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Name: Alma Glena SLOAN

Birth: abt 1908 Macon, MO

Death: 30 Sep 1989 Indiana, United States

Father: William Sloan

Mother: May Cook

Name: Alma Cresla Sloan

Birth: 26 May 1905 Hortense, Brantley, Georgia, USA

Death: 27 June 1987 Hortense, Brantley, Georgia, USA

Father: John Martin Sloan

Mother: Martha F Flowers

Name: Alma Sloan

Birth: 24 May 1867 Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 25 Jul 1949 Kane, McKean, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: David J Sloan

Mother: Ann Jane Bovard

Name: Alma Louise Sloan

Birth: 26 September 1928 Klondike, Delta County, Texas, USA

Death: July 18 2010 Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, USA

Father: 3Oliver Smith Sloan

Mother: Addie Beatrice Looney

Name: Alma Sloan

Birth: 31 Oct 1882 Franklin, Simpson, Kentucky, USA

Death: 18JUN1968 Simpson, Kentucky

Father: Fernly Alexander Sloan

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Thornton

Name: Alma T Sloan

Birth: 28 November 1882 Newburgh, Warrick County, Indiana, United States of America

Death: 29 June 1958 Chandler, Warrick County, Indiana, United States of America

Father: Humphrey King Sloan

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Hill

Name: alma sloan

Birth: 26 May 1905 Hortense, Brantley, Georgia, USA

Death: 27 June 1987 Hortense, Brantley, Georgia, USA

Father: John Martin Sloan

Mother: Martha F Flowers

Name: Alma Clara Sloan

Birth: 12 Nov 1904 Jasper, Newton, Arkansas

Death: 3 Aug 1984 Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA

Father: Raleigh Clifford "Rollie" Sloan

Mother: Emily Rosetta Rush

Name: Alma Hazel Sloan

Birth: 6 August 1899 Brookside Je, Alabama

Death: 6 May 1997 Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, USA

Father: Robert Jackson Sloan

Mother: Alma M Hayes Sloan

Name: Alma Metter Sloan

Birth: 4 Nov 1880 South Carolina

Death: 23 Feb 1958 Russellville, Franklin, Alabama

Father: James Dillard Sloan

Mother: Nancy "Nannie" Mary Wiggins

Name: Alma Daffo Sloan

Birth: 4 Oct 1912 Red Boiling Springs, Macon, Tennessee, USA

Death: 21 Jun 1994 Red Boiling Springs, Macon, Tennessee, USA

Father: Ira Jason Sloan

Mother: Dodd A Sloan

Name: Alma M Hayes Sloan

Birth: 7 April 1873 Alabama

Death: 18 Nov 1938 Birminham, Alabama, USA

Father: John Hayes

Mother: Rose Shepherd

Name: Alma Angeline Sloan

Birth: 15 Aug 1862 Woodbury, Washington, Vermont

Death: 10 Mar 1958 East Calais, Washington Co., Vermont, USA

Father: Lyman Arunah Sloan

Mother: Lucy Ann LINDSAY

Name: Alma Sloan

Birth: 1 NOV 1885 Covington, Miami, Ohio, USA

Death: 2 Nov 1964 Vandalia, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Father: Horace Elwood Sloan

Mother: Alta Eva Ingle

Name: Alma Allison SLOAN

Birth: 1900 Allandale, Victoria, Australia

Death: 1952 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Father: John Thomas Sloan

Mother: Agnes Florence Weir

Name: Alma Sloan

Birth: abt 1908 Texas

Death: ABT 1910 Texas

Father: John William Sloan

Mother: Mary Jane Wren

Name: Alma Jessie Sloan

Birth: 31 Oct 1906 Idaho County, Idaho, USA

Death: 27 Jan 1990 Lewiston, Nez Perce, Idaho, USA

Father: James Bradford Sloan

Mother: Gertrude Eliza Cook Sloan

Name: Alma Ree Sloan

Birth: abt 1934 Kentucky

Death: 26 Sep 2005 Elizabethtown, Hardin, Kentucky, USA

Father: William Sloan

Mother: Clara Brown

Name: Alma Mae Sloan

Birth: 6 January 1920 Monroe County, Tennessee

Death: 21 March 1988 Louden County, Tennessee

Father: Dee Witt "Ben" Sloan

Mother: Kada Rachael CLINE

Name: Alma A Sloan

Birth: 12 Apr 1914 New Albany, Floyd, Indiana, USA

Death: Feb 1996 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA

Father: Andrew Sherman Sloan

Mother: Alice Sanders

Name: Alma Sloan

Birth: 1904 Illinois, United States

Death: 1906

Father: John Alonzo Sloan

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Sanders

Name: Alma Estelle Sloan

Birth: abt 1904 Kentucky

Death: 9 October 1983 Simpson, Kentucky

Father: Allen W Sloan

Mother: Lucy Pearl Meador

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