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Lazarus Smith 1838 Frontenac Cty

Lazarus Smith 1838 Frontenac Cty

Larry Sovey (View posts)
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Lazarus m'd Emely J. Albertson. They had Several children.
Emely b, 1862, Mary E. b,1865, Catherine E. b,1868, George b,1870, John b, 1874, James F. b,1877,Annora b, 1881.
Are there any descendents out there?
Looks like I descend from George.

Re: Lazarus Smith 1838 Frontenac Cty

SUZANNE (View posts)
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7235-01 (Frontenac Co): Earl SMITH, 26, farmer, Elginburg, same, s/o Lazarus SMITH & Emily ALBERTSON, married Elizabeth Maud CHRISLEY, 23, Storrington, same, d/o Patrick CHRISLEY & Ann KEYS, witn: Thomas CHRISLEY & Grace WILLIAMS, both of Battersea, 20 May 1901 at Battersea

Re: Lazarus Smith 1838 Frontenac Cty

Larry Sovey (View posts)
Posted: 1133438103000
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Thanks Suzzane. That will star another search.

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SUZANNE (View posts)
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Re: Lazarus Smith 1838 Frontenac Cty

Gail Somerville (View posts)
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Surnames: Sovey?
Suzanne: I tried the site and it doesn't work. Is there another link you could recommend? I would be interested to know if the name Sovey could possibly be Covey? If I knew the other Sovey names, it might be helpful to my Covey search.

Re: Lazarus Smith 1838 Frontenac Cty

Larry Sovey (View posts)
Posted: 1135105368000
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Actually Sovey is an English version of the French name Sauve. I've found about 35 variations of the name in North America.
Covey is a totally different family name. I believe it originates in England.

Re: Lazarus Smith 1838 Frontenac Cty

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Hi I have been following your E-mail on Lazarus Smith with interest, because I think my G grandfather might be the brother of Lazarus (John Smith b: abt 1831). I would appreciate any info you may have about John. My Gnd father Samuel John Smith was b: 1876 Kingston and Married Catherine Ellen Cain 1898. On Samuel's Birth registration John was listed as father amd Mary Ann Curran as mother Beyond that I have no Census or death registration to go on. I have copies of 1871 census showing both of the brothers.( I can provide copies of the census). I also have them on the 1851 Census for Kingston Ontario and traced them back to Gloucestershire Eng 1841 Census I would appreciate any info you might have on John and will share any of the info I have TOM

Re: Lazarus Smith 1838 Frontenac Cty

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Surnames: Smith, Kerns, Kearns, Cairns, Cuddy, Willey, Robinson
Tom, I will have to take a look at the USA census's that you have mentioned in one of your messages- I am curious why Samuel would have stated his father was born in England. (Did he say that?)

If the Mary Ann Smith who died in October 1879 was your Samuel's mother, she must have been born about 1841. I thought she was the daughter of Hugh (Samuel?) Cairns/Kearns/Kerns of Storrington and his wife Mary Ann CUDDY, but why isn't she listed in their household on the 1851 census? There are only children Samuel and Margaret Kearns, ages 4 and 2. Was Mary Ann Cuddy Hugh's second wife? If so, was Mary Ann in another household somewhere? She would be about age 10 in 1851.

Mary Ann Smith who died October 30, 1879 at Storrington died as a result of post-partum hemmorhaging (sorry I never know how to spell that word). She gave birth to a baby boy on October 28, 1879 named Thomas S. C. Smith; he died on Nov. 21, 1879 aged 24 days. His initials are intriguing- what does the "S. C." stand for? (My wild guess...Thomas Samuel Cuddy Smith...)

I have a theory that there are SEVERAL SMITH children in Storrington who may have belonged to Mary Ann and her husband John- I have no idea what hap. to John- did he die by 1881 as well? Did he move away? Did he get married again and that is why the kids are farmed out? If Mary Ann was born about 1841, married by age 18 or 20 at the latest...she could have had several children by year 1879. Keep looking for any stray Smith kids from Storrington born between 1858 and 1878.

When I was looking for anyone with surname Smith at Storrington in 1881 I came across an Ira age 10 living with William and Agnes Stones, will have to check him out further. There is also a William born in 1861.

I found a birth for a Maud Smith Nov. 11, 1877 at Storrington to John Smith and Mary Ann "Kearns"- I am sure this is same couple.

Plus if you take a look at 1881 Storrington, there is an Alice (mis recorded as "Allas") Smith age 2 years in the George and Eliza Reynolds home, and in same household is 73 year old Hugh KERNS. Hugh may be the grandfather to these Smith kids, father of Mary Ann. Or not, if he had a brother Samuel- this is what is throwing me for a loop, I keep seeing references to Samuel Kerns, but not to Hugh. Hugh is listed as a widower. However, if he was married to a woman named Mary Ann CUDDY, she re-married on June 7, 1858 to James A. Willey. James may or may not be Jabez- his parents were Jabez and Polly Willey. He appears in 1881 in Storrington with name Jabez, married to Mary Ann who used to be Hugh Kearn's wife (or wife of Samuel Kearns?). This is confusing I know, I worked on this most of the day and still don't have it all figured out as you can tell.

Fourteen year old Alice Smith appears on the 1891 census in Kingston in the home of Samuel Kearns (at Ancestry as Samuel CARONS)- she is listed as his niece. This is pretty strong evidence that Samuel Kearns and Mary Ann Kearns wife of John Smith were brother and sister!

I went looking for that marriage for Mary Ann nee Cuddy to James or Jabez Willey because she SHOWS UP in 1901 with her son Samuel Kearns in Kingston, Ontario. She was listed as his mother and I wondered who she was and where she had been prior to 1901 and why did she have the name Willey.

Mary Ann Cuddy Kearns Willey's parents were Thomas Cuddy and Phoebe Davison or Davidson. These Cuddy "kids" were all born in Ireland I am guessing were a large family- there is a son Thomas born 1816, and son Robert born 1840, Mary Ann was born 1818, so my guess is there are several more offspring in between.

I hope you are following my train of thought here.... in the 1881 census for Storrington your ancestor Samuel John SMITH is in home of Thomas and Eliza Robinson. I think the census states Thomas's wife to be Sarah Jane not Eliza J. I will dig into that further to see if Sarah was a second wife. On a marriage reg. for Thomas's son Robert Robinson, Robert's mother was listed as Eliza CUDDY. So I believe that Eliza was a sister to Mary Ann Cuddy, and would have therefore been a great aunt to your 5 year old Samuel Smith.

I will keep working on this and will let you know if I can find anything substantial for you.

You posted a message stating you thought that John Smith brother of Lazurus Smith might be your Samuel's father. While that cannot be ruled out entirely, I have a hunch that the John Smith who was Lazurus's brother (both born in England) married Harriet Albertson, daughter of William Albertson and Maria Loney. I cannot find proof of this however, Lazurus Smith married Harriet's sister Emily Albertson, so I am banking on the "two brothers marrying two sisters thing".

Please post any other ideas you have or anything you have found, no matter how small, every clue helps.

I am not related, but work on Frontenac and Lennox & Addington County families whenever I can.


Re: Lazarus Smith 1838 Frontenac Cty

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Hi Nora Thanks so much for your fast and informative response. I thought I would recap what info I have on my G father so far.
Samuel John Smith b: 14 Apr 1876 Kingston Ont registration list John as Father and MARY ANN CURRANS as Mother.
1881 Can Census Samuel 5 living wth Thomas Robinson family Storrington Ont
1891 Can Census Samuel still with Robinson's
7 Dec 1898 Samuel marries Catherine Ellen Cain Kingston Ont Marriage list John Father and ANNIE CAIRNS as Mother
1901 Can Census Samuel 25 Ella 18 and 1 child
1910 US Census Hounsfield,Jefferson, NY
John(Samuel)35 Ella 27 and 7 children
List John(Samuel) father as born in England and mother born in Canada
1920 US Census Syracuse NY John(Samuel) 42 Catherine 39 and 6 Children
19 May 1950 Death of Samuel John Smith

Regarding the Thomas Robinson Family
looking at the Maxwell-Seaman Family Tree on ROOTSWEB(world connect project) Thomas Robinson's first wife was Eliza(from Ireland)per 1851 Can Census for Storrington also a son Robert 3
1861 Can Census Storrington has Thomas with 2nd wife Sarah Brewer 34 Sarah married to James Maxwell prior to Brewer
1871 Can Census Pittsburgh Thomas and Sarah with step children Eliz and James Maxwell
1901 Can Census Storrington Thomas and Sarah and Eliz and Robert Robinson and Grand-daugh Sarah A Cairns (Birth Reg list Samuel Cairns as Father and Elizabeth Maxwell as Mother

Re Lazarus Smith connection with my John Smith, it was just a guess because of the birth year 1831

Re The disappearence of John Smith. I did find a John Smith, age 41 married, at the Kingston Penitentiary in the 1871 Frontenac Census. I hope that one does'nt prove out.

Thanks Again for your help TOM

Re: Lazarus Smith 1838 Frontenac Cty

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Don't you just hate the Smith surname? I'm descended from John Alfred Smith who married Harriet Ann Albertson (presumed brother to Lazarus who married Harriet's sister Emily).

John appears to have been born in Yorkshire and emigrated about 1851.

Our John had no Samuels I am aware of. Kid's include Mathilda, David, Charles, Adeline, Alfred, James Norris (my great grandfather), William, Emily and Caroline. We're pretty sure Mathilda, William and Emily died young.

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