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Census lookups for Raap family

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Census lookups for Raap family

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I am working on finding everyone in my various family lines in the census. I have found most of them for the Raap family line, but I was wondering if anyone who was really good at finding people in the census would help me with the rest?

I have broken them down by person, and the years I am hoping to find them in. This line focuses on my great-great-great-great grandfather Ernst Raap ( ), his wife Catherine, and their children John Henry Raap Sr and Minnie Dilcher, and their descendants.

* Ernst, Catherine, John, and Minnie in 1860; Catherine in 1870. I have not found the family in 1860 at all yet. This is a wild guess as a possibility for 1860, if the father is given as "Henry" (possibly his middle name?) although his age would be off by a lot: Of course, the DOB I gave for Ernest on his memorial was admittedly just an estimating that I calculated based on the age given in the cemetery records... but it is not necessarily accurate at all, and likewise the age in the census could be wrong. Lots of other stuff does fit very well here, though. I'm not sure how far back the Chicago city directories go - don't know if they go into the 1860s - but if there were any Raaps at or near this address, I would call it a good match then. As for 1870, Ernst died in the 1860s, and my great-great-great grandfather John: and his sister Minnie Dilcher (as "Gilcoher"): had gotten married by 1870 and moved out on their own, but Catherine is not with either of them so I do not know what became of her by 1870.

* Lena Raap in 1920. Helene, more commonly known as Lena Raap ( ) married the elder John Raap in the 1870s, and can be seen here with her husband and family in 1800 before he was murdered: and she lived for a few decades as a widow, as can be seen in 1900: and 1910: and 1930: As for 1920, this is a possible hit for Helena Raap (as "Roap") and son John Raap (as "Coop"): Some of the details don't quite match, but a lot of them do.

* John Raap Jr in 1920 and 1940. John ( ) was married twice, and had one son with each wife, before they both divorced him. This must be him in 1900 (as "Raepp") with his first wife, before their son Peter was born: and he was back living with his mother in 1910 as shown above, having been divorced twice within the same decade. By 1920 he was possibly living with his mother again (or still), if we can confirm the hit above. In 1930 I know he was living with his mother Lena, but she was dead by 1940 and I have not found him living on his own or remarried.

* Robert Raap in 1930. Robert Raap ( ), grandson of Lena and nephew of the younger John above, was my grandfather's uncle, and son of Robert R. Raap Sr. The younger Robert was living with his parents in 1910: and 1920: (his brother Harold was my great-grandfather), but he is not with them in 1930: This is him with his wife Marie in 1940: Robert and Marie married in 1935, so I not believe he would be with her in 1930.

* George Dilcher in 1900, 1910, and 1920. George ( ) appears with his family in 1870 as shown above, and in 1880 with their last name as "Dilchei": but I have yet to find him in the census in his remaining adult years. George was prone to getting himself into trouble ( ) so that could explain why he is hard to find in the census, and why I could not find an obit for him. This is a possible hit for George in 1900: If so, there is another wife for him that I was not previously aware of; and I thought he might have been in jail at the time, as he was sentenced to ten years in the penitentiary on 7/5/1890.

* Sophie and William Schmidt, children Alfred and Walter in 1900. Sophia Dilcher Schmidt ( ), sister of George Dilcher and daughter of Minnie, was married by 1900 and had her two oldest children, but I can't find them in that year. This is them in 1910: in 1920: in 1930: and in Florida in 1940:
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