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Which John Grant?

Which John Grant?

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Surnames: Grant
Since the researching the life and family of John Grant UEL, I was wondering if anyone knows for sure whether John "Duldreaggan" or "Duldreggan" Grant is the same man as John "Big John the Robber" Grant or are they two separate men?

What are the differences?


Maggie Barron

Looking for John Grant?

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Surnames: Grant

I am trying to find some possible relations between a Grant family in Lachine, c. 1780-1830, near Montreal Canada, said tto be be from Glenmoriston.

They were three brothers:
1. John, described as merchant and forwarder, c. 1751 - d 1817 in Lachine. He could have been in Oswegatchie c. 1779 where his house and farm were burned down. He then came to Montreal.

From unproven sources, he is said to have been a nephew of captain Alexander Grant, b 1734 Glenmoriston, son of Patrick Grant and Isobel Grant.

2. Duncan and Peter, fur traders with the North West Company
Said to be related (uncles or cousins) to explorer Simon Fraser, whose mother's name was Isobel, or Isabella Grant.

Very little is known about these Grant, yet John played an important part in the history of Lachine.
Any light, help or hint would be more that welcome.

Hélène Lamarche, president
Société d'histoire de Lachine

Re: Looking for John Grant?

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John Grant was the brother Alexander Grant.

From a published newspaper in Quebec. "23 June 1829: At Charlottenburg, U.C. on 9th ult., aged 72 Alexander Grant, a native of Inverness-shire, and brother to the late John Grant, of Lachine."

Do you have any info on John & Alexanders Father?

Re: Looking for John Grant?

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Hi Joe:
John Grant of Lachine is not a brother to your Alexander Grant.
Further to our researching we found that the name of the wife of Alexander Grant (brother to John Grant)was Catherine and she died 25 April 1818 in Charlottenburg, Ontario. Wm Reid's death Notices of Ontario.
Anne Neuman

Re: Looking for John Grant?

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Thanks for researching! That means the death notice I thought was for my Alexander was for Catherine's husband. Therefore, my death date for my Alex reverts to "after 1851" which I had before we discovered the incorrect death notice.

Thanks again for this. Do you have any more information on his wife: Sarah Claridge? I think you once mentioned New York and him being a prisoner during the war.

I really appericiate this again.
Joe Cunningham

Re: Looking for John Grant?

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The John Grant I am researching was a prisoner of war near Skeensborough now Whitehall. It is mentioned in his land petition.

He is John Grant on Lot 10 on the Front. He first married Margaret Grant from Montreal then he married Flora Grant.

Re: Looking for John Grant?

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So John Grant from Lachine came from Ontario? What role did he play in Lachine's history. They named a High School after him, but nobody seems to know why…

Pete Harding

Re: Which John Grant?

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Big John the Robber Grant b. abt. 1725 d. abt. 1783 . He was in his fifties living in Mohawk Valley NY when Rev War started . He was father of Angus Balagooey Grant UE aka the Laird of Martintown who lived Lot 24 Martintown Glengarry . He was father of Peter Grant Laird of Martintown who also held Lot 24 Martintown . He was father of Christie Grant who also held Lot 24 Martintown .
In same time period , John Duldreggan Grant arrived in Glengarry in 1786 with 8 of his 9 children and is found on McNiff's Map 1786 as Mr John Grant holding Lots 25 & 26 SSSBRR [for ease of distinguishing him from other John Grant , I refer to him as John Duldreggan Grant Lots 25 & 26 Street Road Charlottenburg Glengarry] . His eldest son was Alexander Alex Grant who was old enough to draw his own land which he traded to his father for east half of Lot 26 Street Road , thus I refer to him as Alexander Alex Grant Lot 26 Street Road Charlottenburg Glengarry . He was father [among others] of John Duldreggan Grant who married the afore mentioned Christie Grant and they farmed her Lot 24 Martintown .
Later family and genealogists then morphed Big John the Robber Grant and John Duldreggan Grant Lots 25 & 26 into being one man .
Both men had a son named Angus Grant , with Big John the Robber's son holding Lot 24 Martintown and he was UE , while John Duldreggan Grant Lot 25 & 26 Street Road son Angus Grant was the only one of his 17 children to NOT live in Glengarry and he died in India .
Both men had a wife named Mary McIntyre , with Big John the Robber Grant's wife giving birth to Angus Ballagooey Grant circa 1745 , while John Duldreggan Grant Lots 25 & 26 wife gave birth to the last of her 8 children named Alpin Grant in 1802 the year his father John Duldreggan Grant died age 65 [ 1737 - 1802 ] .

Re: Looking for John Grant?

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Hi Joe , hope you are still doing GRANT research . My cousin Anne Heath Neuman , will probably dis-agree with most of what follows , but we can debate that later .
There was a Peter Grant living possibly Isle of Skye Scotland circa 1750 , and he seems to have fathered John Grant of Lachine b. abt. 1750 d. 1817 Lachine Quebec who married Margaret Beattie . This Peter Grant of Isle of Skye probably also fathered several other siblings of this John Grant of Lachine [noted business man and shipping magnate of late 1700s and early 1800s Montreal] and these may include a Peter Grant and Alexander Grant who also emigrated to Canada and were possibly involved in the Fur Trade . I think a lady by the name of Marion Lees who lives in Glasgow Scotland also claims descent from this Peter Grant of Isle of Skye .
This Peter Grant of Isle of Skye then seems to have married Janet Duldreggan Grant b. abt. 1735 d. abt. 1766 sister to Isabella / Isobel Duldreggan Grant b. abt. 1734 and buried at St Andrews West Ontario [ just north of Cornwall Ont.] and this Isobel Duldreggan Grant married Simon Fraser Sr. d. 1779 Albany NY and they were parents of Simon Fraser Jr. the Explorer . Janet Duldreggan Grant b. 1735 and Isobel Duldreggan Grant Fraser b. 1734 were both children of Aeneas / Angus Grant b. abt. 1702 d. 1779 and wife Hannah Grant of Duldreggan Glenmoriston Scotland who were also parents of my John Duldreggan Grant b. 1737 d. 1802 who arrived in Glengarry Ont. in 1786 and acquired Lots 25 & 26 Street Road Charlottenburg Glengarry . Janet Duldreggan Grant b. 1735 and Peter Grant of Isle of Skye had son Alexander Grant [ whom I think later acquired the Nickname "Brewer Grant"] whom I have designated as Alexander Brewer Grant b. abt. 1758 [ my guesstimate on birth year] who also emigrated and lived in Glengarry married to Sarah Claridge and they baptized their kids at my St Andrews Presbyterian Church Williamstown Glengarry .
Since Alexander Brewer Grant and John Grant of Lachine had same father Peter Grant of Isle of Skye , they are half brothers . John Grant of Lachine probably also had a full brother or possibly another half brother also named Alexander Grant with father Peter Grant of Isle of Skye .
This Alexander Brewer Grant was a nephew of my John Duldreggan Grant Lots 25 & 26 , and 1st Cousin to my Alexander Alex Grant Lot 26 Street Road [ the east-half Lot 26 was acquired in trade with his father John Duldreggan Grant Lots 25 & 26 ]. My Alexander Alex Grant also had a younger half brother named the Honourable Alexander Grant , both sons of John Duldreggan Grant Lots 25 & 26 .
So Joe , if you are still out there listening ; your Alexander Brewer Grant m. Sarah Claridge is a grandson of Aeneas / Angus Grant of Duldreggan , as is my Alexander Alex Grant Lot 26 .
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