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Name: Alice Chadwick

Birth: 1834 Conisbrough, Yorkshire, England

Death: 1917 Doncaster District, Yorkshire, England

Father: John Chadwick

Mother: Sarah Thompson

Name: Alice Mae Chadwick

Birth: 26 May 1893 Sabetha, Nemaha County, Kansas, United States of America

Death: 18 August 1984 Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri, United States of America

Father: William Henry "Will" Chadwick

Mother: Margaret Mabel "Maggie" Coll (Call, Caul)

Name: Alice Chadwick

Birth: abt 1869 Leigh, Lancashire, England

Death: 10 May 1951 91 Church Street, Leigh, Lancashire, England

Father: James Chadwick

Mother: Ellen Longworth

Name: Alice Chadwick

Birth: 22 Mar 1844 Liverpool, Metropolitan Borough of Liverpool, Merseyside, England

Death: 23 Sep 1917 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA

Father: John Chadwick

Mother: Elizabeth Tomlinson

Name: Alice Alyda Chadwick

Birth: 09 May 1911 Wisconsin, USA

Death: 24 Sep 1968 Wisconsin, USA

Father: Albert H (Bert) Chadwick

Mother: Hattie Bekker

Name: Alice Louise CHADWICK

Birth: 25 January 1886 Farthing Hill, Warnham, Horsham, Sussex

Death: 30 July 1957 East Dulwich, London

Father: Richard Pearson Chadwick

Mother: Agnes SELFE

Name: Alice Chadwick

Birth: 1781 Chadderton, Lancashire, England

Death: 1813 Hollinwood, Lancashire, England

Father: John Simpson

Mother: Mary Butterworth

Name: Alice chadwick

Birth: 1851 Rumworth, Lancashire, England

Death: 25th April 1901 20, Morris, Street, Deane, Lancashire, England

Father: John Chadwick

Mother: Mary Chadwick(previously Bullough)

Name: Alice Chadwick

Birth: 24 Jun 1554 Winstanley, Lancashire, England

Death: 13 Oct 1596 Rochdale, Lancaster, England

Father: John Chadwick

Mother: Jane Longly'

Name: Alice M. Chadwick

Birth: 30 Jul 1884 Boscawen, NH

Death: 20 Feb 1967 Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA

Father: George P Chadwick

Mother: Mary L. Mack

Name: Alice May CHADWICK

Birth: 27 Feb 1902 Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia

Death: 01 Oct 1979 Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia

Father: Robert Isaac Chadwick

Mother: Martha Alice George

Name: Alice Chadwick

Birth: 1805 Bolton, Lancashire, England

Death: Apr 1875 Greater Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Father: Thomas Chadwick

Mother: Alice Hodgkinson

Name: Alice Chadwick

Birth: 26 May 1853 Somers Town, London, England

Death: 19/7/1917 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Father: John Chadwick

Mother: Emma Brown

Name: Alice Belle Chadwick

Birth: 7 Aug 1863 Fairport, Monroe Co, New York, USA

Death: 19 Jan 1939 Forest City, Holt Co, Missouri, USA

Father: Henry Harrison Chadwick

Mother: Rachel Comstock

Name: Alice Chadwick

Birth: 25 Sep 1870 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England

Death: 22 Jun 1932 Battersea, London, England

Father: John Chadwick

Mother: Isabella Squires Geall

Name: Alice Virginia Chadwick

Birth: 2 APR 1916 Boyd, Kentucky, United States

Death: 10 December 1974 Weber County, Utah, USA

Father: Oliver Hampton Chadwick

Mother: Lutie M Butler

Name: Alice Chadwick

Birth: 28 October 1856 Ferry Bridge, Yorkshire, England

Death: Oct/Nov/Dec 1949 Rotherham Yorkshire

Father: Samuel Chadwick

Mother: Mary Ann Lockwood

Name: Alice Elizabeth Chadwick

Birth: 29 Sep 1909 New London, New London, CT

Death: 16 Mar 1983 Tacoma, Pierce, Washington

Father: Harry Elmer CHADWICK

Mother: Emma Josephine Wightman Stackhouse

Name: Alice Ann Chadwick

Birth: 17 Dec 1875 Salford, Lancashire, England

Death: 26 Jul 1926 Rutland, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Miles Nadin Chadwick

Mother: Jane Crompton

Name: Alice Chadwick

Birth: 6 February 1844 Blackburn, Lancashire

Death: January 1905 Blackburn, Lancashire

Father: Robert Chadwick

Mother: Cicely Moss

Name: Alice Chadwick

Birth: 15 October 1896 Manchester, Lancashire, England

Death: Abt. 1983 Rochdale, Lancashire, England

Father: Thomas Chadwick

Mother: Sarah Christian


Birth: 16th DEC 1903 Bermondsey, Surrey, England

Death: Jul 1987 Greenwich, London, England


Mother: Alice Louise Palmer

Name: Alice Chadwick

Birth: 24 December 1890 Atherton, Lancashire, England

Death: approx 1936 Hulton Lane Hospital Bolton

Father: James Chadwick

Mother: Margaret Eckersley

Name: Alice Ann Chadwick

Birth: 6 May 1886 Westhoughton, Lancashire, England, UK

Death: Dec 1961 Clitheroe, Lancashire, England

Father: William Chadwick

Mother: Ann Green

Name: Alice Leona Pritchard Chadwick

Birth: 31 Dec 1896 American Fork, Utah, Utah, USA

Death: 25 April 1976 Layton, Davis, Utah, USA

Father: James Chadwick

Mother: Elizabeth Pritchard

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