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Julia Paratte of Solymar, Hungary

Julia Paratte of Solymar, Hungary

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Surnames: Paratte ?, Kraft
Searching for any information on the following: Julia Paratte(surname spelling may not be exact), born Solymar, abt. 1876, married Michael Kraft from Arad, 4 children: Maria b.1902, Irene b. 1903, Anna b. 1906 and Mihaly b. 1907 Kraft. Michael was a builder of organs and other musical instruments and died in a church with assistant abt. 1910. Julia moved to Arad, Hungary(now in Romania). Immigrated to Buffalo, New York, USA in July 1913.

Re: Julia Paratte of Solymar, Hungary

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On the Jul 26, 1913 Ellis Island Arrival Records of Julia and the kids, it seems the correct is not Solymar but Solymos:

0011. Burfete, Julia F 38y M Hungary, Magyar Solymos, Hungary
0012. Kraft, Maria F 11y S Hungary, Magyar Solymos, Hungary
0013. Kraft, Iren F 9y S Hungary, Magyar Solymos, Hungary
0014. Kraft, Anna F 7y S Hungary, Magyar Solymos, Hungary
0015. Kraft, Mihaly M 5y S Hungary, Magyar Solymos, Hungary

Normally, that could have been open many possibilities because in Hungary used to be over a dozen place names with Solymos in them.
Luckily the handwritten Shipping Manifest showing the closest relative in Hungary: mother Ist.(vánné)=Mrs.István Paraté in Barot(H)/Baraolt(R) today in Romania. In the adjacent county there is Nagysolymos/ aka Solymos/ Romanian name Soimusu Mare, which is most likely the right Solymos.

RadixIndex - Hungarian genealogy and local history databases conforms 3 Parate in Barot:
Industry and trade directory of Hungary in 1891
Paraté Barót (3)

Julia likely husband, Burfetye, Demeter M 42y M Hungary, Roumanian, arrived from Kisszentmiklos, Hungary on Mar 21, 1909.
Kisszentmiklós(H)/ Klein-Sanktniklas(G)/ Sânnicolau Mic(R) Arad County, today in Romania.

Hope this helps.

Re: Julia Paratte of Solymos, Hungary

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Surnames: Parate, Kraft, Smucz, Burfete
Thank you for your reply. Having a 320 page book in format for family distribution only, printing date Nov 15th. Your info opened up new "gateways" and changes I have to make. Spent the last twelve months,many daily hours of research. Julia Parate Kraft and Demetrius Burfete are my grandparents,both had immigrated twice to New York from Hungary; her second marriage in Buffalo, New York. First was to: Michael Kraft of Arad, Hungary(Romania). Their daughter, Irene Kraft married Michael Smucz, Turterebes, Hungary (Turulung, Romania)in Buffalo, New York.. They had ten children born Jefferson County, New York, eight are still living (ages 72-86) with little or no knowledge of our ancestry, very sad. Used RadixIndex for first time, coundn't find surname: Smucz, as many who came from Turterebes have used based on variuos Immigration and Census Records which I have. Myself, now 65 years of age, with a shorter lifespan, two heart operations, followed by heart attack must tell this story in a truthful responsible way for all our children, grandchildren, GGC, generations yet born.
Thank you again for what you furnished or any info you may add to the above, may I also "call" on you again for further help?


Re: Julia Paratte of Solymos, Hungary

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Hello Ron,
You're welcome, and sorry to hear your health problems. Still, it seems you did a good amount of research and work on your family history.
You're correct, per EI records Julia first came alone as a widow to f.i.l. Antal Kraft, Tonawanda, NY on Nov 24, 1911:

0019. Kraft, Julia F 36y W Hungary, Magyar Arad, Hungary

On the manifest, the closest relative in Hungary shown her mother Istvanne=(Mrs.Stephen) Paratte in Barot, Haromszek County.
My Kupan ancestors were from the same "Szekely Hung." Haromszek County -today called Covasna County- and recently got tremendous help from a local Hungarian researcher. He's very helpful and active at Radix Forum too, if you open the Parate-Barot Forum there -it's free- I'm sure he'll take notice.
I also couldn't find any ref. for Smucz at Radix, but like anybody else, it doesn't claim completeness yet periodically gets updated. If interested I can look up the full name and type of businesses of the 3 Parate in Barot since I'm subscriber at Radix.

Greetings from Calif.

Re: Julia Paratte of Solymos, Hungary

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Hello Joseph,
Thank you. Have not let my heart condition slow me down. Hunt and fish with grandson, son and s.i.l. Life style change very little.
Can I assume the Radix would be the correct spelling for Parate in Barot. Have seen with double tt. Antal is actually Julia B.I.L.. CR, EI records are great, but I've used caution on spelling by enumerators and immigration officers. There being so many variations of the KRAFT name, and ARAD is a fairly sure location. Thought I still check into an ARAD forum, hopefully finding info on his death. Actually locked in the church, unknown to caretaker, both died of consumption, an event surely someone remembers.
Yes, would grreatly appreciate info on full name and type of business of the 3 Parate (Paratte)?.
How does one subscribe to Radix ?.

Thank you again,
from Virginia

Re: Julia Paratte of Solymos, Hungary

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Radix is free to use, including the Forum, only the data downloding requiring subscription, or if want to be notified of Furum replies, otherwise just pick a username. Mine is "kezdi" -one of the district name of Haromszek/Covasna County- Barot is in Miklosvar district, and already set up the Parate-Baraolt Forum, you can just add your messages:

Re: Julia Paratte of Solymos, Hungary

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Thank you again. Trying to get my geography correct:

(Town-village/district-County/country) bef-aft Treaty of Trainon
bef: Barot/Haromsek County/Hungary
aft: Barsolt/Covansa County/Romania
bef: Nagysolymos aka Solymos/ ? /Hungary
aft: Soimusu Mare/ ? /Romania
bef: kisszentmiklos/Arad County/Hungary
aft: Sannicolau Mic/Arad County/Romania

Since I had the incorrect locations in my book, with town origin and history, location on a map identified, have to find and re-due.

Have a message pending on the Radix Forum

Re: Julia Paratte of Solymos, Hungary

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You're welcome. The best source for early 1900s geographical look ups is on the Radix Home page:
Search places in the 1913 gazetteer of Hungary!

Based on the above Counties/Districts informations, you can find the place names on these 2 sets of highly detailed County Maps:

Examples from the Radix map search and the County maps:

Place Status County (1913) District (1913) Current country
Nagysolymos kisközség=(village) Udvarhely/(today Hargita County) Székelykeresztúri Romania

On the Udvarhely County Map, the Székelykeresztúri j.(árás)=District name is written across on the blue colored map section, and with a little search you can find Nagysolymos on the left side, Kis-Solymos below it perhaps more easily recognizable. Kis=Small, Nagy=Big.

On the right side of the counties list in the yellow block, an bit earlier second sets of County maps have numbers for the Districts.

I sent you the Radix Parate details.
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