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Thomas Galphin Holmes of Baldwin County Alabama

Thomas Galphin Holmes of Baldwin County Alabama

Bob Platt (View posts)
Posted: 957307287000
Looking for any information on Dr. Thomas Galphin Holmes one of the few survivors of the 1813 Fort Mims massacre. His wife's name was Elizabeth Wood or Weakley. Any help on this Holmes line from Baldwin County Alabama would be appreciated.

Galphin Holmes

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You might like to have a look at which talks about Dr. Thomas Galphin Holmes of Alabama, George Galphin and John Holmes (an Irishman who worked in the fur trade). There are a number of other refernces to George Galphin on the Internet including

I have traced my line back to James Holmes who married Mary Kell in Liberty Co. GA in 1794. I believe his father was a John Holmes who moved to the Darien area in 1760 from SC. In the Midway/Sunbury area there were a number of Holmes family members at this time. A biography of Dr James Holmes of Darien (the above James's son) suggests they were related to Abiel Holmes of CT/MA (father of Oliver Wendell), who was the pastor of Midway in the late 1700s. One such family was :-

Robert Holmes
d. 1786 Hardwick, Bryan Co

David GALPHIN Holmes
(1785 - 1812 (Sunbury)) [Sunbury Militia]
m. 1805 Barbara Rankin ???

Frances Elizabeth (1808 - 1810)
Sarah Martha (1806 - ?) [Sunbury]
(m. 1826) Joseph Edward Maxwell)
+ one other sibling

I believe Barbara Rankin Holmes remarried in 1813 Charles Odingsell Screven (1773 - 1830). He was the son of James Screven.

Listed as Revolutionaries when Savannah was recaptured by the British in 1780 were :-

"George Galphin Rebel Superintendent of Indian Affairs".
"(Rev.) John Holmes late of the same Clerk".
"John Kell late of the same Gentleman". (Daughter married into my line).
"Lachlan Mc Intosh late of the same, Rebel General". (McIntoshes married into the Kells)

... and about 150 others.

I believe that Robert Holmes and John Holmes (my line who settled near Darien) could have been brothers. Evidence in my family line suggests they could have been from SC.

There was the following family in Charleston, about whom little seems to be documented, but were supposed to have moved to Georgia and Alabama :-

Isaac Holmes m. Susanna Poinsett (dau. Elisha Poinsett)
John Holmes 1729 -
Margaret Holmes 1731 -
Joel Holmes 1736 -

They do not seem to be directly connected to the extensive Holmes family descended from Francis Holmes of Boston and Charleston.

There is some further information on this at Try searching the forum for the words Savannah, Poinsett etc.

If any light can be shed on untangling all this please email me, as I believe there is a connection to my line.

Galphin Holmes

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Just after I sent the last message, I also discovered the following:-

"...One of the first Indian traders was George Galphin, an Irishman. He raised a large family; and of the five varieties of the human family; he raised children from three, and no doubt would have gone the whole hog, but the Malay and Mongol were out of his reach. His white children were of the highest and most polished order-Mrs. Governor Milledge was one of them. He had two negroes, Mina, a woman, and Ketch, a man; they were brother and sister. He raised one daughter from Mina, and called her Barbary. She married an Irishman by the name of Holmes, and raised Dr. Thomas G. Holmes, whom Col. Pickett o£ten alludes to in his History of Alabama, as having had conversations with him. At Galphin's death Mina was set free, and died at old Timothy Barnard's, on Flint river, Ga., many years back. Ketch was an interpreter among the Indians for Galphin-was his stock minder-kept stock at Galpin's cowpens, where Louisville in Jefferson county, Ga., now stands, and which was once the seat of government of that State. Ketch helped to put up the first cabin at old Galphinton, on the Ogeechee, for an Indian trading house. At Galphin's death Ketch was sold, and was purchased by Gen. Twiggs of the revolution......"

Thomas Galphin Holmes

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Thomas Galphin Holmes was married to Mary Elizabeth Weekley. He is my Great-great-great-grandfather. I have uploaded my GEDCOM file, right now it's just an ancestor chart, but I will try to update it soon. I am new to this, so forgive my ignorance if I'm not doing something correct.

Holmes - Joseph B

Anne (View posts)
Posted: 957717973000
Anywhere in your information a Joeseph B Holmes who married an Abigail Napier. One of their children was A Constance Holmes born Orange NJ, 1899? This woman is my daughter's grandmother, no information on her parents is available to us. Thanks.

Holmes - Joseph B

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No I am sorry.
Most of my information related to the Galphin era is based in GA/SC. The rest was published on the Internet and is available using variants of 'George Galphin' as a search term at and
My line went from Darien to Macon to San Francisco to NY to the UK.

Re: Thomas Galphin Holmes

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Surnames: Love, Hand, Holmes, Galphin
Hi cousin,

Your great, great, great grandfather Thomas Galphin Holmes doctor of medicine, is my wife's great great Grandfather on her father's side. her father Cyril Louiselle Hand, her grandfather Henry Ausphrea Hand, her great grandfather Henry ? Hand who married Mary Elizabeth Holmes daughter of our doctor Thomas Galphin Holmes. Any info you can send on doctor Tom's ancestors would be appreciated, especially any info on mina and Metawney who at one time were married (sic) to George Galphin Irish trader for the upper creek indians in S.Carolina and Georgia

P.S. one of your relatives is famous . the wife of the honorable John millege, governor of Georgia

Re: Thomas Galphin Holmes

Paul (View posts)
Posted: 1034258738000
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I am descended from the full sister of the doctor Thomas Galphin Holmes' (b abt 1780), Mary Galphin Holmes b 1784 (+ Benjamin Bowers).

The parents of the above were, Barbara Galphin b abt 1750 and William Holmes, though it is incorrectly recorded in many family histories as being Judith Galphin and John Holmes. This "error" would have been common since Barbara was the child of George Galphin (b 1709 Ireland) and his "mulatto" slave, Rose. In those days, this would make her and her descendents inelligible to inherit/own land. It is speculated that this is the primary reason that the doctor moved to Alabama.

Re: Galphin Holmes

Posted: 1037202530000
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Have been researching Galphin and family for about 15 years, have writen a history of Aiken County SC and am now writing a biography/genealogy. Thomas Galphin Holmes was the son of Barbara Galphin Holmes, daughter of Galphin's mulatto slave Rose, and WILLIAM Holmes, who was a white Irishman working as an accountant at Silver Bluff. TGH was the oldest son of Galphin's favorite daughter and received an inheritance in his will, third codicil. The marriage certificate is available from old Barnwell District court records. TGH first married locally, Elizabeth Wood, wealthy white granddaughter of local planter Wallicon who owned and operated the Ferry later known as Sandbar Berry. Her brother Joseph married TGH's sister, Mary Galphin Holmes. Elizabeth soon died, TGH sold his patrimony from father William to brother-in-law Maurice Lehiffe married to sister Judith Ann Holmes. TGH took his money and ran to Alabama, where he participated in local affairs and married a white girl, Mary Elizabeth Weekly. This action helped him avoid the stupid fact that a man inherited the status of his mother, which in this case would have been that of a freed mulatto slave and he would have been forever entailed by that fact. His two sisters married white men who had no qualms about marrying them. In fact his sister Mary wed three different wealthy white men and is the ancestress of a very respected line of folks at Beech Island, SC. I share all data free, I have a full hard printout I can send you if you just write to me at 240 Newberry St. N.W., Aiken, SC 29801.

Re: Thomas Galphin Holmes of Baldwin County Alabama

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I am writing a biography of George Galphin and genealogy of his many families. I share free all data I have gathered about TGH, and other Galphin family. If you write me I will mail you a hard copy of my Galphin Genealogy with comments, etc. I am at 240 Newberry St. N.W. Aiken, SC 29801.
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