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Name: Alice King

Birth: 18 January 1875 Dawt, Ozark, Missouri, United States

Death: 24 May 1952 Dawt, Ozark, Missouri, USA

Father: John Harvey King

Mother: Polly Ann Naves-Isom

Name: Alice Mae King

Birth: 31 May 1928 Moore, Idaho, USA

Death: 30 Aug 2005 Rigby, Idaho, USA

Father: Cecil Glenn King

Mother: Mary Ellen Hayes

Name: Alice King

Birth: 1 Nov 1902 Coyote, Garfield, Utah, United States

Death: 5 November 1984 Richfield, Utah

Father: Alonzo King

Mother: Martha (Mattie) Ann Wallace

Name: Alice Jeanette King

Birth: 20 Mar 1875 Henry County, AL

Death: 6 Apr 1926 Houston County, AL

Father: Pvt William Rufus King

Mother: Caroline Buie

Name: Alice Rosalind King

Birth: 21 Jul 1899 West Ham, Essex, England

Death: 12 Dec 1933 West Ham, Essex, England

Father: Alfred Robert King

Mother: Elizabeth Abigail Wright

Name: Alice Maude Dorothy King

Birth: 19 MAR 1909 Paddington NSW AUSTRALIA

Death: 30 June 1936 QLD Australia reg 002520 page 841

Father: Herbert Edward King


Name: Alice Margery King

Birth: 1888 Tidenham Gloucestershire

Death: 1918 Chepstow Monmouthshire

Father: James King

Mother: Alice King

Name: Alice Hannah King

Birth: 29 September 1873 Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Death: 23 April 1943 Harmerville, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Father: Frank Nicholas King

Mother: Miriam E. Jones

Name: Alice Eliza Farnes King

Birth: 8 May 1888 Logan, Cache, Utah, USA

Death: 8 Jul 1976 Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho, USA

Father: William King

Mother: Clara Ann Farnes

Name: Alice King

Birth: 20 Jul 1904 Clarksville, Red River county, Texas

Death: 7 May 1999 Broken Bow, Mccurtain, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Charles Edward King

Mother: Elizabeth 'Bettie' Jane McGuire


Birth: 21 Feb 1881 Chelsea, London, England

Death: 16 Feb 1966 Hammersmith, London, England, United Kingdom



Name: Alice King

Birth: 7 Aug 1737 Cowlinge, Suffolk, England

Death: 1821 Cowlinge, Suffolk, England

Father: William King

Mother: Alice Creek

Name: Alice K. King

Birth: 29 JUN 1847 Bloomington, McLean, Illinois

Death: 5 Jan 1928 Bloomington, McLean County, Illinois, USA

Father: William King

Mother: Ann -Cook- Van Nostin

Name: Alice J King

Birth: 21 June 1855 Belmont County, Ohio, United States

Death: 20 Mar 1920 Bannock, Belmont, Ohio, USA

Father: Alexander L D King

Mother: Mary Clark

Name: Alice Catherine King

Birth: 2 Dec 1913 PA, USA

Death: 27 Nov 2001 Mashpee, MA, USA

Father: John Francis King

Mother: Miriam (Minnie) Davis

Name: Alice Mabel King

Birth: 18 Dec 1894 East Boston Massachusetts

Death: 3 Feb 1989 Medford, MA USA

Father: John Charles King

Mother: Charlotte "Lottie" M. Fougere

Name: Alice Nancy King

Birth: 28 Aug 1900 Clarksville, Johnson County Arkansas

Death: 4 Oct 1971 Johnson, Arkansas, United States

Father: Jesse Marion "Jess" King

Mother: Barbara Anderson Harris

Name: Alice Eldoretta King

Birth: 20 Aug 1848 Milford, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 18 Jan 1918 Richmond, Franklin, Kansas, USA

Father: Benjamin F KING

Mother: Annette Clarissa Pike

Name: Alice King

Birth: 17 Oct 1910 Lawrence County, Mississippi, USA

Death: 14 Apr 1990 Brookhaven, Lincoln, Mississippi, USA

Father: John Jefferson King

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Boutwell

Name: Alice Alfred King

Birth: April 24, 1867 Texas

Death: June 29, 1933 Sweetwater, Nolan County, Texas

Father: Thomas King

Mother: Malonie Adeline Neel

Name: Alice Angeline King

Birth: 27 May 1871 Kaysville, Davis, Utah, United States

Death: 28 Jul 1936 Homer, Jefferson, Idaho, USA

Father: Hyrum Smith King

Mother: Alice Bennett

Name: Alice Tulula Annie King

Birth: 22 Jul 1870 Alabama

Death: 27 Nov 1942 Childress, Childress Co., TX

Father: John Butler King

Mother: Mary Alice Delaney (Wheeler) King

Name: Alice Ethel King

Birth: 18 Jun 1864 Sherwood, New South Wales, Australia

Death: 28 May 1952 Rockdale, New South Wales, Australia

Father: Job King

Mother: Elizabeth Tilbury

Name: Alice Bell King

Birth: 1 August 1912 Canadian, Hemphill, Texas, USA

Death: 11 Jan 2005 Amarillo, TX

Father: Joseph Polk King

Mother: Fannie Caroline Cook

Name: Alice Hilda King

Birth: 26 Jan 1907 Chandos Twp., Peterborough Co., Ontario, Canada

Death: 27 Jan 2002 Emo, Ontario, Canada

Father: John Nepuen (Edward) King

Mother: Margaret Bullied

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