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Charles "Charlie" PEAVY, b. 1788

Charles "Charlie" PEAVY, b. 1788

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Peavy, Mathews
from Bioform for WWI Gold Star Award presented to Eugene Taylor Brooks, 1890-1918 (my grandmother's first cousin)
Question #6. Remarks on Ancestry. Give here any and all facts possible in reference to your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., not included in the foregoing, as where they lived, offices held, Revolutionary or other war service; what country the family came from to America, where first settled, county and State; always giving full names if possible and never referring to an ancestor simply as such without giving the name. It is desirable to include every fact possible, and to that end the full and exact record from old Bibles should be appended on separate sheets of this size, thus preserving the facts from loss:

Answer: HIs great Grandfather Charlie Peavy served in the Indian War also Revolutionary War. Grandfather Felix Brooks served in Indian war. His uncle Frank Brooks lost his life in the Confederate war and uncle George Brooks also like to have lost his life in the same war. Also had three great-uncles in Confederate war. He has lost more relatives in war than in any other way. Then lost his own life on battle field of France.

info submitted by Miss Eva Cobb, Jan. 18th. 1922, Georgiana, Alabama
Miss Eva Cobb has provided me with the information that Charlie Peavy was my ggg-gf. She is mistaken if she meant that he was the one who served in the Revolutionary War. Since he was not old enough, it was probably his father who served in the Revolution.
Here are some of my notes on Charles Peavy:
Database: Georgia Marriages, 1699-1944 January 15, 2006
*Charles Peavy Rebecca Matthews 1809 Hancock Co.
Eli Peavy Mary Youngblood 19 Jan 1815 Hancock
Nancy Peavy Parr Hutchinson 06 Apr 1806 Hancock
Vicey Peavy Jehu Arnold 31 Dec 1815 Hancock
*Charles Peavy 1812 Hancock Co. GA Page 64 [from 1792-1819 Tax List Index]
BCHSQ Vol. 33 # 1 Jan. 1997 p. 20
Abm. Pevey and *Ch. Pevey are on a list of voters for Justices and Constable in Capt. Jolly's district in Butler Co., Ala. on 6/17/1820
Early Land Entries in Butler Co. Alabama [book in MPL]
Peavy, Abraham 8/9/1836 22 7 14
*Peavy, Charles 7/20/1836 8 7 14
Peavy, Isaac 7/20/1836 19 7 14

Peevy, Asa 9/20/1851 28 7 14
Peevy, Daniel 10/2/1852 15 7 14 JW Lenoir

Peavy, Charles 2/10/1852 31 7 16 James Stalons
Peevy, Michael 8/11/1817 15 15 20 from Baldwin Co. GA Military Warrants Book 320
1/6/1825 5 10 14 in Butler Co.

Abraham (8-9-1836), Isaac (7-20-1836) and *Charles Peavy (7-20-1836) are the three earliest Peavys on record for Butler Co. All three recorded land on dates given in T. 7N, R. 14 E, so I feel they were related.
BLM-GLO records show
PEAVYS with land patents in Tsh. 7N, Rng. 14E
PEAVY, ASA AL Butler 10/2/1854 Cahaba 43626 AL1970__.247
*PEAVY, CHARLES AL Butler 8/12/1837 Cahaba 30348 AL1720__.409
*PEAVY, CHARLES AL Butler 8/12/1837 Cahaba 30415 AL1720__.476
PEAVY, ISAAC AL Butler 8/12/1837 Cahaba 30416 AL1720__.477
PEAVY, WILLIAM J. AL Butler 2/2/1852 Cahaba 40303 AL1920__.475
PEAVY, WILLIAM J.AL Butler 11/1/1858 Greenville 47793 AL2040__.017
PEAVY, WILLIAM J.AL Butler 11/1/1858 Greenville 48721 AL2050__.382
PEAVY, WILLIAM J. AL Butler 9/1/1860 Greenville 52103 AL2110__.136
PEAVY, WILLIAM J. AL Butler 9/1/1860 Greenville 52104 AL2110__.137
PEEVY, ABRAHAM AL Butler 8/12/1837 Cahaba 30723 AL1730__.284
PEEVY, ASA M. AL Butler 11/1/1858 Greenville 48661 AL2050__.325
*PEEVY, CHARLES AL Butler 8/12/1837 Cahaba 30722 AL1730__.283
PEEVY, DANIEL AL Butler 7/28/1838 Cahaba 32964 AL1780__.103
PEEVY, HIRAM AL Butler 9/1/1849 Cahaba 37458 AL1870__.187
PEEVY, WILLIAM J. AL Butler 9/1/1849 Cahaba 37457 AL1870__.186
PEVEY, HIRAM AL Butler 9/1/1849 Cahaba 37109 AL1860__.335
Neighbors of Peavys in Tsh 7N, R14E

1. Abraham Peavy--S22, T7N,R14E-- Asa, Charles, and Hiram PEAVY--plus Elbert and Wm. H.JONES, Jesse REAVES,et al
2.* Charles Peavy--S8,T7N,R14E-Jesse ADKINSON, Duncan and John SELLERS, Drury J. BROOKS, Theophilus WILLIAMS, et al
3.* Charles Peavy--S17,T7N,R14E--Jesse ADKINSON, Charles STEWART, Zacheus GALLOWAY, John B. KORNEGAY, et al
4.* Charles Peavy--S22,T7N,R14E--Zacheus and Nathan GALLOWAY, George OPRY, Duncan SELLERS, et al
5.* Charles Peavy entered land never patented--S21,T7N,R16E?--people there--LANE, SMITH, STALLINGS
6. Isaac Peavy--in S19,T7N,R14E Lancelott DAVIS, Holden PRESLAR, and John R. QUINNELLY
7. Asa Peavy land never patented--S28, T7N,R14E----LANE, NORTHCUT, Wm. J. PEAVY, Nimrod and Wm. H. STEWART
8. Asa M. Peavy--S21,T7N,R14E--Amos CRAVEY,Wm. D. Menees, Wm. A. NORTHCUT, Wm. J. PEAVY
9. Daniel Peavy--S15,T7N,R14E--Allen and Wm. A. and Robert A. PRESLAR, *Wm. Abney, John H. Wheeler
10. Daniel Peavy--S10,T7n.R14E--Barrett, Bennett, Hudson, Lane, Little, Hiram PEAVY
11. Wm. J. Peavy--S28,T7N,R14E--see #7 for neighbors
12. Hiram Peavy--see #1 and #10 above

Abraham, Asa, Charles, Isaac, Hiram, Asa M., Wm. J., and Daniel Peavy were very likely all closely related.
Peavys and Neighbors in Butler Co., AL Land Records [still from BLM-GLO site]

PEAVY, CHARLES AL 8/12/1837 30348 AL1720__.409
CHARLES PEAVY Document #: 30348 Issue Date: August 12, 1837
Cancelled: No Authority: April 24, 1820: SALE-CASH ENTRY (3 Stat. 566)
Acres: 80.16 Land Office: CAHABA Comments: ---
1 W½NE 17/ 7-N 14-E No St STEPHENS AL BUTLER ---
ATKINSON, JESSE AL 8/12/1837 30345 AL1720__.406
GALLAWAY, ZACHEUS AL 8/12/1837 30267 AL1720__.328
JACKSON, PLEASANT G AL 5/20/1837 25265 AL1620__.414
JACKSON, WILEY P AL 7/28/1838 33773 AL1790__.416
KORNEGAY, JOHN B AL 8/12/1837 30711 AL1730__.272
MCKINZIE, ANGUISH AL 7/28/1838 33437 AL1790__.080
PEAVY, CHARLES AL 8/12/1837 30348 AL1720__.409
STEWART, CHARLES AL 8/12/1837 30265 AL1720__.326
STEWART, CHARLES AL 8/12/1837 30959 AL1740__.020

Jesse Atkinson, Zacheus Galloway, John Kornegay, Charles Stewart land patent same date as Charles Peavy. Does that mean anything?
PEAVY, CHARLES AL 8/12/1837 30415 AL1720__.476
CHARLES PEAVY Document #: 30415 Issue Date: August 12, 1837
Cancelled: No Authority: April 24, 1820: SALE-CASH ENTRY (3 Stat. 566)
Acres: 40.1 Land Office: CAHABA Comments: ---
Neighbors in S8:
ATKINSON, JESSE AL 8/12/1837 30347 AL1720__.408
BROOKS, DRURY J AL 10/1/1860 52365 AL2110__.348 **
GALLAWAY, NATHAN AL 8/12/1837 30488 AL1730__.049
GALLAWAY, ZACHEUS AL 8/12/1837 30266 AL1720__.327
HUDSON, ELI AL 2/2/1852 40175 AL1920__.349
HUDSON, ELI AL 10/1/1860 52364 AL2110__.347
OPRY, GEORGE A AL 8/12/1837 30724 AL1730__.285
PEAVY, CHARLES AL 8/12/1837 30415 AL1720__.476 *
SELLERS, DUNCAN AL 8/12/1837 30281 AL1720__.342 *
SELLERS, JOHN AL 2/2/1852 40238 AL1920__.410 *
WILLIAMS, THEOPHILUS AL 11/1/1858 48272 AL2040__.463
WRIGHT, ROBERT R AL 9/1/1858 45865 AL2000__.154
PEAVY, ASA AL 10/2/1854 43626 AL1970__.247
ASA PEAVY Document #: 43626 Issue Date: October 2, 1854
Cancelled: No Authority: April 24, 1820: SALE-CASH ENTRY (3 Stat. 566)
Acres: 39.985 Land Office: CAHABA Comments: ---
1 NWSW 22/ 7-N 14-E No St STEPHENS AL BUTLER ---
JONES, ELBERT AL 8/10/1850 38646 AL1890__.330
JONES, WILLIAM H AL 6/8/1891 7585 AL4720__.392
PEAVY, ASA AL 10/2/1854 43626 AL1970__.247
PEEVY, ABRAHAM AL 8/12/1837 30723 AL1730__.284
PEEVY, ASA M AL 11/1/1858 48661 AL2050__.325
PEEVY, CHARLES AL 8/12/1837 30722 AL1730__.283
PEEVY, HIRAM AL 9/1/1849 37458 AL1870__.187
REAVES, JESSE AL 10/10/1840 34462 AL1810__.144
WILKERSON, JOHN AL 11/1/1858 48665 AL2050__.329
1840 Butler Co Alaa. census Pg 137 [same page as my gg-gps Rachel peavy and Felix Brooks]

1m under 5 (Wm Peevy)
1m 20-30 (Asa Madison PEEVY) [b. 1810-1820]
1f 15-20 (Epsy Atkinson)
[4 dwellings from Isaac PEAVY; 5 dwellings from Chas. PEAVY, Sen.; 7 dwellings from my gg-gps Felix BROOKS and Rachel PEAVY]

1m 20-30 [b. 1810-1820] mistake???
1f 10-15
1f 15-20
1f 40-50

*Chas. PEAVY, Sen.
1m 10-15
2 m 15-20
1m 20-30
[mark in 40-50m column looks like a mistake--1 changed to a 0]
1m 50-60
1f 10-15
1f 50-60

Peavy, Daniel AL BUTLER CO. p,149 1840

Peavy, Hiram AL BUTLER CO. 157 1840
Peavy, Lydia AL BUTLER CO. 157 1840
Peavy, Thomas AL BUTLER CO. 157 1840

Peavy, Isaac AL BUTLER CO. 164 1840
1850 Butler County, Alabama
Beat 2

222 Stewart, Nimrod 57 600 NC
Elizabeth 55 NC
Robt 22 [birthplace of children?]
Elizabeth 20
Julius 14

234 Peevy, Asa 26/36? Ga.
Epsa 30 Ga.
Wm. 11 Ala.
Brinkley 9
Elizabeth 7
Prudence 4
Charles 2/12
[Asa Peevy next door to Allen Rhodes and Asa Hinson, age 26; near Asa Hinson, age 54, and John Williams]

238 Cravy, Amos 42 $300 farmer Ga. Beat 2 10-18-1850
Eliza 35 Ga. [b. 1815] [Peavy?]
Caroline 17 Ala.
Mary 15 [b. 1835] Ala.
Amanda 10 [b. 1840]
Nancy 7 [b. 1843]
Eliza 1 [b. 1849]

p. 193
240 Peavy, D. B. 26 Ala. [Daniel Brinkley Peavy]
Mary 20 Ga. [Mary Wallace, dau. of Elias Wallace]
Irene/Irena 1 Ala.

p. 194
242 Peevy, Wm. 31 merchant Ala. [have his estate record]
Mary 23 Ala.
Jason 7
Thomas 5
Asa 1

243 Peevy, Daniel 59 300 Ga.
Elizabeth 51
Susan 18
Thomas 17 b. 1833
Nancy 15
Eliza 14
Sarah 12
Amanda 7

246 Peevy, Charles 30 Ga
Elizabeth 21 SC
Sarah 3 SC
Abram 23 SC

253 HH of Thos. Bennett [preacher who performed marriage of Eliza J. Brooks to Duncan Sellers]

p. 195
259 Peavy, EF? 27
Harriet 19
Eliza 2

p. 222 Beat 6
648 Peevy, Isaac 52 Ga. born c. 1798
Mary 30 Ala.
Henry 12
Mary 10
Sanford 7
Dial 5
Daniel 3

Beat 8

823 Brooks, Britain 30 $100 Ga.
Caroline 26 Ga.
Mary 4 Ala.
Samuel 1 Ala.

825 Hiram PEEVY 39 m farmer GA
Sarah 38 f SC
George 13 m AL
Curtis 10 m
Mike 9 m
Lydia 6 f
Charles 3 m

826 Peavy, Charles 62 400 Ga. born c 1788
Rebecca 60 Ga.
Harriet 19 Ala.
Thomas 24 Ala.
Check for Charles Peavy info in Family Puzzlers Issue 1030 July 1987
from my cousin Tim Slauson
The earliest date we find of Felix Brooks in Alabama is May 23, 1836, and he is enlisting at Ft. Deposit, Lowndes County as an Indian Fighter. We also know for a fact, Felix and Rachel were married in Butler County by Jessie Reaves after [Felix] fighting Indians.

Preston Brooks and Charles Peavy purchased land in Cahaba on the same day. In the Felix Brooks pension record in 1892, Asa M. Peavy states by affidavit he witnessed the marriage of Felix and Rachel. Asa would have been there because Rachel was his sister and they were the children of Charles and Rebecca Matthews Peavy.
Was my ancestor Abraham Peavy (May 03,1765-Aug.15,1837)
Was Abraham (born 1765) the father of Charles (born 1788) and Isaac (born 1798)?

Were Charles and Isaac Peavy Abraham's sons and not named in pension records dated 1854 because they were deceased before 1854? The Butler Co. Courthouse burned in 1853 and the children of Abraham were named in an 1854 record as "children now living")

Charles Peavy was on the 1850 but not the 1860 census, so I assume he died in the 1850s, possibly before 1854.

Does anyone have more (not already posted on this message board) on Charles Peavy or the other Peavys from Hancock Co. GA to Butler Co. Alabama?

Is Hiram (b. 1811) beside Charles in 1850 the son of Charles or the son of Abraham?

I checked today and found that someone has posted the parents of Rebecca Mathews Peavy as Jeremiah Mathews and Mary Brinkley and also posted that Rebecca's sister Nancy married Ward TAYLOR. It makes sense, so I'll be looking for proof for sure!

Re: Charles "Charlie" PEAVY, b. 1788

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Classification: Census
Surnames: Peavy
1830 Conecuh Co. Census, p. 17

Charles Peavy
1m u5 [born 1825-1830] Thomas?
2m 5-10 [born 1820-1825]
2m 10-15 [born 1815-1820]
1m 40-50 [born 1780-1790]
1f u5 [born 1825-1830]
2f 10-15 [born 1815-1820] Rachel [date is off], ?
1f 30-40 [born 1790-1800]
1840 Butler County, Alabama Census, p. 137

Chas. PEAVY, Sen.
1m 10-15 [b. 1825-1830]
2 m 15-20 [b. 1820-1825]
1m 20-30 [b. 1810-1820]
[mark in 40-50m column looks like a mistake--1 changed to a 0]
1m 50-60 [b. 1780-1790]
1f 10-15 [b. 1825-1830] Harriet?
1f 50-60 [b. 1780-1790]
1850 Butler Co. Ala.
Nov. 25 [Reevy on index is Peevy]
825 Hiram Reevy Beat 8, Butler, AL abt 1811 Georgia
Sarah Reevy Beat 8, Butler, AL abt 1812 South Carolina
George Reevy Beat 8, Butler, AL abt 1837 Alabama
Curtis Reevy Beat 8, Butler, AL abt 1840 Alabama
Mike Reevy Beat 8, Butler, AL abt 1841 Alabama
Lydia Reevy Beat 8, Butler, AL abt 1844 Alabama
Charles Reevy Beat 8, Butler, AL abt 1847 Alabama

826 Charles Peavy Beat 8, Butler, AL abt 1788 Georgia
Rebecca Peavy Beat 8, Butler, AL abt 1790 Georgia
Thomas Peavy Beat 8, Butler, AL abt 1826 Alabama
Harriet Peavy Beat 8, Butler, AL abt 1831 Alabama
Charles Peavy shows is on the 1830 Conecuh Co. Census. I'm trying to identify his children, at least five sons and three daughters. I need to separate them from those of Daniel Peavy (who I believe is on the 1830 Walton Co. Fla. census???), Isaac Peavy, and Abraham Peavy.

Re: Charles "Charlie" PEAVY, b. 1788

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Peavy, Peevy, Pavey, Hearne
There is a very close Y-DNA match between myself and a direct paternal line descendant of Charles Peevy (circa 1788 - circa 1852). I also match with a male line descendant of Elie Peavy (1789-1859) son of Abraham Peavy, son of Dial Pavey, son of Joseph "Victualler" Pavey who was one of the first Georgia settlers along with James Edward Oglethorpe. My Y-DNA is Irish Type III associated with O'Brien of Thomond, apparently from King Brian Boru's brother Echtigern from whom the surname derives. At least one paternal line descendant of William Hearne, a merchant in Maryland Colony known for trading blankets with siblings in Maryland and Delaware, also of this type. My theory is that the surname Pavey, Peavy, etc. derives from the Irish ethnic Pavee group, probably from around County Kilkenny from whence my ancestors came to America.
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