Cumberland Census Records - Huntley

More than 20 census records are available for the Huntley family, from both 1901 and 1911.

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Sample 1901 Cumberland census records about the Huntley family available from
A Huntley family household of at least 4 members residing in the district of Cumberland was recorded in 1901. The head of household, Eliza Huntley, was born in "C" in 1864. He identified his heritage as English. By 1901, at the age of 37, he had an occupation that was recorded as "Laborer". Eliza's wife was Etta Huntley, who was 37 years old. Etta was born in Nova Scotia in 1864. She also identified her heritage as English. Eliza and Etta had 2 children, both boys. In 1893 the older boy, Harry, was born. One year later, in 1894, when Eliza was 30 years old and Etta was 30 years old their second son, who was named Allen, was born.

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