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Name: Anna C Haney

Birth: 5 Jan 1901 Pennsylvania

Death: 16 May 1982 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Father: Dennis F. Haney

Mother: Margaret Dillman

Name: Anna Haney

Birth: 14 May 1896 Warwick Township, Tuscarawas, Ohio

Death: 19 Sep 1986 Dover, Tuscarawas County, Ohio

Father: Gottfried Johann (Godfrey) Haenni

Mother: Catherine L Metzger

Name: Anna A. Haney

Birth: 3 Dec 1886 Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 4 Mar 1963 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: David Haney

Mother: Susan McNichol

Name: Anna Belle Haney

Birth: 5 Jul 1886 Blair Co, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 26 March 1925 Franklin, Venango County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: James Mathew Haney

Mother: Mary V Trout

Name: Anna Rebecca Haney

Birth: 14 April 1860 Welland Ontario

Death: 7 May 1931 Welland, Ontario, Canada

Father: Matthew Fletcher Haney

Mother: Rebecca Wilde

Name: Anna Lee Haney

Birth: 19 May 1898 Greene County, Virginia, United States of America

Death: 6 December 1981 Albemarle County, Virginia, United States of America

Father: John Lee Haney

Mother: Alice Roberta Deane

Name: Anna Mary Haney

Birth: 19 Jun 1893 Point Pleasant, Bucks Co., PA

Death: 28 Jan 1985 Richlandtown, Bucks Co., PA

Father: Sylvester Haney

Mother: Violetta Fulmer

Name: Anna Haney

Birth: Nov 1874 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

Death: 10 May 1932 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

Father: James Haney

Mother: Mollie (Mary) Connelly

Name: Anna "Annie" "Esther"(6) Haney

Birth: abt 1870 Ontario

Death: 28 Jul 1957 Benton Harbor, Berrien, Michigan, USA

Father: Archibald Haney

Mother: Janet Brown

Name: Anna Leona Haney

Birth: 21 June 1917 Champaign County, Ohio, USA

Death: 25 September 2012 Springfield, Clark, Ohio, USA

Father: William Thomas Haney

Mother: Mary Cordelia Giles

Name: Anna Maria Haney

Birth: 18 Jan 1841 Canton, Bern, Switzerland

Death: 1 Dec 1919 Milton, Buffalo, Wisconsin, United States

Father: Benedict Haney

Mother: Anna Marie Spring

Name: Anna Drew Haney

Birth: 8 Jan 1909 Seymour, Webster, Missouri

Death: 16 Apr 1989 Branson, Taney, Missouri

Father: William Burrell Haney

Mother: Mary Jane Sanders

Name: Anna Mary Haney

Birth: 29 Aug 1869 Homeville, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 20 Apr 1907 Pennsylvania, USA

Father: James S. HANEY

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Ortlip

Name: Anna Victoria Haney

Birth: 10 May 1896 Greene County, Virginia, USA

Death: 14 Jul 1934 Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia

Father: Jeremiah Maxwell/Mark "Jerry" Haney+

Mother: Mary Ellen Breeden

Name: Anna Lyda Haney

Birth: 5 Mar 1891 Ten Mile District, Harrison, West Virginia, USA

Death: 27 Feb 1920 Bristol, Harrison, West Virginia, USA

Father: John Lafayette Haney

Mother: Nancy J Ford

Name: Anna Viola Haney

Birth: 31 May 1871 Glenwood

Death: 2//2//1946 Fort Payne, DeKalb, Alabama

Father: Elijah "Lige" Newt Haynie

Mother: Lucinda "Lou" C Parker

Name: Anna Jewell Haney

Birth: 14 Sep 1931 Jackson County, Tennessee

Death: 18 Aug 2008 Cookeville, Putnam , Tennessee

Father: John McHenry Haney

Mother: Slina A. Payne

Name: Anna Haney

Birth: Mar 1828 Ireland

Death: 4 Jun 1913 Sheldon, Monroe, Wisconsin, United States

Father: Geoffrey Allen Haney

Mother: Ann Haney

Name: Anna Haney

Birth: 25 September 1896 Scottsdale, Pennsylvania

Death: 18 Jul 1983 Youngstown, Mahoning, Oh

Father: Michael Haney

Mother: Mary Salmon Haney

Name: Anna E Haney

Birth: 16 Apr 1863 Spring Lake, Ottawa, Michigan, United States

Death: 18 Jan 1913 Grand Haven, Ottawa, Michigan, United States

Father: Richard Haney

Mother: Mary Ann Farley

Name: Anna Emeila Haney

Birth: 20 Jul 1886 Lacrosse, Wisconsin

Death: 3 Jun 1952 La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Father: Paul Johnson

Mother: Inga Paulson

Name: ANNA Chambers Haney

Birth: 22 Aug 1853 Straffordville, Elgin, Ontario, Canada

Death: 22 Mar 1930 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada

Father: John Slough Haney

Mother: PHOEBE Chambers

Name: Anna Louisa Haney

Birth: 18 Aug 1867 Morgan Co., Kentucky

Death: 24 Jun 1948 Warren, Ohio, USA

Father: Granville Haney

Mother: Louisa Taulbee Sebastian

Name: Anna Maria Haney

Birth: 26 Mar 1848 Adah, Fayette Co., PA

Death: 7 Feb 1922 Uniontown, Fayette, Pennsylvania

Father: Samuel Haney

Mother: Susannah (Messmore) Haney

Name: Anna C Haney

Birth: 5 Jan 1901 Pennsylvania

Death: 16 May 1982 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Father: Dennis F. Haney

Mother: Margaret Dillman

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