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Name: Benjamin Brown Lightfoot

Birth: 23 Nov 1831 Georgia, USA

Death: 16 Mar 1896 Alvarado, Johnson County, Texas, USA

Father: Phillip Benjamin Lightfoot


Name: Benjamin LIGHTFOOT

Birth: 28 Aug 1726 New Garden, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 26 Dec 1777 Berks, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Samuel Lightfoot

Mother: Mary Head

Name: Benjamin Craven Lightfoot

Birth: 10 Sept 1851 Crawford County, Georgia, USA

Death: 5 MAR 1924 Dallas, TX

Father: Benjamin Brown Lightfoot

Mother: Patience Barnes

Name: Benjamin Hughey Lightfoot

Birth: 20 May 1850 Crawford County, GA

Death: 17 Aug 1920 Washita County, OK

Father: James Alexander Lightfoot

Mother: Deborah Vinson (Lightfoot)

Name: Benjamin 'Benny" Lightfoot

Birth: 12 Jan 1878 Lewis Co., Missouri

Death: 6 November 1937 Anaconda, Deer Lodge County, Montana, United States of America

Father: Zachariah H. Lightfoot

Mother: Susan Katherine Lightfoot

Name: Benjamin Lightfoot

Birth: JAN 1827 Wildmore Fen, Lincolnshire

Death: AUG 1896 Wildmore Fen, Lincolnshire

Father: James Lightfoot

Mother: Rebecca Lamyman Parker

Name: Benjamin Franklin Lightfoot

Birth: 24 December 1865 Grant County, Indiana

Death: 28 April 1930 Rochester, Fulton, Indiana, USA

Father: Newton Lightfoot

Mother: Nancy Reeder

Name: Benjamin Tracy Lightfoot

Birth: 28 January 1895 Pittsburg, Hickory, Missouri, United States

Death: 8 February 1962 Los Angeles, California, United States

Father: William Alexander Lightfoot

Mother: Alice Caroline LAWRENCE

Name: Benjamin Archibald Lightfoot

Birth: 1904 Kansas

Death: 1955

Father: John A. Lightfoot

Mother: Francis "Fannie" May Bousman Lightfoot

Name: Benjamin Head Lightfoot

Birth: 4 Apr 1830 Pennsylvania

Death: 18 Apr 1907 Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Benjamin Wright Lightfoot

Mother: Rachel Spencer Lee

Name: Benjamin Lightfoot

Birth: 27 Mar 1736 Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Death: Apr 1778 Halifax, Halifax, North Carolina, United States

Father: Ryley Moore

Mother: Sarah Holland

Name: Benjamin Franklin Lightfoot

Birth: 21 Nov 1849 Madison, Tipton, Indiana, United States

Death: 8 Mar 1927 Fergus Falls, Otter Tail, Minnesota, United States

Father: John Lafayette Lightfoot

Mother: Rachel Kendall

Name: Benjamin Craven Lightfoot

Birth: 8 September 1884 Texas

Death: 20 April 1955 Terrell, Kaufman, Texas, USA

Father: Benjamin Craven Lightfoot

Mother: Martha Elizabeth Shaw

Name: Benjamin Lightfoot

Birth: 1831 Shipley, Yorkshire, England

Death: 02 May 1887 Bingley, Yorkshire, England

Father: John Lightfoot

Mother: Betty Brear

Name: Benjamin Harrison Lightfoot

Birth: 31 Aug 1889 Manchester, Iowa

Death: 6 Sep 1982 Barnhart, Jefferson, Missouri, United States of America

Father: Amos Lee Lightfoot

Mother: Ella Grommon

Name: Benjamin Carr Lightfoot

Birth: 24 Dec 1909 Reddish, Lancashire, England

Death: Dec 1973 Manchester, Lancashire, England

Father: Benjamin Lightfoot

Mother: Christina Carr

Name: Benjamin Stockwell LIGHTFOOT

Birth: 13 Dec 1838 Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Death: 9 Feb 1920 Medway, County of Kent, England

Father: John Shipley LIGHTFOOT

Mother: Martha STOCKWELL

Name: Benjamin Lightfoot

Birth: 1853 Bolton, Yorkshire, England

Death: Aug 1924 Bradford, Yorkshire West Riding, England

Father: John Lightfoot

Mother: Mary Walker

Name: Benjamin Lightfoot

Birth: 3 Oct 1778 Madeley, Staffordshire

Death: Jan 1858 Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire, England

Father: George Lightfoot

Mother: Patience Moore

Name: Benjamin V. Lightfoot

Birth: 2 NOV 1865 Sumter County, GA

Death: 2 DEC 1907 Sumter County, GA


Mother: Evaline Sophia Phillips

Name: Benjamin DeBerry Lightfoot

Birth: Abt. 1851 Newbern, Dyer Co., Tennessee

Death: Bef. 1890

Father: Henry DeBerry Lightfoot

Mother: Rebecca H. Lightfoot

Name: Benjamin Lightfoot

Birth: January 1873 Bingley, Yorkshire, England

Death: Not Available

Father: Benjamin Lightfoot

Mother: Ann Hey

Name: Benjamin Lightfoot

Birth: 1872 Silverdale, Staffordshire, England

Death: 1905 Silverdale Staffs

Father: John Lightfoot

Mother: Maria Edgeley

Name: Benjamin Lightfoot

Birth: 1878 Stockport, Cheshire

Death: Jun 1950 Stockport, Cheshire, England

Father: James Lightfoot

Mother: Margaret Baker nee Carter

Name: Benjamin Ayers Lightfoot

Birth: 13 Sep 1934 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, USA

Death: 27 Dec 2017 Jetmore, Hodgeman, Kansas, USA

Father: Benjamin Archibald Lightfoot

Mother: Naomi Ayers Lightfoot

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