documents and paper clipping that I have that Michael John 1839 appears to have landed in Australia around 1860, as the first offical record that I have of him is, his marriage to Jane Anne Nelson born 1845 South Shields England. The Nelson family parents being Peter and Isabella, with Jane resided at Cressy near Geelong in Victoria Aust. On the marriage cert. name spelt MAloney, age given 29 and born Limerick. Michael and Jane have a daughter Isabella born 1875, before they move to the Carron area, which is a farming area near Donald, where the family still reside. Donald being about 180 miles north of Melbourne Victoria. Here they have a daughter Mary Catherine born 1879 and a son Michael John born 1881(My Grand Father see below). Jane passed away at Donald in June 1883 and she was returned to the Rokewood Cemetery, which is near Cressy and the burial ground for the people from Cressy. All Jane's family are buried there.
In 1884 Michael (1839) marries a Mary Grogan born 1842 Roscommon Co Connaught Ireland. They were married in Donald and no children were born. On this marriage cert. the name is spelt MOloney as it still is to-day and stated he was born in Tipperary. I do not know if this fits in with your
Michael (1839) parents being Michael and Catherine Moloney nee Ryan or Egan. On the first marriage certificate (to Jane Nelson) Michael's mother surname looks like Egan, but that could be the way the name was written.
My limited research into how he arrived here has a few possibilities, around 1860, 2 Michael MOloney's are recorded as "farmer's" on on the "Royal Character" arriving in 1859 with his age 21 years. The second "Empress of the Sea" 1861 aged 25 years Michael 1839 spent all his like as a famer.
My Grand Parents were Michael John born 1881 and Catherine Mary Moloney nee McGrath born 21/12/1884. They were married 1919 at Carron, which is near Donald Victoria Australia.
Any suggestion would be great
John Moloney
Ballarat Victoria
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