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Name: Barbara A Roller

Birth: Jan 1852 Indiana, United States

Death: 27 OCT 1929 Bradshaw, York Co., Ne.

Father: Johannes Roller

Mother: Elisabetha 'Elizabeth' Essinger

Name: Barbara Madge Roller

Birth: 12 Mar 1905 Indian Springs, Sullivan, Tennessee, USA

Death: 14 OCT 1984 Kingsport, Sullivan, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: Martin Henry Roller

Mother: Catherine Pecktal

Name: Barbara Christine Roller

Birth: 1836 Bavaria

Death: Abt 1909

Father: John Roller

Mother: Elizabeth

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 23 Jan 1775 Scott, Virginia, United States

Death: 18 May 1848 Mosheim, Greene, Tennessee, USA

Father: Johannes Roller

Mother: Anna Maria Acker OCHER+

Name: Barbara Pauline Roller

Birth: 23 Apr 1934 Belfield, Stark, North Dakota, USA

Death: 20 March 2020 Fargo, Cass, North Dakota, USA

Father: Anton George Roller

Mother: Philomena Armbrust

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 7 May 1661 Wornersberg, Freudenstadt, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Death: 12 Oct 1734 Wornersberg, Freudenstadt, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Father: Jonas Klemm

Mother: Johanna Catharina Joubert

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 23 APR 1683 Wörnersberg

Death: 2 Nov 1746 Grömbach, Württemberg, Deutschland

Father: Hans Jerg Roller

Mother: Sabina Schaiblin

Name: Barbara Lorene Roller

Birth: 17 FEB 1913 Tucumcari, New Mexico

Death: 11 Sep 1998 Springfield, Greene, Missouri, USA

Father: Jesse James Roller

Mother: Maudie Bell Hall

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 09.12.1679 Haiterbach, Calw, Baden-Württemberg

Death: 29.01.1733 Haiterbach, Calw, Baden-Württemberg

Father: Martin Roller

Mother: Catharina Unterganger

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 13 Jul 1847 Neuweiler, Schwarzwaldkreis, Württemberg, Germany

Death: 22 Feb 1898 Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA

Father: Johann Georg Roller

Mother: Barbara Schweizer

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 16 OCT 1669 Breitenberg, Calw, Baden-W?rttemberg, Germany


Father: Hans Roller

Mother: Helina Unknown

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 21 Mai 1730 Neubulach

Death: 23 Jan 1804

Father: Johannes Roller*

Mother: Margaretha

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 16 Nov 1883 Hofstett, Schwarzwald


Father: Johann Georg Roller

Mother: Elisabetha Hanselmann

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 06.09.1895 Effringen, Calw, Baden-Württemberg

Death: 03.07.1968 Effringen, Calw, Baden-Württemberg

Father: Johannes Roller

Mother: Katharina Junger

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 5 Juni 1579 Wildbad, Calw, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Death: Not Available

Father: Steffan (Stephan) Roller

Mother: Anna Maria Berens(Roller)

Name: Barbara/Rae (Koehler-Knievel) Roller

Birth: 20 November 1925 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States

Death: 17 February 2008 Rancho Mirage, Riverside, California, United States

Father: Morris Solomon Roller

Mother: Lillian/Libbie/Libby//Libera Libe Kitrosso (Roller) Rosenzweig/Roszenweig

Name: Barbara C Roller

Birth: 10 May 1822 Sullivan, Tennessee, USA

Death: 24 Oct 1895 Sullivan, Tennessee, USA

Father: David Roller

Mother: Margaret Dickson / Dixen

Name: Barbara "Barbary" Roller

Birth: 1800 Sullivan, Tennessee, United States

Death: 1870 Sullivan, Tennessee, United States

Father: George Roller

Mother: Elizabeth "Betsy" Shipley

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 12.11.1693 Breitenberg, Calw, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

Death: 21 FEB 1751 Breitenberg, Calw, Baden-W?rttemberg, Germany

Father: Lorentz Roller

Mother: Anna Sager

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 17 Dec 1814 Ötisheim, Enzkreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Death: Not Available

Father: Johann Conrad Roller

Mother: Elisabeta Engler

Name: Barbara Ann ROLLER

Birth: 27 July 1850 Danville (Knox County), Knox County, Ohio, USA

Death: 14 June 1935 Clermont County, Ohio, USA

Father: Andrew Roller

Mother: Sarah Roush

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 18 Mar 1758 Oberried

Death: 24 Jun 1832 Eberspiel, Calw, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

Father: Johannes Roller

Mother: Anna Barbara Stoll Roller

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 8 Apr 1892 Altburg, Calw, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Death: DEAD

Father: Ulrich Roller

Mother: Magdalena Rentschler

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 6 Mar 1886 Germany

Death: 08 Jan 1974 Mill Valley, Marin County, California

Father: Karl Roller

Mother: Barbara "Babette" Vogel

Name: Barbara Roller

Birth: 16 Mar 1881 Altburg, Calw OA, Württemberg

Death: 10 Oct 1882 Altburg, Calw OA, Württemberg

Father: Johann Ulrich Roller

Mother: Marie Margaretha Pfrommer

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