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Name: Anna Nilsdotter

Birth: 22 dec 1837 sphult, Skåne, Sverige

Death: 6 februari 1887 Rickarum, Skåne län, Sverige

Father: Nils Pehrsson

Mother: Bengta Jönsdotter

Name: Anna Kristina Nilsdotter

Birth: 15 Jun 1853 Spekeröd, Vastra Gotaland, Sweden

Death: 18 Jul 1937 Göteborgs Karl Johan, Bohuslän, Sweden

Father: Nils Engelbrektsson

Mother: Gretha Eliasdotter

Name: Anna Nilsdotter

Birth: 16Feb1855 Sweden

Death: 11Jul1922 Abee, Thorhild, Alberta, Canada

Father: Nils Jonasson

Mother: Maja Katrina Johannisdotter

Name: Anna Nilsdotter

Birth: 14 Apr 1875 Snårestad, Malmöhus, Sweden

Death: 6 August 1965 Estherville, Emmet County, Iowa, USA

Father: Nils Håkansson Sjövall

Mother: Sissa Olsdotter Sjövall

Name: Anna Greta Nilsdotter

Birth: 15 Sep 1820 Bergum, Vastra Gotaland, Sweden

Death: 22 Jul 1856 Bergum, Vastra Gotaland, Sweden

Father: Nils Andersson

Mother: Brita Maria Andersdotter

Name: Anna Kristina Nilsdotter

Birth: 30 Aug 1810 Vilebo, Kättilstad, Östergötland, Sweden

Death: 9 Jan 1906 Kattilstad, Östergötland, Sweden

Father: Nils Månsson

Mother: Christina Israelsdotter

Name: Anna Nilsdotter

Birth: 1867/02/07 Norrvidinge, Skåne, Sweden

Death: 12 mars 1954 Norrviddinge

Father: Nils Mickelsson

Mother: Elna Persdotter

Name: Anna Katharina Nilsdotter

Birth: 28 Mar 1841 Jällby, Vastra Gotaland, Sweden

Death: 28 FEB 1912 Jällby, Vastra Gotaland, Sweden

Father: Nils Johansson


Name: Anna Greta Nilsdotter

Birth: 20 sep 1826 Björsäter, Östergötland, Sverige

Death: 9 maj 1895 Norrköpings Sankt Olai, Östergötland, Sverige

Father: Nils Persson

Mother: Anna Carlsdotter

Name: Anna Nilsdotter

Birth: 18 Sep 1866 Björsberg, Bjursås sn, Kopparbergs län, Sverige

Death: 5 Nov 1921 Bjursås, Kopparberg, Sverige

Father: Nils Andersson

Mother: Anna Olsdotter

Name: # Anna Catharina Nilsdotter

Birth: 8 maj 1826 Berg Skredsvik, Göteborgs & Bohus län

Death: 18 sept 1898 Gunneröd Skredsvik, Göteborgs & Bohus län

Father: Nils Jonsson

Mother: Maria (Maja) Greta Christiansdotter

Name: Anna Nilsdotter

Birth: 1882 Time Klepp Norway

Death: Nov 1974 Rochelle, Ogle, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Nels Hendrickson

Mother: Marie Albertson

Name: Anna Nilsdotter

Birth: 8 Aug 1858 Hara, Ekshärad, Värmlands län, Sweden

Death: 1916 Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

Father: Nils Jonasson

Mother: Ingeborg Olofsdotter

Name: Anna Nilsdotter

Birth: 14 FEB 1708 Bölan, Enånger (X

Death: 14 maj 1784 Boda, Enånger, Gävleborg, Sverige

Father: Nils Persson

Mother: Gölin Andersdotter

Name: Anna Nilsdotter

Birth: 1 May 1824 Tullstorp, Malmöhus, Skåne, Sweden

Death: 7 May 1903 Tullstorp, Malmöhus, Skåne, Sweden



Name: Anna Nilsdotter

Birth: 5 Jan 1749 Langnas 7, Pitea lf, Norrbotten, Sverige

Death: 28 Dec 1820 Svensbyn 9, Pitea lf, Norrbotten, Sverige

Father: Nils Olofsson

Mother: Karin Andersdotter

Name: Anna Nilsdotter

Birth: 13 jul 1789 Frölöten, Husby-Oppunda, Södermanland

Death: 18 MAR 1856 Lerbo D

Father: Nils Jonsson

Mother: Ingrid Arvidsdotter

Name: Anna B. Nilsdotter

Birth: 18 Oct 1863 Ovanheden, Äppelbo, Kopparberg, Sweden

Death: 24 FEB 1899 Lake Park, Becker, Minnesota, United States

Father: Myrbil Nels Nilsson

Mother: Cristina Larsdotter

Name: Anna Hedda Nilsdotter

Birth: 5 okt 1812 Gärdserum, Östergötland, Sverige

Death: 11 feb 1879 Tryserum, Östergötland, Sverige

Father: Nils Carlsson

Mother: Anna Kajsa Andersdotter

Name: Anna Nilsdotter

Birth: 18 Feb 1809 Nobbelof, Vä, Kristianstad län, Sweden

Death: 15 Aug 1886 rmatofta No. 1, Vä, Kristianstad län, Sweden

Father: Nils Pehrsson

Mother: Karna Andersdotter

Name: Anna Ulrika Nilsdotter

Birth: 26 nov 1815 Skärkind, Östergötland, Sverige

Death: 26 Dec 1901 Gryts, Östergötland, Sverige

Father: Nils Håkansson

Mother: Anna Cajsa Olofsdotter

Name: Anna Nilsdotter

Birth: 24 Jul 1710 Stora Skärmnäs, Varmlands, Sweden

Death: 04 or 23 MAR 1777 Bråten, Brunskog, Varmlands, Sweden

Father: Nils Andersson

Mother: Ingeborg Olsdotter

Name: Anna Marie Nilsdotter

Birth: 7 Juli 1877 Brunnsberg, Älvdalen, Kopparberg, Sverige

Death: 16 Jun 1950

Father: Tommos Nils Andersson

Mother: Back Anna Larsdotter

Name: Anna Stina Nilsdotter

Birth: 21 mar 1768 Sörberget, Säfsnäs, Dalarna

Death: 8 jan 1803 Sörberget, Säfsnäs, Dalarna

Father: Nils Nilsson �

Mother: Ingeborg Ersdotter ( DNA-match) �

Name: Anna Mathilda Nilsdotter

Birth: 6 Jul 1865 Färlöv, Skane, Sweden

Death: 4 Apr 1924 Hollywood, California, United States

Father: Nils Persson

Mother: Elin Pettersdotter

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