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J. Wentworth Carnahan - part 2

J. Wentworth Carnahan - part 2

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Surnames: Carnahan
Here are some more articles on J. Wentworth Carnahan.

Hope someone can ID him.

Take care - Emma
Washington Post - 10 Dec 1901 - pg. 1

Publisher Carnahan On Trial

Four Witnesses Brought From Prison To Testify In The Case

Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 9 -- The trial of J. Worth Carnahan, the Washington D. C. publisher, whose agents, it is alleged, with his knowledge, represented themselves as pension agents in selling certain bonds, was begun in the United States court here today. A demurrer to the indictment alleging that it did not charge a crime was overrulled, and the trial proceeded.
Four of Carnahan's former agents, convicted of impersonating the government officers were brought from the penitentiary to testify in the case.
Washington Post - 11 Dec 1901 - pg. 1

Carnahan Case Goes To Jury

Washington Publisher Seeks To Prove That There Was No Conspiracy

Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 10 -- The trial of J. Worth Carnahan, the Washington D. C. publisher, charged with conspiring with his agents who represented themselves to be pension fficers, in selling certain books, was concluded today.
The defendant introduced evidence to show that he was in no way responsible for the misrepresentations on the part of his agents and that he had dismissed them promptly upon learning of their misconduct. The case went to the jury late this afternoon, but a verdict was not reached and the court allowed the case to go over to tomorrow.
Washington Post - 12 Dec 1901 - pg. 4

Publisher Carnahan Acquitted

Charge That He Conspired With Agents To Commit a Fraud Not Sustained

Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 11 - The jury in the Carnahan conspiracy case returned a verdict of not guilty today, thus ending a hotly fought contest.
J. Worth Carnahan, president of the United States Nail and Navy Publishing Company of Washington, D. C., was charged with conspiring with a number of agents, five of whom are now serving time in the penitentiary, to defraud by falsely representing the agents to be officers of the Pension Bureau. The case attracted widespread attention.

Re: J. Wentworth Carnahan

Tim Carnahan (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Carnahan
We have a John Worth Carnahan who fits the time frame, the geographic location and a brother named Charles Carnahan.

Here are the details followed by those of his brother Charles (and other siblings) and of his father (William H. Carnahan) and a bit on his Grandfather and G Grandfather:

John Worth CARNAHAN (11/12/1865 - 07/16/1946) married Mable N. ---------- (abt. 1873 or 1874 - ?). John was born in PA and died in Los Angeles, CA. Mable was born in Illinois. In 1880 John was living in Burrel Twp., Armstrong Co., PA. In 1913 he was living in Washington, DC., and in 1920 both he and Mable were living in Washington, DC. In 1934 he was living in Chicago, Cook Co., Illiinois. Together, John and Mable had four children: 1) Worth CARNAHAN (01/31/1896 - 06/__/1973) born in Illinois and died (probably) in Davidson Co., TN. In 1920 he was living in Washington, DC. 2) Mayna(rd?) CARNAHAN (abt. 1899 - 1900, died - ?) Mayna(rd?) was born in Illinois. 3) May Worth CARNAHAN (abt. 1905 -1906, died -?) was born in Washington, DC, and was living there in 1920. 4) Audra Bell CARNAHAN (abt. 1911 -1912, died - ?) was living in Washington DC in 1920.

John Worth Carnahan had a brother named Charles Carnahan who fits the description of the brother named in the Washington Post articles:
Charles CARNAHAN (abt. 1867 - 1868 - died - ?) was born in PA. In 1880 he was living in Burrell Twp, Armstrong Co., PA and in 1913 he was living in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois.

John Worth and Charles were the 2nd and 3rd of a total of 12 children in the family. The others were:
1) Hallie Carnahan; 4) Clara May Carnahan; 5) Cora D. Carnahan; 6) Harry H. Carnahan 7) Homer I. Carnahan; 8) Flora J. Carnahan; 9) Myrtle Carnahan; 10) Grover C. Carnahan; 11) Wells Vernon Carnahan; and 12) Ralph Norman Carnahan.

John Worth's father was William H. Carnahan: (09/30/1839 - 07/04/1914) married Maria Louisa McKee (10/10/1844 - 12/10/1934) William was born in Allegheny Co., PA and died in Apollo, Armstrong Co, PA. Maria was born in Pennsylvania and died in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois. In 1880 they lived in Burrell Twp, Armstrong Co., PA. In 1900 and in 1910 they lived in Apollo, Armstrong Co, PA. In 1920, Maria lived in East Conemaugh, Cambria Co., PA. Both William and Maria are buried at the Apollo/Riverview Cemetary, Armstrong Co., PA. Together they had 12 Children.

Continuing back in their lineage - William H Carnahan's father was John CARNAHAN (Abt 1795 - 09/23/1883) who married Mary Funk (03/01/1810 - 08/12/1876). John was born in Allegheny Co., PA and died in Apollo, Armstrong Co., PA. He was buried at the Dunkard Church Cem., Burrell Twp, Armstrong Co., PA. In 1860 he and Mary were living in Kittanning, Armstrong Co., PA and in 1870 they were living in Cochran Mills, Burrell Twp., Armstrong Co., PA. Together John and Mary had 8 children although an infant son was never named.

This John Carnahan's father was William Carnahan (born ? - died before 12/26/1815) who married Nancy (maiden name either Dawson or Henrie). Both William and Nancy were born in Ireland. William died in Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA. Of their five children, two were over fourteen when William died. At the time of the settlement of William's estate (12/26/1815 - Allegheny County, PA Court Records), the youngest three children, (Henry, James and Jane Carnahan, who were all under the age of 14), were put under the guardianship of Ralph Dawson. At the time of the settlement, Nancy Carnahan had re-married to a James Anderson (or Andersen). Interestingly, a few years later it is noted in the Westmoreland County, PA probate records that a John Frederick of Washington Township, Westmoreland Co. PA was appointed guardian of the same three children in 1818. (Probate Ref: 1OC173N1818 Page 282, Volume 1, "Estate of William Carnahan administered by James Andersen and Nancy Carnahan Andersen - 12/26/1818"). Nancy later married for a third time to a Mr. Proudlock

It all looks like a fit to me.


Re: J. Wentworth Carnahan

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Surnames: Carnahan
Oh my heavens Tim,

Thank you so much for all that information. That is wonderful.

You are right. It sure looks like a match to me.

I did some more hunting last night and found a few more things on John Worth Carnahan and will post them as soon as I can.

He seems like he would have been a very interesting person to know.

Thanks again - Emma

Re: J. Wentworth Carnahan

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Carnahan
Hi Tim,
Thanks again for the information.

Have been playing around with this family and have a couple of questions and perhaps some additional information.

On John Carnahan and Mary Funk:
So far I have found them in the 1850, 1860, and 1870 census and then John is in the 1880 census - all in Armstrong Co. But the census would indicate a b. date of around 1810. From census records, I have 11 children for them and perhaps one more. So far I have:
Susannah - abt 1838
William H. - 1839
James S. - agt 1842
Nanch J. - abt 1844
Sarah M. - abt 1846
Hannah - abt 1848
Mary - abt 1849
John - abt 1851
Joseph B. - abt 1855
Elizabeth - abt 1857
male infant - abt 1860
The transcription for the Dunkard Cemetery also includes a Lillie - d. 1858 and I am wondering if she is their daughter also.

Of their children, Nancy J. died 29 Oct 1862, Joseph B. died 1 Oct 1865, and Elizabeth died 29 Dec 1874. All are buried in the Dunkard Cemetery with John and Mary.

On John Worth so far have found him in the 1870, 1880, 1910, 1920, and 1930 census. So far have not been able to find him in 1900....<sigh>.

The census sure messes up his children doesn't it...<g>.

In 1910 he is shown with
William B. - son - 14
Mayda - daughter - 10
Mabel W. - daughter 9
Blanchard, Julia N. - mother-in-law

In 1920 he is shown with
Worth - son - 23
Mayna - son - 20
May Worth - daughter - 14
Audra Bell - daughter - 8

So I guess the William B. in 1910 and the Worth in 1920 are the same.
It would seem that the female Mayda in 1910 and the male Mayna are also the same. Based on some newspaper articles I think this is a daughter named Mayda.

And... would you match up the Mabel W. from 1910 with the May Worth in 1920????

Oh... J. Worth is also in the California Death Index.

Again - thanks for the information.

Take care - Emma

Re: J. Wentworth Carnahan

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My name is Darren. I live in Chicago. I acquired a briefcase that obviously survived a fire. Inside it are hundreds of documents regarding the Carnahans you have listed in this post. I have the will of W.H.'s father, tons and tons of shareholder information on the Mary Mining Company (New Mexico & Mexico) which a few of the Carnahans were principal stockholders. Also included is a funny group of letters involving a dispute between Homer, W.H. and the Kittanning Brewery Co where Homer allegedly acquired a lot of beer from them and never paid for it. There are also probably 10-20 title deeds to property that they purchased in PA, Accident policies and life insurance policies for Homer, etc, etc.
I was planning on selling the entire lot to an auction house that handles mining documents, but then I happened to find your post. Please let me know if you would be interested and I will go into greater detail.

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