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Ladies in waiting to Queen Victoria

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Re: Ladies in waiting to Queen Victoria

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The list on the web site is the SAME color as the background - so it does not appear.

Here is a copy of the list.

Queen Victoria's Ladies-in-Waiting (shown chronologically by order of appointment)

Mistresses of the Robes:

Harriet, Duchess of Sutherland 1837-1841, 1846-1852, 1853-1858, 1859-1861
Charlotte, Duchess of Buccleuch 1841-1846
Anne, Duchess of Atholl [Athole] 1852-1853
Louise, Duchess of Manchester 1858-1859
Elizabeth, Duchess of Wellington 1861-1868, 1874-1880
Elizabeth, Duchess of Argyll 1868-1870
Anne, Duchess of Sutherland 1870-1874
Elizabeth, Duchess of Bedford 1880-1883
Anne, Duchess of Roxburghe 1883-1885
Louisa, Duchess of Buccleuch 1885-1886, 1886-1892, 1895-1901
appointment vacant Feb.-Aug. 1886
appointment vacant Aug. 1892-July 1895

Acting Mistresses of the Robes:

Elizabeth, Duchess of Bedford 1886
Anne, Dowager Duchess of Atholl [Athole] (jointly with Duchess of Roxburghe) 1892-1895
Anne, Duchess of Roxburghe (jointly with Dowager Duchess of Atholl [Athole]) 1892-1895
Louisa, Countess of Antrim 1894

Ladies of the Bedchamber:

Louisa Emma, Marchioness of Lansdowne 1837-1838
Anna Maria, Marchioness of Tavistock (later Anna Maria,
Duchess of Bedford) 1837-1841
Anne, Countess of Charlemont 1837-1854
Maria, Countess Mulgrave (later Maria, Marchioness of Normanby) 1837-1841
Emma, Baroness Portman 1837-1851
Laura Elizabeth, Countess of Durham 1837-1838
Sarah, Baroness Lyttelton (later Sarah, Dowager Baroness Lyttelton) 1837-1842
Frances, Baroness Barham (later Frances, Countess of
Gainsborough, later still Frances, Dowager Countess of Gainsborough) 1837-1872
Blanche Georgina, Countess of Burlington 1838-1840
Eliza Arden, Marchioness of Breadalbane 1839 (Jan.-July)
Mary, Countess of Sandwich 1839-1842
Carolina Augusta, Countess of Mount Edgcumbe
(later Caroline Augusta, Dowager Countess of Mount Edgcumbe) 1840-1854, 1863-1865
Catherine, Countess of Dunmore 1841-1845
Frances Elizabeth, Viscountess Jocelyn 1841-1867
Susan Georgiana, Countess of Dalhousie 1842 (Jan.-May)
Charlotte, Viscountess Canning 1842-1855
Charlotte, Duchess of Norfolk 1842-1843
Elizabeth, Marchioness of Douro (later Elizabeth,
Duchess of Wellington) 1843-1858
Elizabeth Lucy, Countess of Desart 1845-1864
Jane, Marchioness of Ely (later Jane, Dowager Marchioness of Ely) 1851-1889
Anne, Duchess of Atholl [Athole] (later Anne,
Dowager Duchess of Atholl [Athole]) 1854-1897
Jane, Baroness Churchill (later Dowager Baroness Churchill) 1854-1900
Maria Anne, Baroness Macdonald 1855-1863
Jane Frederica Harriet Mary, Countess of Caledon 1858-1878
Elizabeth Jane, Baroness Waterpark (later Elizabeth Jane,
Dowager Baroness Waterpark) 1864-1890
Susanna Stephania, Duchess of Roxburghe (later Susanna
Stephania, Dowager Duchess of Roxburghe) 1865-1895
Eliza Horatia Frederica, Viscountess Clifden 1867-1872
Blanche Julia, Countess of Mayo 1872-1874
Eliza Amelia, Countess of Erroll (later Eliza Amelia,
Dowager Countess of Erroll) 1873-1901
Julia Janet Georgina, Baroness Abercromby 1874-1885
Ismania Catharine, Baroness Southampton (later Ismania
Catharine, Dowager Baroness Southampton) 1878-1901
Emily Theresa, Baroness Ampthill (later Emily Theresa,
Dowager Baroness Ampthill) 1885-1901
Cecilia Maria Charlotte, Viscountess Downe 1889-1901
Louisa, Countess of Antrim 1890-1901
Edith, Countess of Lytton 1895-1901
Anne Emily, Duchess of Roxburghe 1897-1901

Extra Ladies of the Bedchamber:

Charlotte, Duchess of Norfolk 1843-1870
Emma, Baroness Portman 1851-1865
Carolina Augusta, Countess of Mount Edgcumbe
(later Caroline Augusta, Dowager Countess of Mount Edgcumbe) 1854-1863, 1865-1881
Frances Elizabeth, Viscountess Jocelyn 1867-1880
Eliza Horatia Frederica, Viscountess Clifden (later Lady Stirling) 1872-1896
Frances, Dowager Countess of Gainsborough (previously Frances,
Countess of Gainsborough and previously to that Frances, Baroness Barham) 1873-1885
Blanche Julia, Countess of Mayo (later Blanche Julia,
Dowager Countess of Mayo) 1874-1901
Jane Frederica Harriet Mary, Countess of Caledon 1878-1888
Elizabeth, Duchess of Bedford (later Elizabeth,
Dowager Duchess of Bedford) 1883-1897
Jane, Dowager Marchioness of Ely 1889-1890
Elizabeth Jane, Dowager Baroness Waterpark 1891-1894
Anne Emily, Duchess of Roxburghe 1895-1897

Honorary Lady of the Bedchamber:

Blanche Julia, Countess of Mayo 1872 (Apr.-July)

Women of the Bedchamber:

Honourable Mrs. Brand (afterwards Trevor) 1837-1853
Lady Caroline Barrington 1837-1875
Lady Charlotte Copley (later Lady Copley) 1837-1866
Honourable Mrs. Campbell 1837-1873
Lady Harriet Clive 1837-1841
Frances Mary, Viscountess Forbes 1837-1874
Caroline Mary, Lady Gardiner 1837-1859
Lady Theresa Digby 1837-1856
Honourable Mrs. George Edward Anson (later Honourable
Mrs. George Edward Anson) 1841-1853, 1853-1855
Miss Amelia Matilda Murray 1853-1855
Frances, Viscountess Chewton 1855-1901
Honourable Mrs. Hamilton Gordon (later Honourable
Lady Hamilton Gordon) 1855-1901
Mary, Lady Codrington 1856-1885
Lady Sarah Elizabeth Lindsay (later Honourable Lady Lindsay) 1859-1890
Honourable Mrs. Robert Bruce 1866-1889
Lady Elizabeth Philippa Adeane 1873-1877
Miss Flora Clementina Isabella Macdonald 1874-1897
Honourable Mrs. George Hope 1875-1877
Honourable Mrs. Ferguson 1877-1901
Honourable Horatia Stopford 1877-1901
Lady Cust 1885-1901
Honourable Harriet Lepel Phipps 1889-1901
Honourable Emily Sarah Cathcart 1888-1901
Honourable Ethel Cadogan 1897-1901
Mrs. John Haughton 1899-1901

Extra Women of the Bedchamber:

Miss Mary Anne Davys (later Mrs. Pratt) 1839-1888
Honourable Mrs. Robert Bruce 1862-1866
Lady Augusta Frederica Elizabeth Stanley
(previously Lady Augusta Frederica Elizabeth Bruce) 1863-1876
Lady Charlotte Copley (later Lady Copley) 1866-1875
Honourable Mrs. Charles Grey 1870-1890
Frances Mary, Viscountess Forbes 1874-1877
Lady Elizabeth Biddulph 1877-1901
Honourable Emily Sarah Cathcart 1880-1890
Honourable Mrs. Gerald Wellesley 1882-1901
Miss Ina Erskine McNeill 1888-1895
Mrs. Townshend Wilson 1890-1894
Mrs. Drummond (senior), of Megginch 1891 (Jan. 1-Dec. 22)
Georgina Elizabeth, Lady Cowell 1894-1901
Honourable Caroline Fanny Cavendish 1894-1901
Honourable Mrs. Alaric Grant
(previously Miss Victoria Matilda Susan Baillie) 1895-1901
Honourable Mrs. Bernard Mallet
(previously Miss Marie Adeane) 1895-1901
Honourable Lady Ponsonby 1895-1901
Miss Flora Clementina Isabella Macdonald 1897-1901

Honorary Woman of the Bedchamber:

Honourable Lady Biddulph
(previously Miss Mary Frederica Seymour) 1857-1901

Resident Women of the Bedchamber:

Miss Mary Anne Davys 1837-1839
Lady Augusta Frederica Elizabeth Bruce 1861-1863
Miss Ina Erskine McNeill 1888-1895

Maids of Honour:

Honourable Harriet Pitt 1837-1841
Honourable Caroline Cocks (later Lady Caroline Somers-Cocks) 1837-1849
Honourable Margaret Dillon 1837-1838
Miss Sarah Cavendish 1837-1842
Miss Matilda Paget 1837-1855
Miss Amelia Matilda Murray 1837-1853
Miss Harriet Lister 1837-1844
Miss Mary Spring Rice (later Honourable Mary Spring Rice) 1837-1841
Miss Henrietta Julia Anson 1838-1841
Honourable Frances Catherine Devereux 1841-1847
Miss Eleanor Stanley 1841-1862
Honourable Georgiana Liddell 1841-1845
Miss Clementina Baillie-Hamilton 1842-1845
Miss Lucy Maria Kerr 1844-1872
Miss Caroline Dawson 1845-1851
Honourable Anne Napier 1845-1847
Miss Caroline Fanny Cavendish 1847-1881
Miss Flora Clementina Isabella Macdonald 1847-1874
Miss Elizabeth Frederica Lennox 1849-1850
Miss Mary Frederica Seymour 1850-1856
Miss Beatrice Byng 1851-1863
Miss Mary Bulteel 1853-1861
Miss Emily Sarah Cathcart 1855-1880
Miss Louisa Gordon 1856-1857
Miss Horatia Charlotte Stopford 1857-1877
Miss Victoria Alexandrina Stuart-Wortley 1861-1863
Miss Harriet Lepel Phipps 1862-1889
Honourable Adelaide Cavendish 1863 (July-Aug.)*
Honourable Lucy Caroline Lyttelton 1863-1864
Miss Emma Elizabeth Lascelles 1863-1865
Miss Florence Catherine Seymour (later Lady Florence
Catherine Seymour) 1864-1870
Miss Mary Louisa Lascelles 1865-1881
Honourable Mary Emma Pitt 1870-1883
Honourable Frances Mary Drummond 1872-1901
Miss Evelyn Cecilia Paget 1874-1894
Honourable Amy Lambart 1877-1884
Miss Ethel Henrietta Mary Cadogan 1880-1897
Miss Evelyn Moore 1881-1901
Miss Victoria Matilda Susan Baillie 1881-1884
Honourable Frederica Louisa Fitzroy 1883-1889
Miss Constance Honoria Kerr 1884-1886
Miss Maude Okeover 1884-1887
Miss Rosa Penelope Hood 1886-1894
Honourable Louisa Brownlow 1887 (May-Sept.)*
Miss Marie Adeane 1887-1891
Miss Bertha Lambart 1890-1901
Miss Adeline Loftus 1889-1892
Miss Mary Florentia Hughes 1891-1901
Miss Mary Hardinge 1892-1894
Miss Aline Majendie 1894-1901
Miss Mary Elizabeth Agnes Byng (later Lady Mary Byng) 1894-1898
Honourable Judith Harbord 1894-1901
Miss Sylvia Edwardes 1897-1901
Honourable Susan Baring 1898-1899
Honourable Dorothy Vivian 1899-1901
* appointed, but never in waiting

Extra Maids of Honour:

Miss Amelia Matilda Murray 1853 (Mar.-May)
Miss Eleanor Stanley 1862-1866
Miss Ethel Henrietta Mary Cadogan 1876-1880
Miss Victoria Matilda
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