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Anton Benesz (Benesh) - last Inka prince

Anton Benesz (Benesh) - last Inka prince

Leyla Jagiella (View posts)
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Hello dear Benesh - s!
Just some time ago I saw this interesting documentation on tv about the Polish/Moravian Benesz (Benesh) family having lines that do in a direct male line descend from the last South American Indigenous Inka rulers.
Sounds impossible, you think?
Here are three interesting posts on it that found on the web.:

1."According to an artical in a German newspaper in 1998 the President of
the Sejm (Parliament of Poland) Andrzej Benesz is a descendant of
Tupac Amaru II. in a directly male line. I searched the web for more
information, but could not find anything of interest on the subject.

The little I know:
Sebastian Berzeviczy from Niedzica in Poland went to Peru in the 18th
century. He married a princess of the old Inka dynasty. The only child
was Umina who married Tupac Amaru II. He led the rebellion against the
Spanish rulers in 1780 and is said to be an Inka prince. After the
rebellion failed he was imprisoned and killed in 1781. His wife Umina
and their only child, Antonio, fled to Niedzica, Poland, were the
Berzeviczy family had a castle. Umina was killed there by Spanish
spys, Antonio was adopted by the Benesz family as Anton Benesz. One of
his descends was Andrzej Benesz, who was member of the Sejm since
1957. He died in 1976 in an accident.

Tupac Amaru's real name was J. G. Condorcanqui. He was born 1743. The
first Tupac Amaru was the last of the Inka emperors (reign 1565-1572,
son of Manco II.) who also made war against the Spanish rulers in
Peru. Today's guerilla Tupac Amaru is said to be named in honor of the
first one.

Sources: Collier's Encyclopedia; New York, London 1989, vol. 12, pp.
550-553, 674; Hill, Bernhard: Der Fluch der Inkas, in: Die Zeit,
Hamburg, No. 23, 28.05.1998, p. 60; Meyers Grosses Taschenlexikon, 2nd
ed., Mannheim, Wien, Zurich 1987, vol. 22, p. 276.
Thanks for any tip

2."Here's what I have...
Tupac Amaru 1553-1572 father of
Juana b.1572 md Felipe Condorcanqui parents of
Blas father of
Sebastian father of
Michael father of
Clemente and José Gabriel 1742-1781 the latter father of
Hippolito +1781 , Mariano and Ferando. No Antonio!
I'd like to believe that the descent of Benesz is true , but somehow I don't
think so.

3."It was his nephew and nominal successor of the same name
- so technically Tupac Amaru III.
The genealogy is indeed in direct male line:

Sebastian Berzeviczy, d. 1798, Cracow,
stayed with his daughter, son-in-law
and grandson in Italy 1783-1797,
then bought the Niedzica castle with
part of the Inca treasures from
the Horvath of Palocs family
m. NN (Inca girl of noble family)

Umina, killed by Spanish spies in Niedzica
and buried there
m. c1781 Tupac Amaru (nephew of Tupac Amaru II
and the only pretender to the throne of
the Incas after his death, on exile
in Italy 1783-1797, killed by Spanish spies there)

Antonio Tupac Amaru
b. 1796, d. 1877
adopted by Vaclav Benesz-Berzeviczy,
nephew of Sebastian, on 21 June 1797
in Niedzica, in the presence of
Inca chiefs (Inca Emissary Council),
and taken by him to Moravia
m. (a Polish girl)

- Ernest (received family documents from his father)
- Wilhelm
- 2 daughter

grandson of Ernest:

Andrzej Benesz
He lived in Bochnia near Cracow in 1946, became interested in his
family and found the act of his ancestor's adoption in the archives
of the Holey Cross church in Cracow; one of the points made
by the Inca Emissary Council was that his adoptive father should
reveal the testament of Tupac Amaru to Antonio when he reaches
adulthood; the testament was said to be hidden under
the doorstep of the gate to the higher castle and to describe
in detail where the treasures of the Incas had been hidden.

On 31 July 1946 Andrzej Benesz, in the presence of local
authorities and archaeologists, removed the top of the
doorstep and found a lead pipe 15 cm long and 3,5 cm thick.
When the pipe was opened, a quipu of leather stripes and
pieces of gold was found inside...
Best regards,

Maybe some of you are connected to this branch of the family!

Re: Anton Benesz (Benesh) - last Inka prince

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i'm intrested in it, ihave heard that andrzej married a woman i wonder if they had a child

Re: Anton Benesz (Benesh) - last Inka prince

waclav jagiella (View posts)
Posted: 1135615815000
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The article very interesting -- moreso = jagiella

Re: Anton Benesz (Benesh) - last Inka prince

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Do you know something regarding the stay of Berzeviczy in the Peru and his marriage with princess Umina ?

Re: Anton Benesz (Benesh) - last Inka prince

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Tupac Amaru II was born Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui, later taking the name of his famous ancestor Tupac Amaru. He was born into a noble family in the Tinta province near Cuzco in 1742. Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui was the son of the cacique Miguel Condorcanqui and his first wife Rosa Neguera. Jose Gabriel’s linage was of direct decent of Felipe Tupac Amaru I. His linage is thru the daughter of Felipe, Juana Pilcohuaco, who was also the granddaughter of Manco Inca. Tupac Amaru I was later sentence to death by Toledo. Juana had a sister who died young, leaving no heirs. Later Juana, married Diego Felipe Condorcanqui, cacique of Surinama. Juana and Gabriel had five children together, but only one, Blas, survive to adulthood, who inherited the caciqueship. Blas married Fransisca Torres and they had four children. When the oldest, Bartolome, died without and heir, the caciqueship went to the second oldest, Sebastian. Sebastian married Catalina del Camino and had four children also. The oldest was Miguel, who married Rosa Noguera and had two sons, Clemente and Jose Gabriel. When Clemente died, Jose Gabriel became the closet relative to the last Inca Felipe Tupac Amaru I. Now Jose Gabriel Tupac Amaru married Micaela Bastidas (the marriage certificate is still available), they had 3 sons. Hipolito was born in Surinama on the 31st of January of 1761, Mariano was born on September 17 of 1762 in Tungasuca, and Fernando was born in 1768 . When the revolt fail Tupac Amaru, Micaela, and Hipolito were killed. Eventually Mariano died, and only Ferdando survive. He was taken to Spain, where he died at age 27 I think. Anyway, the only wife that Jose Gabriel had was Micaela (she is quite famous herself) and they married young, both were 16 years old. All the original documents still survive in the "Archivo de Indias" in Spain, and there is really no controversy regarding what I just summarize. Hope it clears any doubts.
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