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Daniel Cook

Daniel Cook

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Surnames: Daniel Cook/Lydia Churchill
Esther Wright's book "the Loyalists of New Brunswick" is not longer in print and I cannot find it in any of my local public libraries.

However, my great-great-great . . . grandfather is in that book and I would like to get a copy of what Ms. Wright writes about Grandpa Cook. His story starts on page 212 of her book

Family lore is that he was a loyalist from Dutchess County and I have found some land grants issued to him. But I don't know who his wife was. And I am not sure how his son, Daniel Cook Jr. followed him to Canada.

Daniel Cook Jr. married Lydia Churchill (Nova Scotia). But I'm not sure what happened to them from 1775- 1785.

If anyone can help with getting that page from Ms. Wrights' book, I would very much appreciate it.

Re: Daniel Cook

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Surnames: Cook, Churchill, Leetham

I'm not sure if you're still waiting for information, but I was actually just looking at this book at my local library this past weekend. The relevant section begins on page 272, but unfortunately it does not include much detail about Daniel except stating that he was in the Prince of Wale's American Regiment and first settled in York County, New Brunswick. However, there is some interesting supplemental information on pages 212-215 describing the migration patterns of New Brunswick Loyalists to the Niagara region, specifically those of the Prince of Wale's American Regiment, which aligns with what is known about Daniel Cook's life.

Regarding Daniel Cook's wife, I have found a baptismal record for a Daniel, son of Daniel Cook and Catharine in 1775 in Dutchess County NY (which would match with your family lore). The sponsors/godparents are Daniel Cook and Mary Cook (so likely relations of some kind). Searches of the 1790 American Census show Mary Cook still living in the area but no sign of Daniel Cook and his wife Catherine lending credence to the theory that this record is for the baptism of Daniel Cook Jr, son of the Loyalist Daniel Cook Sr who would have already left for New Brunswick by this time. However, I have no idea yet what Catharine's maiden name may be (or if this even is definitely the correct set of Daniel Sr/Jr)...

I believe I am also descended from Daniel Cook/Lydia Churchill through their son Stephen, but I am having difficulty proving the connection with anything more than convincing circumstantial evidence. My line from Stephen Cook is through his daughter Lydia (1827-1907) and her husband Samuel Leetham (1818-1902).

"My" Stephen Cook was born in New Brunswick around 1805, lived his adult life in Ontario, and died sometime after 1880 (likely in Indiana or South Dakota). I know Stephen married a Lydia, but I am not sure of her maiden name... there is one index online that says it is Boldero, but I can't find any original source for that. Stephen's wife Lydia also listed her ethnicity as "Dutch" on a census record leading me to speculate she may be descended from Dutch settlers in the New York area who came to Ontario as Loyalists?

On the 1880 US census Stephen listed the birthplace of his father and mother as New York and New Brunswick respectively which certainly matches well with the Daniel Cook/Lydia Churchill couple. From the "First Families of New Brunswick" database it seems like this is the only possible Cook family in the area at the time with a son named Stephen, and most online trees I have seen match him up with them, but I would really like some actual documentation to support that.

I hope some small part of this will be helpful to you...

Re: Daniel Cook

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Hi Chelsea - that is very interesting. Do you know how Stephen Cook ended up from Ontario to Indiana/South Dakota? I have found Lydia Cook died in Wisconsin and her sons Joel and James lived in Wisconsin for some time (Bascobel, Wisconsin). Unfortunately, while the Federal mortality census is pretty clear about Lydia and her ties to her son, Joel, the census taker listed her birth place as Massachusetts (which was her father's Nathaniel's birthplace).

It looks like most of the Lydia Churchill/Daniel Cook family left Ontario and settled in the United States sometime in the 1840's to 1850's. I believe James Cook (the youngest son) was the first to leave Canada for the US. I also believe Lydia Cook (their mother) may have left Ontario upon the death of her son Isaac in 1858. It appears all of the other Cook boys left for America except Isaac, who was working the farm in East Zorra.

Re: Daniel Cook

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Surnames: Cook and Churchill
One last thing - there actually were two Daniel Cooks who born the same year and interestingly, ended up in Ontario, Canada. One Daniel Cook came from Scotland and died in 1820. His wife was named Elizabeth. Our Daniel Cook was born in New York State and died around 1858 - 1860. Both Daniel Cooks ended up in Ontario but Daniel (Scotland) died and left a will in Ontario. I could not find a will for our Daniel Cook, which leads credence to my idea that he died in the United States. I did find a history of Grant County Illinois written in 1909 and it mentions our Daniel Cook, coming to Wisconsin right before the Civil War. [the book was about Samuel Cook, son of James Cook, who was the youngest son of our Daniel Cook]

It made researching the Daniel Cook family somewhat of a challenge - not only is Cook a common name, so is Daniel.

Re: Daniel Cook

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I am related to Joel Cook thru his daughter Susan Ethelzelda Cook. My research has also been clouded by the common last name and so many repeats of the first names. I am constantly confused by the interchange of Daniel Cook and Lydia Churchill and Daniel Cook and a wife with last name of Fuller.
One of those couples were LDS and traveled to Utah where they died. There has also been speculation as to one Cook couple being parents to the other Daniel Cook.

Re: Daniel Cook

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I am not sure if this is any help to the Daniel Cook researchers but I will offer it up:
Daniel Cook was in the Prince of Wales American Volunteers, also known as General Browne's corps. Early in the war men were taken from this regiment and put into Emmerick's Chasseurs. On one of the muster rolls for Emmerick's there is a John Cook that was shown as one of General Browne's men.

It is highly possible that this John Cook is a relative of Daniel. If you have info on the possible family of Daniel before the war, you may want to see if the family has a John and Daniel. May be a hint.
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