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Results for "bessie willoughby"

Name: Bessie Lou Willoughby

Birth: 1 Oct 1913 Alabama

Death: 27 Dec 1979 Jefferson, Alabama, United States

Father: Robert Willoughby

Mother: Mattie Moody

Name: Bessie Jane Willoughby

Birth: 1 April 1888 North Carolina

Death: 1 Mar 1924 Robeson North Carolina

Father: Solomon B Willoughby

Mother: Temperance "Tempi" Ivey

Name: Bessie L Willoughby

Birth: 16 May 1906 Robeson, North Carolina

Death: 28 Feb 2000 Lumberton, Robeson, North Carolina

Father: William Willoughby (adoptive)

Mother: Malinda Shaw

Name: Bessie Willoughby

Birth: 11 Aug 1880 Staunton, Clay, Indiana, USA

Death: 30 May 1912 Indiana

Father: Benjamin Franklin Willoughby

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Harris


Birth: Apr 1861 South Cob, Berkshire, England

Death: Sep 1947 Kingsclere, Hampshire, England

Father: William Willoughby

Mother: Ann Tidbury

Name: Bessie Firth Willoughby

Birth: 15 April 1898 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 18 November 1988 El Paso, El Paso, Texas, USA

Father: Charles Fulton Willoughby

Mother: Elizabeth Gudknecht Firth

Name: Bessie Willoughby

Birth: 30 Jul 1911 Pitt

Death: 23 Aug 1936 Beaverdam, Pitt, North Carolina

Father: Benjamin Willoughby

Mother: Annie Hemby

Name: Bessie Belle Willoughby

Birth: Feb 24, 1886 McLennan county, Texas

Death: Jun 08, 1952 McLennan county, Texas

Father: James Frederick Willoughby

Mother: Emma Belle Peak

Name: Bessie Willoughby

Birth: 5/15/1902 El Dorado, Union, Arkansas, USA

Death: 26 Jul 1997 El Dorado, Union, Arkansas ,USA

Father: Thomas Jefferson Willoughby

Mother: Martha Angeline McClendon

Name: Bessie Delma Willoughby

Birth: Oct 18, 1903 Scottsville, Allen County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 23 Jul 1993 Guymon, Texas, Oklahoma, United States

Father: Hardy Vinson Willoughby

Mother: Dorinda Long

Name: Bessie Louise Willoughby

Birth: 27 Sep 1886 Richmond, Huron, Ohio, United States

Death: 15 May 1946 Willard, Huron, Ohio

Father: George Harrison Willoughby

Mother: Elizabeth Sage

Name: Bessie Willoughby

Birth: Apr 1869 Lynn, St Clair, Michigan, USA

Death: 31 Jul 1934 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Father: George William Willoughby

Mother: Mary Ann Hill

Name: Bessie Ruebell Willoughby

Birth: 09 Nov 1914 Greenville, Pitt, North Carolina, USA

Death: 03 Dec 1985 Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

Father: Walter Willoughby

Mother: Lula Hines

Name: Bessie Willoughby

Birth: Feb 1898 In Kentucky

Death: 9 Nov 1966 Montgomery County, Kentucky

Father: Ruben "RUBE" Willoughby

Mother: Lula C Curtis

Name: Bessie Clay (Hon) Willoughby

Birth: 15 Apr 1896 Montgomery Co., Kentucky , USA

Death: 11 May 1966 Montgomery, Kentucky

Father: George Hon

Mother: Armilda J Neal

Name: Bessie Willoughby

Birth: abt 1909 Texas

Death: 16 December 1990 Fruita, Mesa County, Colorado, USA

Father: Henry Briggs Willoughby

Mother: Ida Dalrymple

Name: Bessie E. Willoughby

Birth: May 1869 New Jersey

Death: Not Available

Father: John Willoughby

Mother: Elizabeth Goldsworthy

Name: Bessie Willoughby

Birth: 16 Aug 1931 Ennis, Ellis, Texas, USA

Death: 30 Dec 2010 Dallas, Dallas, Texas

Father: Arthur Willaby

Mother: Bertha Willoughby

Name: Bessie Pearl Willoughby

Birth: 01 Dec 1933 Clark, Kentucky, USA

Death: 02 Dec 1933 Clark, Kentucky, USA

Father: Forest WILLOUGHBY

Mother: Rebecca Jane Northern

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