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Myers/Maher in Mascouche Qc Loyalist?

Myers/Maher in Mascouche Qc Loyalist?

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I have a german family that settled in St. Henri de Mascouche Quebec, I at first thought they might be Hessians, but experts in the area don't think so they feel they may be loyalist. Based on some records in Canada some say they were born in Germany. There are four siblings (possibly a 5th) that settled in this area they are as follows:

My Ancestor Jean(John) Maher/Myers he married before 1792 to Isabelle McDonnel et al; First child I have record of is Jean Maher baptized in Nov of 1792 at Ste. Anne Des Plaines Qc. In 1880 US census his son Felix list father as being born in Scotland and Mother in Germany (I think mixed up). Ultimately settled in the Mascouche.

One brother Abraham Maher/Myer he married on 13 Feb 1792 at Christ Church Montreal to Victoire Lagace (listed as Artoise Garcy in actual record). The first child I have record of is Jean Maher born 1 Feb 1793 at Ste Anne Des Plaines.

Another Brother is Jacob Maher/Myer, he first married Angelique Taillon date and place unknown. He married 2nd time 7 Feb 1803 at Christ Church Montreal to Marie Gauveaux.

The only sister I have is Sophie Myer/Maher who was married to Christophe Laporte (when he was baptized as an adult in 1833 it listed his place of birth as Germany). The first child I have for this couple was born in APr 1792 at Ste. Annes Des Plaines.

A possible 5th sibling is Andre Maher who eventually married (haven't found record) Francoise Gauthier (had at least 2 children out of wedlock with her also. This family was living in the same area, but haven't found definite proof he is related.

All the families utlimately settled in the parish of St. Henri in Mascouche. Descendants of the siblings ended up moving back to the US (as early as 1835) living in Burlington/Winooski VT.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Myers/Maher in Mascouche Qc Loyalist?

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Surnames: Myers
I'm not sure if they were Loyalists or not, but the timing is probably right and Myers' do appear in Esther Clark Wright's book "The Loyalists of New Brunswick."

On p. 308 in the Appendix
Myer(s), Abraham, of R.I., member of 2 New Jersey Volunteers?, settled Gagetown, N.B
- Charles, 1st DeLancey's Brigade, British Legion (Tarleton's) 8
- David, of Mass, settled St. Andrews, d. 1786
- Edward, Loyal American Regiment, British Legion (Tarleton's) 3
- Jacob, Engineering Dept., Lot 659 in Parrtown (Saint John)
- John, New Jersey, Commiasary-General's Dept., RL (not sure what this one is)
- Rachel, settled Queens Co., NB, removed to Kings Co., NB
- Reuben, yeoman, 85, King's American Regt, Lot 142 in Carlton
- Samuel, Lot 1220 in Parrtown (Saint John), removed to Queens Co., NB
- William, yeoman, 85, 1st New Jersey Volunteers?, Lot 1305 in Parrtown (Saint John)


I have found the marriage for Jacob Myers and Angelique at Christ Church Montreal. It is listed under 1789 and is as follows:
"1789 ...
Jacob Myers and Angelica Taillon were married by publication the 24th Novr."

and interestingly enough Abraham Myers was a witness to his second marriage to Marie Gauvreaux.

Re: Myers/Maher in Mascouche Qc Loyalist?

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Hi All. I am J. Young from Cornwall Ontario, heart of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry aka SD&G the three eastern most Counties in Ontario, and first settled by Loyalists from the former USA Provinces.
It is quite likely that these Myer/ Mayer/ Meyers and other assorted spellings, were Palatine German Loyalists, who had settled in NY and other colonies of USA, in the 1700s prior to the American Revolution. These folks had fled religious persecution in Germany, and fled to England, which then shipped them off to their American Colonies. They remained Loyal to Britain , and many resettled to Canada after the Rev War ended, in 1783.
I have 3 Loyalist Palatine lines, being Gallinger, Snetsinger and Warner.
I also have 3 Loyalist lines of McDonell / MacDonald. As well as a host of others.
Happy to help, if I can. Cheers J.
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