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BIRTH: 18 Apr 1916 Hightower, Cleburne, Alabama, United States

DEATH: 19 Apr 2000 Richmond, Henrico Cty, Va

FATHER: John Charlie Venable

MOTHER: Sarah Levada "Vada" Townley

NAME: Annie Estelle Venable

BIRTH: 4 May 1891 Hunterdon County, NJ

DEATH: Jan 15, 1980 Hopewell, NJ, 08525

FATHER: Franklin Woolman Venable

MOTHER: Sarah Shaw Barcroft

NAME: Annie A. Venable

BIRTH: 05 OCT 1906 Indian Territory, Oklahoma

DEATH: January 1984 Dallas, Texas

FATHER: Andrew Washington Venable

MOTHER: Florence Augusta "Gusteen" St. Clair

NAME: Annie Laurie Venable

BIRTH: 25 Jan 1895 Greensburg, St Helena, Louisiana, United States

DEATH: 24 Mar 1966 Dequincy, Calcasieu, Louisiana, United States

FATHER: George Watterson Venable

MOTHER: Emma Gertrude HERRIN

NAME: Annie Rebecca Venable

BIRTH: 20 Oct 1899 Giles, Amelia, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 11 Aug 1987 Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, USA

FATHER: John Wesley Venable

MOTHER: Isabelle Beatrice Granderson

NAME: Annie Mae Venable

BIRTH: 18 Jan 1910 Alabama

DEATH: 18 Apr 1996 Scottsboro, Jackson, Alabama, USA

FATHER: William Sanders "Billy" Venable

MOTHER: Sophia Emmaline "Emmie" Guinn

NAME: Annie Venable

BIRTH: 31 Dec 1905 Louisiana, United States of America

DEATH: 11 Jan 1998 Crowley, Acadia Parish, Louisiana, USA

FATHER: Jessie Venable

MOTHER: Victoria “Mrs Jessie” Venable

NAME: Annie L Venable

BIRTH: Nov 1889 Conway Co, AR

DEATH: ABT 1911 Faulkner Co., AR

FATHER: Jonathan W Venable

MOTHER: Etta Mary Bardin

NAME: Annie M. Venable

BIRTH: 30 Oct 1907 Thurber, Erath, Texas, USA

DEATH: 18 Jun 1998 Mingus, Palo Pinto, Texas, United States of America

FATHER: Charlie Burl Venable

MOTHER: Francis Elizabeth Elvira Welch

NAME: Annie Perry Venable

BIRTH: 2 Sep 1897 Sullivan, Tennessee

DEATH: 21 May 1924 Johnson City, Washington, Tennessee

FATHER: George Campbell Venable

MOTHER: Berdie Crumley

NAME: Annie Maria Venable

BIRTH: 25 Mar 1883 Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, Wales

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: William Venables


NAME: Annie Lee Venable

BIRTH: 27 Oct 1863 Logan, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 16 Sep 1942 Logan Co., KY, USA

FATHER: Albert G Venable

MOTHER: Susan Hansborough Ogden

NAME: Annie Marilyn Venable

BIRTH: 1 Feb 1911 Missouri

DEATH: 24 Oct 2003 Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA

FATHER: Grover Cleveland Venable

MOTHER: Genevieve Martha Taylor

NAME: annie-elizabeth venable

BIRTH: 7/28/1926 Halifax County, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 12/30/08 washington,dc

FATHER: henry aubry venable

MOTHER: annie chandler

NAME: Annie Elizabeth Venable

BIRTH: 6 Jul 1862 Burlington New Jersey

DEATH: 9 Nov 1930 Riverton, Burlington, NJ

FATHER: Thomas B Venable

MOTHER: Marissa Melvina Gorham

NAME: Annie Roberta Mae Venable

BIRTH: 2 Feb 1931 Washington County, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 2 Nov 2011 Washington, Virginia, USA

FATHER: James Walter Venable

MOTHER: Della Holley

NAME: Annie Helen Venable

BIRTH: 28 OCT 1908 Missouri, USA

DEATH: 1976/12/03 Brunswick, Chariton, Missouri, USA

FATHER: Anderson Carthra Venable

MOTHER: Annie Louise Garrett

NAME: Annie Lee Venable

BIRTH: 16 January 1909 Cartersville, Bartow, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 30 December 1999 Hilton Head Island, Beaufort County, South Carolina, USA

FATHER: Clement Evan Venable

MOTHER: Rossie L Henderson

NAME: Annie Agnes Venable

BIRTH: 18 Jul 1944 Cameron, Cameron, Louisiana, United States

DEATH: 6 Jun 1988 Cameron, Cameron, Louisiana, United States

FATHER: Willis Venable

MOTHER: Alzina Marie Babineaux

NAME: Annie Venable

BIRTH: 21 Mar 1904 Camden Quachita Co AR

DEATH: 15 Jul 1952

FATHER: Richard Jefferson Venable

MOTHER: Lillie Strong

NAME: Annie L. Venable

BIRTH: 28 Jun 1924 Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, USA

DEATH: 12 Feb 1992 Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, USA

FATHER: Elder Venable

MOTHER: Carrie Venable

NAME: Annie Virginia Venable

BIRTH: 29 Oct 1911 Tennessee

DEATH: 8 March 1953 Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee

FATHER: Artemus Nelson Venable

MOTHER: Angie Fain Anderson

NAME: Annie Mae Venable

BIRTH: 11 Mar 1920 Virginia

DEATH: 31 Dec 1984 South Boston, Virginia, USA

FATHER: Sterling (of Nelson) Venable

MOTHER: Nannie Tarry

NAME: Annie Venable

BIRTH: 1889 Halifax County, VA

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Willie Venable

MOTHER: Private

NAME: Annie E Venable

BIRTH: 28 Aug 1903 Rice, Augusta County, Virginia, USA

DEATH: Mar 1987 Brielle, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA

FATHER: John Venable

MOTHER: Private