1911 Ontario Census Records

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According to the 1911 Ontario census records, there were approximately 226,394 different family names documented. The top 34 most popular names in 1911 Ontario represented about 10 percent of the total recorded. That is, 1 of every 10 individuals had a last name from among the group of popular family names comprised of Smith, Brown, Wilson, Mc Donald, Thompson, Campbell, Taylor, Johnston, Scott, Martin, Clark, Johnson, White, Anderson, Jones, Robinson, Miller, Moore, Stewart, Wright, Young, Jackson, Armstrong, Bell, Walker, Williams, Graham, Hill, Davis, Watson, Cook, Reid, and King. There are over 25,000 surnames from the 1911 Ontario census records that are unique to Ontario compared to all other provinces in Canada. These unique names from 1911 include Overholt, Vollick, Schnarr, Terryberry, Jantzi, Marade, Schaus, Zehr, and Gingerich; among others.

There were about 3 percent more males than females in Ontario in 1911: approximately 1,302,200 males compared to approximately 1,223,200 females. The 1911 Ontario census records reveal that 8 percent of all men had a given name of John, while about one-quarter of the male population had a given names from among this set of the top five most popular: John, William, James, George, and Thomas.

These census records also show that about 8 percent of all women had a given name of Mary. However, for females, approximately one-quarter of all given names come from a group of a dozen popular names: Mary, Annie, Elizabeth, Margaret, Sarah, Alice, Florence, Emma, Edith, Ethel, Jane, and Ellen.

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