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Name: Alexander Westbrook

Birth: 1817 Sandyston

Death: 7 Dec 1860 Montague, Sussex, New Jersey

Father: Joseph Jobes Westbrook

Mother: Sarah Ann Ennis

Name: Alexander Westbrook

Birth: 31 March 1851 Johnson County, Illinois, United States of America

Death: 31 December 1921 Eldorado, Saline County, Illinois, United States of America

Father: William J Westbrook

Mother: Mary Polly Taylor

Name: Alexander William Westbrook

Birth: 26 Jul 1872 Alabama

Death: 28 Feb 1913 Barbour, Alabama, United States

Father: John Manley (N ?) Westbrook/Westbrooks

Mother: Sarah Ann Ketchum

Name: Alexander Westbrook

Birth: 29 Jan 1790 Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 22 DEC 1853 Porter Twp, Huntingdon Co, PA

Father: Levi Westbrook Capt. war of 1812

Mother: Catherine wife of Levi Westbrook MNU Cluggage

Name: Alexander Westbrook

Birth: 1820 Williamson, Illinois, United States

Death: 18 Feb 1851 Williamson, Illinois, USA

Father: James Westbrook

Mother: Anne McGowen

Name: Alexander V. Westbrook

Birth: 29 Dec 1850 New Jersey, USA

Death: 2 May 1897 Sussex County, New Jersey, USA

Father: Wilhelmus Westbrook

Mother: Maria Davis

Name: Alexander Westbrook

Birth: 8 Dec 1892 New Malden, Surrey, England

Death: Mar 1977 Waltham Forest, Greater London, England

Father: Alfred William Westbrook

Mother: Sarah Kate Billingham

Name: Alexander Westbrook

Birth: 3 JAN 1766 Sussex County, New Jersey, United States of America

Death: 17 Mar 1845 Brant, Ontario, Canada

Father: Anthony Westbrook

Mother: Sara Decker

Name: Alexander Hamilton Westbrook

Birth: 18 Jun 1878 Lancaster, Missouri

Death: 18 Dec 1950 Meriden, Jefferson Co., Kansas, USA

Father: Alexander Westbrook

Mother: Mary Jane Crawford Merey Westbrook

Name: Alexander Westbrook

Birth: abt 1842 Illinois, United States

Death: About 1880 Lancaster, Schuyler Co., Missouri, USA

Father: Deberimon Westbrook

Mother: Matilda B Cardwell

Name: Alexander Westbrook

Birth: 11/28/1808 Brantford, Brant, Ontario, Canada

Death: 04 or 14 Mar 1884 Cainsville, Brant, Ontario, Canada

Father: Major John "Johann" Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Gage

Name: Alexander Frederick Westbrook

Birth: Dec 1865 St John; Westminster, London, England

Death: 14 Aug 1937 Sussex, England

Father: Richard Austwick Westbrook

Mother: Emma Louisa Shipman

Name: ALEXANDER Morton Westbrook

Birth: 16 Nov 1908 Lindisfarne, Tasmania, Australia

Death: 30 Jun 2002

Father: CYRIL Lempriere Westbrook

Mother: (Muriel) Annie Evelyn Muriel Packer Morton

Name: Alexander Westbrook

Birth: 1788

Death: Not Available

Father: Arie Westbroek

Mother: Mary De Witt Kortright

Name: Alexander Edward Westbrook

Birth: 25 Sep 1909 Stokesley, Yorkshire, England

Death: Mar 1974 Riding, Northumberland, England

Father: Arthur Francis Westbrook

Mother: Annie Hardy

Name: Alexander A J Westbrook

Birth: 14 Oct 1920 Mile End, London

Death: Dec 1980 Lewisham, Greater London, England

Father: Alexander Westbrook

Mother: Ethel M Westbrook

Name: Alexander Westbrook



Father: Thomas Westbrook

Mother: Clara Amy Collyer

Name: Alexander E. Westbrook

Birth: May 1850 Sandyston, Sussex, New Jersey, United States

Death: March 26, 1916 Sussex County, New Jersey, USA

Father: Alexander Westbrook

Mother: Hannah L Young

Name: Alexander C 'Alex' Elesander Westbrook

Birth: 3 Dec 1882 Haralson Georgia, United States

Death: 18 May 1979

Father: William Augustus Westbrook

Mother: Martha Louise Morse (Moss)

Name: Alexander Westbrook

Birth: 1838 South Carolina

Death: 1838 South Carolina

Father: Samuel Gray Westbrook

Mother: Matilda Wherry

Name: Alexander Westbrook

Birth: 1887 Stepney, London, England

Death: Not Available

Father: James Edward Westbrook

Mother: Frances Mary Palmer

Name: Alexander Westbrook

Birth: 5 February 1871 Brant County, Ontario, Canada

Death: 6 June 1871 Brant County, Ontario. Canada

Father: Peter Westbrook

Mother: Victoria E Gleason

Name: Alexander S. Westbrook

Birth: 1846 Georgia, United States

Death: Not Available

Father: Champion Westbrook

Mother: Susan Elvira Viola Stewart

Name: Alexander Westbrook

Birth: 1854 Tremont, Buchanan, Missouri, United States

Death: Not Available

Father: John Lewis Westbrook

Mother: Malinda Vaughn

Name: Alexander Westbrook

Birth: 28 Nov 1804 Brantford, Brant Co, Canada West (Ontario

Death: 14 Mar 1884 Cainsville, Brant Co, Ontario, Canada

Father: Alexander Westbrook

Mother: Mary Decker

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