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Name: Benjamin Wallace Hamer

Birth: 29 Feb 1856 Oakwood (Montgomery County), Montgomery County, Ohio, USA

Death: 28 Mar 1923 Oakwood, Montgomery, Ohio

Father: Thomas L Hamer

Mother: Rhoda Ann Davis Morgaridge

Name: Benjamin Hamer

Birth: Jul 1850 Greenfield, Gallia, Ohio

Death: 1904 Ohio

Father: John Hamer

Mother: Margaret Newbold

Name: Benjamin Hamer

Birth: 1881 Middle Hulton, Lancashire, England

Death: Jun 1950 Chorley, Lancashire, England

Father: Joseph Thomas Hamer

Mother: Alice Nicholson

Name: Benjamin Hamer

Birth: 11 Aug 1825 Roadside Baptist, Rishworth, York, England

Death: 1917 Elk Grove, Lafayette, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Abraham HAMER

Mother: Rebeckah Booth

Name: Benjamin Hamer

Birth: Abt. 1843 Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire, England

Death: 4 Apr 1921 Bury, Lancashire, England

Father: Richard Hamer

Mother: Elizabeth Beswick

Name: Benjamin Hamer

Birth: abt 1823 Halifax, Yorkshire, England

Death: 1898 Lancashire, United Kingdom

Father: James Hamer

Mother: Hannah Mellor

Name: Benjamin Hamer

Birth: abt 1833 Walmersley, Lancashire, England

Death: 1885 Hotham, Victoria

Father: John Hamer

Mother: Alice Entwistle

Name: Benjamin Hamer

Birth: 20 May 1851 Peoria, IL

Death: 20 July 1934 Peoria, Peoria, Illinois

Father: Henry Hamer

Mother: Martha Sill Hamer

Name: Benjamin Thomas Hamer

Birth: ABT 1886 CASTLEFORD West Yorkshire England

Death: Dec 1953 Pontefract, Yorkshire West Riding, England

Father: James Hamer

Mother: Lydia Fellows

Name: Benjamin Gideon Hamer

Birth: 29 Mar 1849 Georgia, USA

Death: 30 Dec 1917 Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia, USA

Father: Seth Gainus Hamer

Mother: Martha Jane Cummings

Name: Benjamin Hamer

Birth: 12 Dec 1852 Lancaster, Lancashire, England

Death: 10 May 1894

Father: Benjamin Hamer

Mother: Elizabeth Brayshaw

Name: Benjamin Hamer

Birth: 16 Sep 1918 , South Carolina, United States

Death: 27 Jan 1975 Fayetteville, Cumberland, North Carolina, USA

Father: Raymond Mcclellan Hamer

Mother: Henrietta Hamer

Name: Benjamin Hamer

Birth: abt 1899 Kerry, Montgomeryshire, Wales

Death: 1971

Father: John Hamer

Mother: Sarah Ann Lloyd

Name: Benjamin Harrison Hamer

Birth: 15 Sep 1888 Harris City, St Joseph, Indiana, United States

Death: Mar 06,1955 Illinois, United States

Father: Lewis Hamer

Mother: Louise Knarr Hamer

Name: Benjamin Franklin Hamer

Birth: 5 Jan 1838 South Carolina

Death: 6 Apr 1917 South Carolina, United States

Father: Alfred Hamer

Mother: Martha Wallace

Name: Benjamin Franklin Hamer

Birth: 15 Sep 1893 Hinton, Summers, West Virginia, USA

Death: Jan 20, 1970 Hinton, Summers, West Virginia, USA

Father: Ethelbert Hamer

Mother: Virginia Cole "Jennie" Smith

Name: Benjamin Hamer

Birth: 1798 Turton, Lancashire, England

Death: 17 DEC 1871 Manchester, Lancashire, England

Father: John Hamer

Mother: Mary Tongue

Name: Benjamin Hamer

Birth: Sep 1907 Yorkshire North Riding, United Kingdom

Death: 1970 Teesside South, Yorkshire North Riding, England

Father: Benjamin Hamer

Mother: Elizabeth Beazley

Name: Benjamin Greenhalgh Hamer

Birth: abt 1848 Howe Street,Rochdale,Lancashire

Death: 10 Apr 1916 Sheffield Yorkshire West Riding UK

Father: Ezekiel Hamer

Mother: Emma Greenhalgh

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