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My name is Bill Warnica and I am a descendent of Peter Wolever . I was hoping that I could find a Wolever that could trace their roots to the Mohawk Valley N.Y. in the late 1700s to early 1800s to help me with my project.
I will give you a little of my history in hopes that you can help.
My Peter Wolever was the son of Nicholas Wolever of Palatinate Germany.
I do not know too much about Nicholas or his wife. It did find mention of him at this site.
Peter Wolever married an English girl, Miss Wetherstone (daughter of Henry Wetherstone of the Mohawk Valley) . I have no record of the number of children they had but I do have mention of one daughter Catherine. This is from a history book by Andrew Frederick Hunter 1889. Catherine was one of few survivors of the Indian massacre on Herkimer July 15 1782. Both of her parents as well as almost every one else died from that massacre. Catherine's was a baby at this time and was over looked while her grandmother was scalped and left for dead (she survived and lived many years). For some unknown reason, Catherine Wolever changed her name to Catherine Wolfe. Catherine married twice, first to a Captain Myers of the Mohawk Valley N.Y.
They had three children then Capt. Myers was killed and Catherine was on her own in the area of Manlius N.Y.
Their three children are:
A. / David, the oldest child was, born about 1796 in N.Y. state and as we know moved north when he was about 21 years old with his mother, George Wernecke and their family. They first settled in Markam and later he moved to Innisfil where he bought the south half of lot 16 Con. 10 from Alexander Gunn for 200 pounds. David farmed this land and did not appear to be as well educated compared to his stepbrothers John, George, Joseph and William. David seemed to get himself in financial trouble and repurchased his own farm on three occasions after not meeting the payments. Each time that David repurchased his property his stepbrothers were there and signed on the documents. It would seem that they were a close family and took care of each other. David sold his 100 acres (less the ¼ acres where the tavern was situated belonging to Adam Myers) on June 30th 1871 to James Barclay and William Patterson. Adam Myers sold his ¼ acre to William Webb, March 31st 1875 for $1,200.00. This date is the last record of the Myers in Innisfil.

David married Sarah (last name unknown) on or about 1845. Sarah’s was born about 1801 and they had three children.

/ Adam Myers born about 1837, with his father severed off ¼ acre on the north east corner of highway 11 and the 10th concession intersection. Here they built an Inn with a tavern. In the diaries of Jeremiah Graham Soules, he mentions staying at the Myers Inn and that Adam Myers was a very pleasant and sociably person. Adam married Mary Hudson b:1847 M:February 8th 1867 and they had three children. Thomas Myers born about 1868 George Myers born about 1869 and Mark Myers born about 1870 .
Elizabeth Myers born about 1846, married Henry Reynolds on March 31st 1873. .
Amanda ? (not verified).
According to the 1872 Gazetteer of Simcoe County the above address also shows a Uriah Myers living at the Adam Myers residence. Uriah does not show up in the 1871 census and this question may be answered later on in this email.

B. / Peter Myers was the second son of Catherine Myers and was born in Madison County New York state about late 1799 and died in 1870. He is buried in the Liverpool Village Cemetery, section 9 plot 90 with his wife and son. There is a Hattie Myers buried in their plot also, who died in 1834. It is unknown at this time who she may be but speculation may make her the first child of Peter & Nancy? Peter worked as a Blacksmith in Liverpool N.Y. repair kettles for the salt industry.

Peter married Nancy Heath (b:1802 d:1893) and had four children, not counting Hattie. The oldest child was:

Franklin b: 1835 who married Elleanor Downe (of Liverpool) on Thursday March 10th 1864 by Rev. C.W. Hawley. Franklin was a farmer in Onondaga County. .
Frances, born 1837 .
Mary, born 1840 .
Uriah H. Myers born 1843, died 1881 and is buried with his parents in the Liverpool Village Cemetery.
The following article is from the Liverpool Journal, Feb. 4 1861.

"Accident at Liverpool, A young man about 18 years old, named Uriah Myers, son of Peter Myers of Liverpool, received a severe injury last evening from the kick of a horse. The horse's toe cork hit him directly over the right eye, breaking in the skull. Dr. Shipman found it necessary to perform the operation of trepanning upon young Myers and removed from the injured part sixteen pieces of bone. The young man was rendered for some time insensible by the wound but is today doing well."

It might be possible that the above accident made it difficult for Uriah to support himself fully and he was sent to live with his uncle David after his father’s death in 1870. That may be why there is a Uriah Myers appearing in the 1872 Gazetteer living at the Innisfil home of David and Adam Myers? If that is the case and it was David’s nephew, Uriah would have to be taken back to New York state at some point because he is buried at the Liverpool N.Y. cemetery. And if Uriah moved back, did David, Adam and his family relocate also?

C./ Leonard Myers , 3rd son of Catherine, was born in Madison County New York about 1801. Leonard was adopted out (after his father died) to a wealthy Presbyterian. When they died, they left Leonard a wealthy man. Leonard took his money to one of the new west states and lost his money on investing in the mills and distillery when they burned down.

There is no trace of Leonard as of yet. There is another Leonard Myers that was born in Madison County and lived with the John & Julia Fort Family but Leonard’s age is wrong in the 1855 census.

Any help with this family would be appreciated. Willing to share.


Catherine later married a George Frederick Hanning Wernecke (a Dane) in 1806 and had four more children, John Christian Warnick, George Frederick Warnica, Joseph Gottleib Warnica and William daniel Warnica. They all lived in Manlius till about 1815 when George , Catherine and their four boys along with David Myers moved to Canada and settled north of Toronto in the township of Markham. In 1823 they moved onto their own farm in Innisfil township near the present city of Barrie.

John Christian Warnick eventually returned to the states in the Wisconsin area . Joseph Gottlieb Warnica also moved his family to the states in the Michigan area. Both Joseph and his son Joseph joined in the Cival war as well as Charles Manson Warnica (listed as Charles Manson Warnicz), the son of George Frederick Warnica.


I hope you can help with my search for Peter Wolever.

A little more of the history is at:

Many thanks

Bill Warnica


Shirley Vaughn (View posts)
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I am looking for a Joseph Warnica who married Mary A. Vaughn. The Joseph Jr. from Michigan should be the right age, but if it is him how did he get from Michigan to Marshall Co. Ks. in 1870. Any ideas? Thanks Shirley Vaughn

Shirley Vaughn

Bill Warnica (View posts)
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Sorry Shirley, I just noticed in my last email that I left the R from your name.
The short version of Joseph Gottlieb Warnica can be found under Warnica at . I'm not sure why Joseph Jr. moved the family to Kansas,
possibly land. I do know that they had a search on for Joseph Sr. and maybe
he was reported in the Kansas area. After his desertion, he was once spotted in
Cincinnati but it was never verified.
Both joined 1st Michigan Engineers and Mechanics, Company E building bridges in the Nashville area. Joe Sr. got into an argument with his superior officer regarding his pay. Right after that Joe walked in the front door of the Nashville Hospital and right out the back and disappeared. It is rumored that Melvina DeNure was not a pleasant person to come home to.
Joe Sr. had a reputation as a big man and did things his way.
Joseph Gottlieb Warnica Jr. was born June 20, 1843 ,not far from where I am , on their homestead ,lot 15 Con. 7 Innisfil. Lured by the money of the Civil war, Joseph Sr. moved the entire family to Kellogville, Kent County Michigan.
[Jr Joseph Warnica- Michigan, enlisted 10 October 1861, Priv ,18 years, Kellogville, Union]
After the war, for no known reason Joseph Jr. moved the family to Kansas where he married Mary Ann Vaughan (daughter of John Vaughn and Lavina Osborn) on December 13, 1870. The had 5 children Silas, Vina, Dixie, Walter and Otis. I have a lot of their descendents, pictures Etc. on record. If there is any information missing from the downloadable Warnica.Ged at the , I will send it to you. Many of their descendents are in Texas, New Mexico, California and Oregon.
Joseph Gottlieb Warnica Jr. died at Western Branch Home For Disabled Volunteer Soldier (Leavenworth Co. Kansas) , on Dec. 9 1907 - 5am, from left sided paralysis and from medullary degeneration -- ie motor neurons gave in and he died from lack of proper nerve function. Kind of like muscular dystrophy a wasting of the spinal motor nerves. Usually happens to older men and cause is not known (trauma, or lead poisoning have been sometimes blamed for the cause).

There is a Warnica Reunion every summer in Texas and New Mexico, alternately.
This spring , we are having a gravestone installed for the four sisters brothers of Joseph Jr. in Barrie, Also for the parents of Joseph Sr. followed by a memorial service on fathers day.
I hope to have pictures of it under the announcement section of my web site.

Looking forward to see if or how you are related to John Vaughn.
Bill Warnica


DANA DESSELLE (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Would you know if some of the Warnicas in Kansas change their name to Warner?

Re: Shirley Vaughn

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Surnames: Warnica
I would like to offer a few corrections.....1) Joseph Warnica Sr. moved his family to Kelloggsville prior to 1858, long before anyone knew the Civil War would take place. He ran a hotel/saloon there and his was only one of several Canadian families that moved to that area. 2) Joseph Jr. enlisted a week prior to his father which might indicate that Joseph Sr. intended to keep an eye on his son. I would like to review any source information regarding the story of his desertion if you would please share. A biography about his son William indicated that the family believed he was one of the many nameless dead on a battlefield near Nashville. 4) As far as the family moving to Kansas, it was not only Joseph Jr. but the entire family, and it was to take up homestead claims which were opened in the years after the Civil War.
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